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  1. It's September 15th and it's either your first time or second, maybe even third, but you arrive via ship to the world famous Nova University. A school designated to teaching combat and magical arts to fight off the wraiths that inhabit the world. You had taken the entrance exams, gotten the recommendations, and did all the paperwork to get in and finally you are here on the island ready to learn. Some come to learn in order to defend themselves and others, some come to prepare to lead assaults, others arrive for the sake of learning. Only the best warriors and wizards have emerged from these doors, and some even better have stayed inside the doors to teach you their arts. Towering before you is a massive building, the school itself. Like a castle in intimidation, the doors swing open for you to see the three House Heads, the three people that manage to keep this school going. Are you ready for Nova Academy?


    Hello and welcome to my roleplay! (In Character Thread) This is a story based around the Nova University, a college founded to teach the arts of combat. Being government funded there is no payment required to come to this school, however donations are much appreciated. Instead of payment, in order to get into this university you must pass a written exam and a field exam. To pass this is not very difficult, the largest portion of the test is to allow the teachers to see ones dedication. While this is a world of magic, you do not need magic to be accepted.

    Why was Nova University founded?: In this world there exist the force of monstrous beings that seek to kill humans. These are the wraiths. Humanity is safe in their towns and cities, but villages and smaller settlements are under constant attack. Various magics and fighting techniques were developed to fight off the Wraiths, seeing one in a town or city is rare but not unseen. A Wraith can take many appearances and how they are made is not certain, however it is known of not held at bay they will slay every human they come across. As a result the governments of the world came together and founded Nova University 327 years ago and placed it on international territory. These school would create people to fight against the wraiths. Unfortunately some people do learn to fight for the sake of harming other humans, but one must take the bad with the good.

    School Structure:

    Nova University is run by the three Heads of House which also act as professors. Students and teachers alike are split between these houses based on their personalities, the teachers know the students houses before they arrive and is decided by a questionnaire in the entrance exam.

    -Sentinel House: For those who seek to defend, who seek to act as a wall between the cities and the wraiths, the Sentinel House is where you will be placed. These are the defenders of what they hold precious, they are brave, they are calm, and they are the defenders. The house crest is a shield.

    -Dragoon House: This house holds many brave students and teachers, much like Sentinel house, but the ones placed in this house are better fit for assault teams. With less care on defending, these bold and often brash people believe in a better offense than defense in order to fight off the wraiths. The house crest is a spear.

    -Scholar House: Knowledge is important and some students only come to learn, some teachers only come to teach, and for those that seek the knowledge over the application the Scholar House is where they will be placed. The house crest is a book.

    Each house has a dormitory building specific to each house, each building is identical. The teachers that fit into each house stay in these buildings as well but are kept separate. While they do not sleep in the same sections as the students there is an open door policy. Teachers may be moved between houses to keep the numbers equal. Each dorm room as a bathroom fit with a shower and bath and dorms may be shared between students but are not required to be shared. Plan accordingly with fellow players!

    Your house will not be decided by you, however if you ask for a house there is a higher chance you may get placed in it. There will be a section in the bio for this purpose. Just because you request a house does not mean you will get it, but know that your opinion does matter. Me and the co-GM will decide and take your request into consideration.

    Student Requirements: To attend Nova University you must be at least 18 years of age. While a formal high school education nos not completely necessary it will improve the odds of acceptance of getting in.

    Chaperones: Among the staff of Nova Academy there are adults that do not teach but act as escorts on certain missions. All teachers are also to be registered as chaperones but are highly unlikely to be called into duty as an escort. These people are there to protect students if a mission is to get out of hand, but for the sake of education usually do not intervene.

    Missions: Across the school are bulletins with missions posted on them. Most missions take place on the same island of Nova University, but occasionally some require travel. The school staff rates each mission based on difficulty and only allows students they believe can take on the task to go. Each student team must take the mission advertisement to one of the three Heads of House to get the mission approved unless approval is not required, as some easier missions may state on the paper. No missions will be posted until week 2 has begun.

    Field Exams: In order to understand a students capabilities, on weekends when there are no classes a teacher may be requested to do a field exam in which a test is set up for the student to take. The test will require a display of the students power and their grade will determine what missions they may go on.

    World Map: The school is located on the island of Fardhos
    Show Spoiler

    In this roleplay you may take on the role of a teacher, there will be two bios for students and teachers separately. However, both students and teachers will be restricted to the schedule set by the co-GM and myself. As a student, you may skip class if you feel necessary, but your teachers will notice. As a student you must also take a minimum of one class (yes only one) with no limitation on how many you wish to take.

    Class Schedule will be created once we have an idea of how many teachers we will have so we cannot have that ready this minute.


    As this is a fantasy roleplay, there is an iron industry, but electronic technology does not exist. Lighting is done through lamps, transportation commonly by horse and carriage, etc. No cell phones or guns. You may be a tinkerer if explained properly.

    @Squee and @CylciaAlyann are your GM and Co-GM respectively.

    If you are a student, leave room to improve! It's no fun if your character is already at his or her peak.

    If you're not sure your character idea will work in this roleplay but still wish to use him or her, PM me! We can work something out I'm sure, I do not want to restrict character types.

