Notice: Server Transfer Pending. Downtime Expected.

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  1. Our Hostman is retiring his hosting business. So Iwaku is moving servers! The EXCITING news is that the server will belong to us and have no middle man. We'll have direct access to the machine and the fancypants techs that do the dirty work. And we'll still be paying the same, so Gibs and Family will only starve one week out of the month instead of many. :D

    However, there will be DOWNTIME!

    On the day of the server move, Iwaku will be closed. Everyone will have to sit and chat in a cbox until it's complete. There WILL be backups, no posts or data will be lost. It'll just be a transfer.

    We're not sure which day we're gonna DO this yet, but you have now been forewarned. D:
  2. It's a trap.
  3. ^ What he said,

    The end is nigh! We are lost! And the world as we knew it is gone from our eyes! Only to live in our memories as the days of salad and glory! Truly these are the end of times!

    Repent! Repent!
  4. O.O I'm kind of scared now...
  5. Disliked this post.
  6. Next time we make any changes to the site that might cause a small amount of downtime we won't tell you.
  8. In your house, now, you say? *Sends suicide bomber kittens to Di's wedding*

    Yes. Soon.
  9. Wait! No surprises. XD Or I'll assume the worst.
  10. WE LIVE!
  11. Yes we are. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.