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  1. [​IMG]

    Robin Hood is dead,
    his merry men are too if they haven't settled down with their families. For a time, the vile men who trod on the poor and unfortunate, cowered in fear of the bandit archer. But now, a new age has dawned and few remember the great hero.

    Three major things have happened since Robin Hood's death.

    One, the ruler of Nottingham is now Prince John's great grand nephew, Prince Gregory the Sixth. Prince Gregory is a cruel young man, who's grip on the land is much worse than his great uncle.

    Two, multiple magic users have been discovered. Seemingly regular young men and women who can breath fire or make flowers dance under the moonlight or something of the like. These people have been branded witches and sorcerers and they have been abducted and locked in Prince Gregory's dungeon on the Isle of Hydra. Along with the magical people, magical creatures have been revealed. One of them being, the six headed hydra, Caligula, also known as Prince Gregory's pet. It is the one magical creature that the Prince refuses to kill or imprison.

    Note: The Magic that was introduced to the land is very new. Random people were affected by it, and they did not have any magical abilities before.

    Three, Prince Gregory has kidnapped the magical great grandchild of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Rowena. He keeps the ten year old girl the middle of the fortress on the Isle of Hydra and only moves her to chain her up and force her to entertain his guests with magic tricks during his extravagant banquets.

    As the few who still remember Robin Hood, it is your duty to save Rowena. If you don't, she will surely perish. Or worse.

    Rowena is located on the highest floor of the dungeon on the Isle of Hydra. There are twelve floors in total and each one of them is guarded by a magical beast. The twelfth floor is guarded by Caligula, herself. Once you defeat her you must take Rowena to new Sherwood where you will discover the source of all the magic in Nottingham.

    But the only way to find that out is to embark on this quest. Will you save Rowena? Or will you cower in fear of what is to come?

    The basics, no Godmodding, Mary Sues/Gary Stus/Special Snowflakes etc.
    Site rules apply
    Era appropriate profanity is allowed.
    If you read the rules, put Bullseye the Target Mascot at the end of your post.
    Sex scenes must fade to black before the actually frick frack starts.
    Not everyone is a magical person. If you are however, please explain how you avoided Prince Gregory's men.
    The only one related to Robin Hood is Rowena. You can however be related to one of the merry men.
    5-8 Sentences per post. I'm not a grammar freak, but please watch your capitals, and punctuation.

    When you start you would have heard of Rowena being captured, from her parents Matthias and Lark of Locksley.
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  2. Classes
    The main classes in this rp are;

    Axe Wielder
    Former Blood Soldier [Only one]
    However, you may suggest a class for your character that is not listed. If I approve it, you can use it.

    The Isle of Hydra

    Rowena is located in the middle of the Isle of Hydra fortress. However, Caligula the Six headed Hydra is also located there.
    But before you can reach him you must get past Prince Gregory's most ruthless and twisted blood soldiers.
    A legion of men who have been trained since birth to feel sympathy for no man, woman or child. They are former sons of farmers who were taken in the night and brought to the mountains to be tortured and taught to withstand massive amounts of pain.
    If you survive the blood soldiers, only then will you be able ti face;



    When you defeat his formidable beast you will meet Robin Hood's descendant and then you must bring her to Sherwood forest, where her parents are waiting for her...Along with something else.

    Rowena Locksley
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  3. Character Sheet
    Appearance: [No anime. Fantasy Pics only]

    Name: [Use old names please, don't name your character Jake Johnson or something]
    Age: [15-40]

    Race: [Human or Magical Human]
    Power: [Only if Magical]

    Bio: [Optional]

    The New Merry Men

    Caspain Scarlett ║ Human ║ Archer
    Hasse Caulfield ║ Human ║ Swordswoman
    Rowland - A- Dale ║ Human ║ Bard
    Luna Feraik ║ Magical Human ║ Mage
    Astrid ║ Magical Human ║ Mage
    Isadora McAllister ║ Magical Human ║ Herbalist Physician
    Timothy Little ║ Magical Human ║ Rogue
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  4. Reserved for Rp Stuffs
  5. [​IMG]
    [Without that bow]
    Attire: See above for combat and traveling attire.
    When he isn't fighting or completing a job,
    he wears a brown tunic, with black pants and black boots.
    He also has a green scarf tied around his neck.

    Name: Caspian Scarlett son of Will Scarlett
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Race: Human
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow, and throwing daggers.

    Class: Archer
    Skills Sneaking round, scaling buildings, gathering information.
    Weakness: He's not that great in hand to hand combat.
    Land a good hit and he'll be incapacitated for quite a while.

    Personality: Like his father, his is quite chatty and humorous.
    He likes to look on the bright side of thing and
    he also likes to hit on anything that moves.

    Bullseye the Target Mascot.
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  6. Ok got everything fixed.
    a bit too big of a picture (open)

    Attire: It's the same as in the picture but than with less obvious breastplates and a bit more of a brown colour in the outfit. She wears thick pants wich are tucked into boots that reach just beneath her knees.

    Name: Hasse Caulfield
    Age: 22
    Gender: female

    Race: Human
    Weapon: double dagger and short sword
    Class: swordswoman
    Skills: great agility, being able to quickly switch weapons, can sense it when someone comes from behind (like a feeling, she is never sure if someone is really behind her)
    Weakness: She is easily distracted. As long as you don't come up from behind and just say something off guard then you should be fine. Also money has a priority for her.