    Standard Roleplay and Site rules apply.

    Bio Formant:

    Students (open)


    Race: If not human please provide details



    Study of Interest:

    Years Attending:

    Requested House:

    Appearance: Pictures allowed but text recommended




    Skills: Something a normal, noncombat unit can do, such as cooking, mapping, etc.


    Teachers/Chaperones (open)





    Course: -Not applicable if Chaperone-

    Years Teaching:

    House Requested:






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  2. Character List


    -Head of House: Arukab Tragide

    Henry Steelman

    Jeric Cian
    Amber Mills


    -Head of House: Mishra Ayrie

    Elias Scotsford
    Astrid Jorunn
    Thiele Hyperion
    Aaron Lacrosse

    Grey Urbis


    -Head of House: Amberlyn LaRosa

    Oracio Krego

    Genevieve (Genny) Brookes
    Hart Al-Atir
    Markus Leonen
    Emily Hunter


    Basic Armed Combat: Arukab Tragide

    Advanced Armed Combat: Astrid Jorunn

    Basic Magics: Oracio Krego

    Advanced Magics: Mishra Ayrie

    Alchemy: Amberly LaRosa

    Herbology: Klalia

    Archery: Elias Scotsford

    Art: <Available>

    Medical Study: <Available>

    Advanced Weapon Crafting: Henry Steelman

    If you have a class in mind then you may request to add it to the list, just contact Me or CylciaAlyann.

    Brief important NPC list:
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  3. Class Schedule​

    Opening TimeClosing TimeClassTeacherSubstituteLocation
    8:00 AM9:00 AMBasic MagicOracio KregoMishra AyrieCentral Building Room 103
    9:15 AM10:15 AMBasic Armed CombatArukab TragideAstrid JorunnCentral Building Room 174
    10:45 AM11:45 PMHerbologyKlalia-Greenhouse
    1:15 PM2:15 PMAlchemyAmberlyn LaRosaMishra AyrieCentral Building Room 213
    2:30 PM3:45 PMAdvanced Armed CombatAstrid JorunnArukab TragideCentral Building Room 174
    4:00 PM5:00 PMArcheryElias Scotsford-Archery Field
    5:15 PM6:15 PMAdvanced Weapon CraftingHenry Steelman-Central Building Room 236
    6:30 PM7:45 PMAdvanced MagicMishra AyrieOracio KregoCentral Building Room 104

    NOTE: Your student has no obligation to attend any classes he or she has no interest in. An individual interested only in learning magic does not need to attend classes that do not apply just as a student only interested in armed combat does not need to attend magic classes.

    Missions Board

    Mission Dispatcher:
    Mission Chaperone: -Optional-
    Mission Details:
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  4. Name: Amberlyn LaRosa

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Age: 37

    Personality: Amberlyn is strikingly intelligent but has remained humble through her achievements. She is confident, but dignified and fair. She is also protective of her students, seeing them as her responsibility to keep safe. She can, in fact, get maternal towards her younger students. In times of combat, she can sometimes be overly cautious, which can be seen as weak and it can be taken advantage of. She also struggles to express her feelings to others, preferring to remain logical instead. Despite having difficulty showing it, she is a very loving person.

    Course: Alchemy

    Years Teaching: 7

    House: Scholar (Head of House)

    Show Spoiler
    Amberlyn is on the tall side, at 5’7”, and has a medium build at about 140 lbs. She has long, curly, brown hair worn pulled to one side as shown above. Her eyes are slate grey. She looks young for her age, at 37 years old -- a result of her homemade tonics designed to keep her healthy. She’s typically wearing a beautifully detailed, all-over beaded dress, which falls just above the knee. On colder days she will add a shrug sweater and thicker, opaque stockings. She wears her house crest as a pendant on a long silver chain around her neck.

    Weapon(s): N/A

    Magic: N/A

    Abilities: Very skillful alchemist.

    Skills: She has become a very good teacher over her years at Nova as well as her previous mission trips. She also retains her abilities as a seamstress from her childhood.

    Amberlyn grew up in a typical household for her hometown of Dragseth. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother, a seamstress. As a young girl, she trained under her mother, aspiring to take over her mother’s clients when she came of age. She had a sister whom she was very close with, Violeta, who was three years her junior. In their free time, they would gather herbs and other natural materials for their mother to use to make into simple remedies. It was then that she discovered her talent for alchemy. She enjoyed combining elements of her environment into more than what they were alone. She practiced regularly.

    When Amberlyn was 14, an incident occurred where the town guards failed to keep all wraiths from crossing the borders. Amberlyn was inside with her mother, but Violeta was playing in the fields. A wild wraith attacked Violeta, and bit into her arm. Their father heard the commotion and ran to her aid, and was able to stave off the beast with the red-hot sword he was in the process of making. He was able to carry her to safety once help arrived. Amberlyn and her mother were able to bind Violeta’s wounds and she survived the initial attack. However, a fever soon set in as the wraith’s venom took hold of her body. Amberlyn concocted every remedy she knew in an attempt to heal her sister, but they all failed. After 6 weeks of suffering, Violeta passed away. Amberlyn was heartbroken. She became convinced that she could have saved her sister’s life, if only she’d known a recipe to cure her. It was then that she decided she would leave her parents and her hometown to pursue alchemy.

