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  1. YOU NOTICED ME! OMG! Uh... Hello! I made this account a long time ago, but I'm actually going to use it now! I've have roleplayed before, but only in Swedish. So this is going be a challenge for me! I'm a girl, but I'm not very feminine... Well, I guess that's about everything. Nice to meet you! :D
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  2. Hallo there Cookie, have a cookie! 8D :cookie:
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  3. hello and welcome to the site :jump:
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  4. Thank you! But I can't eat it... I think that would be cannibalism! D:
  5. Thank you! :D
  6. Are you Princess Cookie?
  7. Shhh.... Don't tell the Ice King that I'm here!
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  8. That old poo brain? He won't know a thing!
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  9. OMG, DU ÄR SVENSK! XD Välkommen till Iwaku, hoppas du får det trevligt här. ^^
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  10. @Lady Bernkastel

    We are not alone anymore. Let the Swede's conquer the world. 8)
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  12. Doll, I'm not your Senpai..... I... don't think I am atleast.
    Welcome to Iwaku! have fun rolelaying in cookieish.... I'm joking.... that language doesn't exist. right?
    Enjoy playing roles!
  13. I'm torn, I don't know whether to eat this cookie or not =_=
    Thanks though.
  14. Diana, cannibalism is illegal in most of the world. Good going.