    Personality: She is someone who is quite serious most of the time, almost antisocial. She can laugh about jokes but often doesn't show it. She loves to be the older one even if she truly is or not. The way she shows it is by acting like the boss and more grown-up to other people. But most of the time it makes her just look like the opposite or a snob. She also loves money. She only joined on the rescue because of rumours about a reward.
    Bio: Long story short; she left her poor life at home to look for a more usefull live. Stole the family sword and daggers when she left. Has been living in the woods ambushing people. In the end she taught herself some skills to survive in the woods. Be it laying traps for people or for animals. For better money she went hunting for rewards.
    Bull's eye the target mascot.
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  7. @loviebeest
    If you need old name examples here are some old English first names:

    And here are some English surnames. Of course if you don't find anyting there, you can look into Gaelic or Celtic surnames.

    Unfortunately, for last names it doesn't go the same way for females as it does for males. Like you wouldn't have Johnsdaughter, you would have Johnson.

    And I would accept you but you seem to have forgotten something.

    Also what do you mean Google search doesn't work for you? Are you saying your computer is too slow? Is the site blocked for some reason? Or are you saying that you just can't find any names?

    If that is the case I suggest going to some baby name sites that have origin listings and then find a European name.
  8. @Princess of the Teacup Thanks that will help. I will look for a nice one between them.

    Actually the original was Hasse Simonsdochter. Hasse was a girls name in the Netherlands between 1400 and 1500. It was the only name I could come up with on short notice. But it isn't english so I will change it. ^^

    Nope I can only use links or I have to type the whole URL because search engines don't even load. As in they just quit before they even started. It's an old computer so don't be too concerned about it. ^^ (search engines on site's do work like deviantart, just not big ones like google or bing)
  9. Aw >:

    You don't have to change the first name! As long as it's an old one, it's fine.
  10. Thanks I kept the first name. Btw Hasse means something along the lines of 'green or young reed' I think. It's a flexible name. (Obvious pun alarm XD)
    And I'm done, now we start the waiting game.
  11. Yess. >: I hope other people join soon.
  12. Rowland-A-Dale, ORANGE
    | NAME: |
    Rowland 'Rowley'-A-Dale
    | AGE: |
    | GENDER: |

    | RACE: |
    | CLASS: |
    | WEAPON(S): |
    | ATTIRE: |
    Rowland wears a combination of a tunic and light leather armor that is layered and stitched. This armor is enough to shrug off slashes from knives, smallswords and even a long sword but it wouldn't do a thing against the weight of an axe or mace, nor the force of an arrow or crossbow bolt. [Refer to the above picture for an example of Rowland's usual choice of attire including his armor.]
    | POWER(S): |
    | SKILL(S): |
    • Swashbuckler
    • Minstrel
    • Brawler
    • Charmer
    • Story Teller
    | WEAKNESS(ES): |
    • The Drink
    • Beautiful Women
    • Heavily Armor Opponents
    • Heavy and Ranged Weapons
    Rowland, or rather Rowley initially comes off with a rather stern and gruff attitude, possibly even cold depending on how one takes his words and tones. But underneath the rough outside is a world weary and well travelled man who knows both true joy and true sorrow. As such, Rowley has a well adjusted sense of humor, though often it surfaces as a raw dry wit. He has a smile which can lit up a room, and a scowl can that make even the hardest guard back down. As an artist, Rowland knows how to both project and retract his presence allowing him to either be the center of attention or merely just another shadow on the wall. Level headed and realistic, Rowley is often the voice of reason among any group he travels with though he tends to lean towards optimism when given the chance. If in a particularly jovial state, Rowley can and will play practical jokes on those around, having gotten carried away with such on more than one occasion. He's a hopeless romantic and a shameless flirt having gotten to know more than one woman in the Biblical sense and had his own heart broken almost as often. Rowley can however be a fatherly figure if needed, and often is due to his experience. Like most men of his era, Rowley is a fan of alcohol and loves nothing more than downing a few pints at the end of a long day of adventure.​

    Bullseye the Target Mascot
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  13. @Lord Wraith

    Oh I'm sorry! I changed the appearance rules, so now it's Fantasy Pictures only! Sorry! I thought I edited all of the CSs. I also changed the bio thingie to optional.
  14. Ah alright, not a problem!
  15. @ZsafineGypsy

    That's a lovely character but I do not think she would fit in this role play's setting. How about you try pitching the religious swordswoman instead? Just keep in mind that this is like fifteen years after the death of Robin Hood. Try to familiarize yourself with the setting of Robin Hood, so you can create your character accordingly.

    @Lord Wraith
    Love the picture! For some reason his mustache makes me think of cats. :O
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  16. Haha thanks, it changed my idea for the character as originally I was going to do a young Swashbuckler/Bard but now I'm going for a seasoned well travelled character.
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  17. Alright I'll work on it tomorrow. I was doing the herbalist as a secondary character instead of saving the girl because in reality what Herbalist is going to save a girl if they don't have combat skills. That's how I saw it. Give things a bit of a wavy flow instead of all characters on one mmissio. Straight forward tends to be boring at times. ^^
  18. @Lord Wraith
    Looks great! However I cannot accept you yet because it seems like you've forgotten something! (Check the rules)
  19. Oh yes I'll add that right away.
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