    After her basic education was completed, Amberlyn immediately applied to Nova University. She passed the entrance exam and was accepted promptly. She made a life at the University, focusing all her energy into learning. She studied alchemy, but after those courses were completed, she found she did not yet want to leave. She took an independent study with the alchemy teacher, desiring to learn more than what was offered in the course. In the mean-time, she dabbled in magic classes as well. She only visited her hometown sporadically, as it often brought up painful memories. When her parents passed when she was 23, she stopped returning entirely. She dated a few men in her time at Nova, but she never found anyone she wanted to settle down with. Besides, she had bigger plans.

    At 25, Amberlyn left to travel on an extensive mission trip across Solenia. She stopped in to small towns like the one she grew up in, and offered to teach a town member the basics of alchemy, so the town may never face a tragedy like that which struck her own. In exchange, each town would collectively sponsor her modest room and board until it came time to move on. During these trips, she would continue researching alchemy, and began developing her own recipes. She became well-known across the country, and in general, the people appreciated the work she had done.

    By the time she was 30, Amberlyn’s previous alchemy teacher had retired from the University. Excited at the prospect of a stable income providing the knowledge she was passionate about, Amberlyn applied for the position. Again, her application was accepted.

    At 35, she became the Head of Scholar House.
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  5. Name: Arukab Tashira Tragide

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 248 (appears 54)

    Personality: Simply put, Arukab is a lawful neutral. His own ideals are prioritized over societys. These ideals consist of defending the people, doing what's right, making things fair, among others of the same nature. He will go to great lengths to defend his ideals, even taking part in all out war with the side he respects more. Despite his strongly opinionated ideals, he is not a movement starter, he does not like the spotlight. First impressions are important to him causing him to always be very friendly to people he first meets. He is not the type to show his emotions very easily simply because he doesn't particularly care to let people know what's on his mind, however, when asked, he will answer. Excitement is particularly difficult for him due to the fact that he rarely even gets excited. He is, however, very passionate about the things he does. Due to his kind nature, if he ever must slay an enemy in combat, he will give them a proper burial and even do a ceremony respective to their religious belief, provided he knows what the individual(s) believe.

    Course: Basic Armed Combat

    Years Teaching: 102

    House Requested: Sentinel House Head

    Appearance: Long black hair down to his mid back, his bangs cover his forehead. With eyes of a deep green, they seem to contrast with his relatively pale skin, however he still maintains that normal peach color. His scars are mostly well hidden by his clothing attire. He wears a long sleeve full length trench coat made from genuine black leather. under his coat is a silk and cotton made dark gray shirt. Beneath his shirt and upon his waist rests loose black denim jeans that need a belt to hold them up. His belt is leather with a silver belt buckle resembling a tarantula. He wears boots that reach just below his knees and have silver plates over the toe and heel parts, effective when kicking opponents. All up those boots are straps that also have silver buckles. on his shoulders he wears very thick, but due to his power not too heavy, spiky silver shoulder plates. He has a pair of gloves that he always wears and as I already specified, he does not carry his gunblade around unless in combat.
    Image (open)

    Weapon(s): Arukab uses a sword made of silver. Link. The sword is 30 inches in length and the handle is large enough for one handed use. The blade is kept sharp and dual edged, however it is rather heavy.

    Magic: One of Arukabs three abilities regards his weapon. This is a basic ability that is in no way offensive, as all it does is put his weapon away. Due to the odd nature of his weapon, there is no scabbard, no hilt, no object that has been created to hold it. Instead, his weapon can actually be inserted into Arukabs flesh. It will not cut him, instead it will become part of his blood stream. Once inside his body, he can bring it out of any body part he so chooses, however it must be pulled out, it cannot simply slide out. Despite this ability, his own weapon can cut him when he isn't expecting it.

    The power he uses most, his Silver Phantom, is also how he could be identified. This power came to him from a gift passed down his family. Once the power is accepted, the users bone marrow turns into silver and stops the wielder from aging. The silver is not normal, it weighs much less and remains unable to be effected by Arukabs power, meaning he cannot make it heavier or lighter. He can, however, manipulate its magnetic properties. From this bone marrow he can grow more silver from inside his body, which fortunately acts like his sword and will not harm him. Instead, just like with his weapon, the marrow pours silver into the blood stream, which is then focused onto his body, making him be able to grow silver from any part of his body without even breaking skin. His ability to use silver is not unlimited. Since the silver is the same as his bone marrow, he cannot change its weight, so he must be careful to not crush himself. Naturally, since this power originates from a process within his body, this can be very taxing, draining a lot of energy over time. For this reason he tends not to run or do much activity that would exhaust his abilities. And lastly, as with any bodily function, he can only create as much silver as his body will let him. This varies based on factors of energy, nutrition, and even mood, causing him to sometimes be much more limited than he would like.

    Abilities: Arukabs magic is the ability to manipulate the properties of metals. With flesh contact, Arukab can change a metals weight and magnetic properties. While he cannot turn a metal into a magnet or move it at will, he can manipulate how strong a standard magnet will stick to it, making that part of this ability essentially useless unless he is surrounded by magnets or facing someone with magnetic powers. The true convenience of this power comes from his ability to change the weight of metals. This ability is not 100% free to make any weight he chooses, instead he is limited. When decreasing metals weight he can make the metal up to one eighth it's normal weight. This means if one cubic foot of silver weighs 650 pounds then he can make that weigh 81.25 pounds instead, which is a significant drop in weight. In turn, when making objects heavier, he is limited to 3 times its weight. The 650 pounds becomes 1950, which is also a rather significant boost.

    Skills: Arukab is a skilled cook and tactician.

    History: Arukab was the son of Nakiti Tashira Tragide, inheriting the family middle name as well as last, a traditional middle name passed down for generations. Since birth Arukab was destined to be the next silver phantom, which was the legacy of his family. The Silver Phantom is the title given to the first born son of each person endowed with the title. The legend goes that long ago, the first Silver Phantom was blessed by a black and silver pegasus who made a deal. The wielder would use the powers of the pegasus, which happened to be the powers Arukab now wields, however this is considered just a myth, a fun story to be told. Once the silver phantom has his first born son, his own powers are relinquished to ensure there is only one. With this legacy also follows a weapon. This weapon is different for each wielder, also granting a secondary power. While every Silver Phantom gets the power to create silver, the weapon can vary drastically. In Arukabs case, his weapon has made him age extremely slowly, increasing his life span drastically, and also has caused him to be immune to poisons.

    Despite being granted powers since birth, they do not manifest until later years. Thanks to this Arukab was able to have a normal lasting childhood. He was not an only child, as he did have a sister. Needless to say, she is no longer alive, however they were a typical big sister little brother pair when they were growing up. Arukab was very exploratory as a child, going on long walks into the woods to find anything he found interesting. There was never much to truly find, but it was always interesting as a kid. This didn't last very long, as Arukabs father knew that he would have to be trained in combat, such is the nature of the silver phantom. As such, the lack in information to what weapon Arukab would be given made his father decide to teach Arukab in all forms of armed combat. Everything from swords and halberds to gauntlets and hatchets. By the age of 19 his powers had manifested, which was rather late for most of the silver phantoms. It was much surprise to everyone when his weapon was materialized from Arukabs body. Training had to start all over again to get used to this weapon, but it was much easier to manage than most weapons he learned with.

    From there, the life of the silver phantom is much like the name implies. A phantom, floating between areas like a ghost. If you ask people about the Silver Phantom, they will tell fantastic stories, but asking them about Arukab will warrant confusion. His life consists of wandering around finding people who need his aid, however the true purpose of the silver phantom is to wait for war. By the age of 32 there was a civil war starting up within a country not of his own. Once he heard about this war, he insisted on joining. The people of this country were happy to accept someone of his nature, hoping it would being them an ally of his country, however this was not the case. As usual, Arukab was acting alone. Most of the battles he took part in resulted in victory thanks to his unique powers. His many foes would all receive some form of grief from Arukab, as he knew they had familys, but it was what must be done.

    Once the war was over, Arukab had left to continue being a phantom. With many years past, Arukab was eventually invited to teach at Nova Academy when he was 103, but he declined the invitation. Arukab was uneasy being a teacher at this point in his life and instead went around the world resolving conflicts and helping people in need. One day he had found a child in need of help as she was worried about her family. Both her mother and father were on an assault team to hold off the wraith menace for some time, but had not returned. Arukab went out to search for the couple to find one had been killed, the father refused to return as he felt responsible for the death of his wife. Using force, Arukab brought the man to his child and convinced him to retire.

    Being once again asked if Arukab would be willing to teach when he was 146 Arukab this time had accepted and has been living at the university since. 31 years after joining the teachers he was promoted to be the Head of the Sentinel House and ahs been aiding in directing the school since
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  6. Name: Genevieve (Genny) Brookes

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Age: 21

    Personality: Genny is kind and gentle, although not the least bit weak. Her history of being plagued with visions has made her an extremely calm person now that she can choose to shut them out (see Abilities below). She works very well under pressure. When she is in her free-state, when visions can appear any time, she can be easily distracted by them. She is a determined learner, and is therefore knowledgeable about many topics, although this is usually superficial knowledge, coming from books alone and rarely experience.

    Study of Interest: Magic

    Requested House: Scholar (3rd year)

    Show Spoiler


    Genevieve is fairly short, at 5'3", and slender, around 110 lbs. She is not very curvy. Her hair just hits just below her shoulders, and is ash brown and straight. She wears it parted to the side with some bangs covering her face (as shown above). Her eyes are dark green. On a typical day, she wears a woolen creme colored sweater with boot-cut pants. Her style is very "plain Jane".

    Weapon(s): N/A

    Magic: Genny gets visions of the future, although they are not perfect. It can be difficult to determine when a predicted event will occur. Genny can narrow down her visions by studying the related material (see History for example). They can be extremely burdensome when not controlled properly. In her first few years at Nova, Genny learned to enter two separate mental states, one which allows the visions freely, and another which blocks the visions entirely. To switch between these states, Genny must meditate for a period of time, around ten minutes. However, she also learned to actively block visions when she is in the free-state, and actively allow visions when she is in the blocked-state. Actively allowing or blocking visions takes mental energy, and it can result in exhaustion.

    Abilities: N/A

    Skills: Genny grew up close to her mother, who was a healer. Genny learned basic medical techniques along her side, such as binding and disinfecting wounds, although her magic has no relation to these skills. She is also a fluent reader and writer, and can communicate in a couple foreign languages, although she is only fluent in her own.

    Genny grew up in the city of Klyrnn. She is an only child to a single mother, Vanessa. As Vanessa was very young when she gave birth to Genevieve, they have developed a very close friend-like relationship. Vanessa makes a living as her town’s healer, having a bit of magic herself.

    Her abilities were discovered very young, at the age of 4, when she sometimes made minor predictions such as the arrival of an unexpected visitor or a shift in the weather. As a girl, her powers amused her greatly, but as she grew, she realized it was not a common ability, and it began to scare her. Her visions grew in intensity, including tragedies like the accidental drowning of the neighbor boy. However, the visions were always unreliable. For example, the vision of the young neighbor’s death occurred only minutes before the event. By the time help arrived, it was too late to stop it. It was also nearly impossible to predict the moment any event would occur, leaving her plagued with visions with little ability to change their outcome.

    Genny found that the more she knew about any given situation, the easier it was to narrow her visions down. For example, at the age of 16, she experienced a vision of a terrible storm plaguing her village. The vision was so vague, however, that it made it impossible to determine whether this storm would occur the next day, or years in the future. After studying weather patterns, the vision became more clear, giving her a sense that it would occur the following year, in the early spring. The town was able to reinforce their buildings before the end of winter and prevent any serious damage.

    Her powers were becoming better, but she still lacked control. She could not shut out the visions, and they ran her life for much of her adolescence. This is what drove her to Nova University. She applied as soon as she met the criteria and left straight away.

    Genny spent a great deal of time in the library during her first two years, learning about broad topics in order to narrow her visions ahead of time. She was offered the job to run the library at the end of her second year, and trained over the summer.
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    No matter. You know I'm interested in this. I'll get something up tonight for two characters, including one you know and love [I'm baaaaaaaack]. Too bad that Cylcia took Alchemy [I can handle Advanced Magic]. You heard the crazy man. [I'll also take Head of Dragoon House; they need a crazy leader.]
  8. Just today, Gavin. I'll mark head of Dragoon and advanced magic as reserved. I'm using Krego again as the basic magic teacher.
  9. Name: Elias Scotsford

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 32

    Personality: Elias takes his role seriously, preferring to work his students now as opposed to watching them get seriously hurt later. He may come off as prude and standoffish, but is a nice man despite his general shyness around other people. He's surprisingly playful, and is easy to warm up to once you get him from running away from unwanted human contact. It's obvious he prefers to joke around with people and is friendly with his students and fellow teachers. What he doesn't want others to know, he will go at great lengths to hide it even when it's apparent to everyone else. Not very graceful on his feet, Elias makes everyone else wonder how he'd survive in a battle situation despite having fought in several. Along with his clumsiness, he cannot for the life of him say anything flattering to women, accidentally insulting them. At this point, most have learned to just ignore what he says.

    Course: Archery

    Years Teaching: 4

    House Requested: Dragoon House

    Show Spoiler

    Weapon(s): Preference to longbows, however is experienced in nearly all types of bows.

    Magic: Very minor ability to see long distances. This works only as far as half a football field and can view things clearly from such a distance. Anything beyond that distance will be incredibly blurry and practically useless, but possible. Stretching that ability will cause headaches.

    Abilities: -

    Skills: Other than marksmanship, he's not too bad at swordplay though it's far from his strong point and can be beaten by a student. His abilities range from darts to throwing knives, though such skills are rusty since he doesn't often use knives or darts. It's a little unfair how good his aim is, but he doesn't brag and prefers not to show off.

    History: Elias comes from a family that is large, and is the seventh child of twelve and counting. They lived in a small village and hunting for their food, with only a hundred or so people it was easy to feed so many mouths so close to the forest. Elias was good at hunting from the start, his gifts manifesting late however and didn't actually start showing up until he was almost eighteen years old. He didn't even notice it appearing, figuring it just a strange quirk as his eyesight was always very good.

    A year after completing his education, he applied at Nova University although he wasn't accepted until the age nineteen. He did well enough, and had average grades. After completing his education, he spent a year or so out fighting Wraiths, further honing his abilities as well as discovering just how clumsy he was.
    Elias had just one love interest in his life, whom he never saw after he left home to go to the university. He hasn't had much interest in returning, and makes no plans to see her again.
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  10. An archery teacher! Thank god I don't have to make one. I suck at archers.

    Welcome to the roster!
  11. If you want to make an Alchemy teacher as well, I left my own fairly general to give others that opportunity. (You could even teach Advanced Alchemy if you'd like, it is actually more Amberlyn's character to teach Basic, even though she is perfectly qualified to teach advanced.)
  12. Name: Oracio Krego

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 42

    Personality: While in Scholar House, Krego is easily mistaken for a member of Dragoon House as he believes the best offense is the only defense. He teaches because he enjoys seeing different types of magic go through his classroom, and also bringing magic to those that don't know how to use it yet. He does value knowledge and spends much of his time reading, but he does not talk about what he has been reading. Usually keeping to himself, Krego is a complicated person to get to know not beause of any complex personality features but because he hates talking about himself. He comes off as neither gentle nor mean, mostly being to the point and brief he wastes no time in conversation.

    Course: Basic Magics

    Years Teaching: 9

    House Requested: Scholars

    Appearance: Krego can be recognized with his long dark hair that is usually well kept. His clothing style is usually in robes and almost always with his cape. A mark on his forehead is a self created rune that acts with other runes in the area, allowing him to make some objects only respond to him. With him at all times is his spell book, nobody has ever seen him without it.
    Show Spoiler

    Weapon(s): Oracio uses a spellbook as his weapon. Being incapable of magic on his own, this book allows him to cast spells of any variety. Through connecting with the wielder the book is able to display any magic type based on the thoughts when the book is opened. To change the magic type the book needs only to be closed and re-opened. Despite its convenience this book is not for the ignorant to use. Without sufficient understanding of both how magic works and how the text works, the pages will appear empty to those that view its pages. While the magic spells that may be displayed in the book are nearly infinite, the wielder must know how the magic works for them to be able to see the text written on the pages. The magic nature of this book also binds itself to one wielder until death, should anyone but the wielder it has bound itself to read the pages they will read as a fictional tale of two brothers, one great warrior and the other a powerful wizard.

    Magic: While Oracio is capable of no magic on his own he has understanding of many magic types, from divination to dark magic, from elemental magic to the arcane powers. There are very few magics he is not adept with, and most of which are mastered. He may simply be the basic magics teacher, but he chooses to take the position of basics, he is more than qualified for advanced magics.

    Abilities: -

    Skills: Working mostly with texts, Oracio is a very reliable translator of many languages. Despite never having used a sword in years, Oracio did once study swordplay at Nova Academy and has kept some of his knowledge throughout the years.

    History: Born to a family of wraith hunters, Oracio was the third and youngest son of 3 and also had 2 elder sisters, Oracio was raised in a family of 5 children. Being the youngest he was the most protected by both his parents and his siblings. As parents his folks were stern and harsh, training Kregos physical body over his mind, lowering his ability to learn magic slowly, but eventually he would have none of his own and any powers he may have had never manifested. His mother and father were both gallant knight like figures who helped defend the city. Both had learned much of their combat skills at Nova University, and all of his siblings would eventually attend the university.

    When he hit the age of 18 his family pressured him to apply to the school that had taught the rest of his family so well, and so he did and was accepted. His first year he was placed into the Dragoon House as with the rest of his family and parents and others before him. Being in Dragoon House was a Krego family constant. As his course he had taken basic weapons training, and on his third year advanced armed combat to learn to use his sword, and he became quite adept at swordplay. Volunteering for a dangerous mission and being accepted for the job, the advanced magic teacher of his time acted as Chaperone on this particular mission. Upon this job Krego had happened upon an old spellbook which, once brought back to the university, he attempted to place in the library's inbox for new books. Rather than the book staying where it was placed, it seemed to have been stuck to Krego via invisible strings or chains. Taking the book to the advanced magic teachers study, it was realized the book had bound itself to Krego and would only be useful if used by Oracio. At this point Krego had dropped his classes in armed combat and began to study magic instead.

    At the time students his age normally graduated, Krego was left behind to study, however as he was now 22 he was informed at 23 he would become an official Chaperone. His magic power was rising, even if only due to the book bound to him. He would be one of the very few exceptions where a chaperone would take classes to study magic. At thsi time Krego was moved to the Scholars House. Taking students on missions and learning more about the workings of the book in his hands became his lifes work. Though his family did have disappointment they accepted and respected his decisions.

    Finally his studys were over, and at 29 Krego was no longer a student, however he stayed at Nova Academy. He had grown quite fond of the work involved and intended to keep doing so. A few years later at the age of 31 the Head of Sentinel House, Arukab, approached Krego offering him a job as assistant to the magics teacher. This would be the start of a long career as the assistant role was to replace the basic magics teacher in 2 years. It was one of the longest 2 years of Kregos life and at 33 he officially became the basic magics teacher. While the job of advanced magics had been offered to him many times, he constantly respectfully declines the offers. To this day Krego is amazed himself that he has lived at Nova University since he was 18. 22 years on the island and he was still learning.
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  13. I'm about to get really nit-picky, but just know that it is out of interest for your character.

    Elias was accepted to Nova at 19. Assuming he spent 2-3 years here as a student, that would make him about 22 when he "graduated" and went on to fight the wraiths for a year. He is currently 32, and has been teaching for 6 years, making him about 26 when he began teaching, which is quite young given that this is the equivalent of a college professor. I would like to hear more details about the years between ages 23-26. Basically, I would like to hear more evidence that he is qualified to begin teaching at such a young age (especially since his grades were only average during his time at Nova).

    Your response isn't going to effect your "accepted" status. I'm just interested to hear more.
  14. One question: Given that the term "wraith" is usually given to the ethereal servants of necromancers and liches, are the Wraiths in this corporeal or incorporeal?

    Name: Shakumi

    Gender: Female

    Race: Tenshi (see spoiler)
    Tenshi (open)

    Tenshi are a relatively reclusive race. They generally have a slightly higher IQ than most other races, however this is due to speed of mental calculation than actual intelligence. They are a hunter species and an area equal to triple that of a human's brain is dedicated to interpretation of information. On the other hand, they have smaller emotional capacity and have a harder time commiting things to memory. While a typical human can hold 6 things at any one time in their short term memory, a Tenshi can only hold 4. Tenshi have a similar aging process to humans. It is technically possible for them to create stable offspring with humans, however due to their magical proficiency (explained below) this rarely happens. Tenshi are typically shorter than humans, but are much faster and much more agile. They have hollow bones, so they are also more fragile. They also have much paler skin and hair since they naturally project a passive shield around themselves that absorbs and diffuses many forms of energy. Tenshi are few in number, so a last name system was never developed in their language. Usually, humans and other races address them by either their given name or just "Tenshi". Thus, it is often thought that "tenshi" is their last name.

    The Tenshi favour a school of magic known as "spirit" magic, however they are capable of using other kinds. Spirit magic is the manipulation of the soul of the target or user. They cannot directly force the soul to do things against it's will, as telepathy might be able to do, but it does allow them limited ability to read minds. They are famous for their incredible use of Spirit magic known as "Soul Binding." During Soul Binding, the target soul is connected to another material object. They can link only a portion of the soul if necessary. This can be used on the user to allow indefinite life. All they have to do is successfully force the original soul out of another body and transplant their own. Over time, the new host body will slowly mutate into a Tenshi's body. Alternatively, they can anchor another's soul to an inanimate object. If the body then moves, a certain lag is caused between the body and the soul, causing significant damage to the mortal body, immortal soul and inanimate object, while breaking the link to the inanimate object. Their shield cannot be seen by the naked eye, and is a feature of their natural evolution. It primarily developed to scramble incoming and outgoing energies and signals, and had the side effect of absorbing UV and toxic radiation. Their natural prey had developed a sixth sense over time that allowed them to detect the presence of Tenshi, so in response, natural selection began to favour those who naturally projected this shield that masked their presence. The shield prevents them from being detected in various ways. The shield can be dispelled, but it will regenerate over a couple of hours. A tenshi with an active shield cannot have their mind read, nor can it be controlled. They have no audible footstep, and heat radiated from their body is absorbed by the shield, so they would show up as a blue presence in the eyes of something with infrared vision.

    Spirit magic is unique to tenshi. Other races have tried to learn it on several different occasions, however have never succeeded. The closest that has ever been achieved was when a human enchanter disappeared mysteriously 103 years ago. It turned out later on that he had managed to bind his soul to another object. However, he had been trying to bind it to another human, and only managed to bind it to an urn on the windowsill. Additionally, he bound his entire soul, so lost all control of his body, so, with no eyes, he was unable to see his notes to recast the spell to rebind his soul to his body. To this day, the legend of the Self-conscious Ornament continues to amuse people.

    Age: 18

    Personality: As a Tenshi, Shakumi has more simple emotions than most. She is unable to feel complex emotions such as envy or embarrassment, and she is quite bad at "reading the atmosphere". She doesn't understand sarcasm, and has trouble understanding some accents. She always speaks the truth, unless she has planned the lie in advance. She has very little fluctuation in voice tone or pitch, so she is often misinterpreted as "the shy girl".

    Study of Interest: Shakumi has a fascination with magic, however she is most interested in learning how to master her Spirit Magic, which she generally has to teach herself. (assuming a Tenshi teacher isn't made at some point).

    Years Attending: Started this year.

    Requested House: Her personality is probably more like a scholar on the outside, so she'd be placed in there, even though when it comes down to it she'd be better suited to Dragoon.

    Appearance: Shakumi, as a tenshi, looks much younger than she is. She has the appearance of a 13-14 year old, and is of a height that reflects that. Her skin is very pale, as if she had never been out in the sunlight, though it isn't as pale as that of an albino since the shield refracts light in such a way that gives it a little more colour. Her hair is silver and dead straight. She never ties it up or wears any embellishments in it, and it is long enough to touch the back of her legs. (See spoiler for hair reference, i'm terrible at describing hair. (Style and length only, colour is paler.) She has greeny-blue eyes, however they have a cat-like pupil, rather than the typical round one of a human. (This gives her slightly greater field of vision, meaning she doesn't actually have to move her head up to be able to see the face of a taller person.)
    hair reference (open)


    Weapon(s): Shakumi carries no weapons. Her magic is more than enough.

    Magic: Spirit Magic - relatively proficient. Cannot fully rebind a soul, only 30% of it for now. This is enough to be able to take control of semi-animate objects such as Puppets and dead bodies, which will gain a fully animated status temporarily.
    Relative Density Magic - highly proficient. Involves the manipulation of an object's density in relation to another's. This does not change full density, only it's effect between two objects. This can be used for similar results as gravity manipulation. She mainly uses it for propelling herself around the battlefield. She uses it to fire loose items at targets just below the speed of sound, by changing the relative density of the loose object to be practically infinite in comparison to the target, causing it to accelerate instantly.

    Abilities: Incredible running speed, very low weight, superhuman reaction and calculation speeds.

    Skills: Shakumi has a good singing voice, contrary to her first impression on people. Unfortunately, she cannot memorize songs, so she can only sing from a lyric sheet. She has various magical abilities coded into her instincts and DNA, which can have peculiar results when triggered. Many of these are spirit magic codes, meaning that while her conscious control of spirit magic is low, she has several pre-set scripts she can trigger instantly. She gets tired easily due to being unable to turn off her hyper-speed interpretation of data, so she tends to use the same code often - a code that basically sets her body onto an auto-run procedure. This lets her sleep while still appearing to be awake. If spoken to, she will respond in a very generic way. She will be able to answer, but could not answer anything requiring proper thought, and she cannot move beyond walking speed.

    Shakumi was born to a tribe of Tenshi situated on a mountainous island far to the east of the University's Island. This tribe had no official name, since it was constructed of the remnants of several other tribes after those tribes were massacred by a rogue band of humanoids. They fled to this island to hide from the Tenshi hunters, and paid no attention to the natives of their destination. They set up a small village deep in the mountains, eating only plant-based food. Being a primarily carnivorous race, this meant they got malnutrition quite rapidly.
    The only meat-based food sources on the island were small mammals and reptiles, most of whom were poisonous, and the native sentient race, a tribe of 8 foot tall human-like beasts dubbed "Trolls" by the rest of the world. These were herbivorous creatures who developed giant muscles so they could tear apart the bark of the sequoia trees that covered the island. Initially, these Trolls were welcoming of the Tenshi, since they didn't think they would be a threat to them, but it soon became evident to the Tenshi that they needed a meat source and that the Trolls would fit that purpose nicely.
    The Tenshi made superb predators of the Trolls, since they possessed all the traits that the Trolls lacked - agility, reactions, and an affinity for magic. Over time, natural selection meant that the Tenshi who were better at magic survived, while the Trolls with a resistance to it also survived. This caused a massive gap in hunting compatibility, which allowed the Trolls to repopulate and strike back at the Tenshi, whose magic now had little effect on the Trolls, and who the trolls could literally snap in half. However, by doing this, the Tenshi who were able to use their magic to deal physical damage survived, so perpetuating the vicious cycle. Recently though, the Trolls have been getting cleverer. They have been targetting the pregnant Tenshi, in order to prevent them from repopulating. Shakumi was the only one born to her tribe during her birth year, and in the 18 years since then, only 6 more have been born.
    Shakumi was sent to the Nova University as soon as she was able, in order to find a solution to the cycle, and a way to domesticate the Trolls so that they can be raised as cattle, instead of as enemies. The Tenshi Elders figured the best way to do this was by making sure that the next generation of their tribe were among the best warriors in the world.
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  15. I was just really tired while writing that and was just throwing numbers in. I'll go ahead and make his years teaching smaller to make it a little better.
    I'm just really dumb is all
  16. @Ruko The wraiths will vary between both corporeal and incorporeal depending on the wraith itself. While there is no necromancy at hand, wraiths are created from the dead in either soul or body, but I'm stopping there because plot.

    The race is cool, a polar opposite of a race I made called Rashna, not very rational people focused mostly on emotion...but yeah, the race is pretty cool

    Interestingly enough, concerning spirit magic, the book Professor Krego uses is the bound soul of a powerful mage (the one mentioned in the tale of two brothers, actually) that could be a human-adapted form of spirit magic, though is more of a binding than a transference of soul...Meaning the physical body of Argenesis was transformed into the book rather than movement of the soul via a form of blood magic from his brother. Knowing this, it might get interesting to see Shakumis reaction to the book.

    At any rate I'm going to slap on an accepted status but will wait to place your character in a house until Cylcia and I have seen the history.

    @LeVen I don't think you were being dumb D:
  17. AAW YES! I developed the Tenshi race about 6 months ago and this is the first time I've found an RP in which it fits adequately :D As for the book, humans and others have been trying to replicate the Tenshi's magic for centuries since it holds the key to immortality, so it's incredibly plausible that the book would exist. If you're familiar with the concept of the "Lich", I was adapting this bit for that purpose, with the idea that a Lich is the best possible form a non-tenshi can hope to achieve through replication. They do manage to achieve immortality, but in doing so, they permanently link their soul to inanimate objects known as Tethers. So while they are immortal, they will die if enough of the tethers are destroyed. This all being said, Shakumi is still young, and this is her first time outside of Tenshi owned land, so she is unlikely to have encountered anything like the book before. I'm interested to see how I decide to have her react too :D
  18. @LeVen I wouldn't even be against the character as a teacher if he was under-qualified. It would make for interesting relationships with the other teachers. But I trust he's qualified. You know your character better than we do.

    @Ruko Interesting race. I'll be happy to hear more about Shakumi in particular when you get her history up.
  19. It'll be a while before I get her history done. I think up 90% of my characters while listening to music for inspiration, and the next chance I'll get to do that will be tomorrow lunch time.
  20. Take as much time as you need with the history, I want to get a few more signups before we get busy. The first bit of the thread will include a welcoming speech for all students, you know, the usual quick exposition-supplying welcome.