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    Mace, or Macey as most tended to call him, was about vibrating in his seat with excitement. Today was the day his brother returned from his trip, his twin having been gone for several weeks, and Macey missed him badly. The brunet figured some things out while he was away. One, he was completely and irrevocably gay for in love with his twin brother. Two, his newest goal in life was to make the other male feel the same at all costs. Hopefully he wasn't dumb as a brick as per usual, even though Macey loved even that about him, and noticed his advances. Unfortunately he had to be careful with his approaches, because this type of relationship would never, ever be accepted.

    He blinked his green eyes irritatedly, his new contacts fairly annoying compared to his old glasses, but he hoped his twin liked the change. Macey hopped up the moment it was announced that people were exiting his sibling's flight, followed by a small trickle of passengers into the terminal. Macey waited eagerly to see the other male alongside his parents, fingering his messy, tousled brown hair in hopes to tame it despite that being near inevitable. He was just hopelessly trying to make his twin take notice of him in a different way, but that was extremely unlikely. For now.
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    Cameron had finally coming home from a longer trip abroad. He hadn't seen his twin brother in a long time. Well, even if they were twins, they didn't look that much alike at all. They were very different in both appearance and personality, and it made them seem even less like twins. Cameron had wondered about some things while he was gone, but it was nothing that he was letting get to his mind. Instead he just shoved it away and decided that his brother was his brother and nothing else to him. He had willed those other feelings to disappear by instead doing things with other guys. Sadly, the guys always ended up looking like Macey, and he just couldn't realize what all this meant. He thought it was just a coincidence.

    Cameron hadn't changed since he left. He still wore hoodies and his usual hat, and he still wore tight jeans. He didn't know anything about how his brother felt, and let alone now after so long. When he got down into the hall, his parents left to go get the car for them, telling him to just come out whenever he was done reuniting with Macey. When he went to the meeting hall, he spotted around for his twin, wondering where the other could be. He didn't know why he was searching so eagerly, but he didn't want to show it and stayed still in place to hide his eagerness as well as he could. He bit his lip as he thought about where the hell Macey could be.
  3. Macey had gotten distracted for a moment, ending up directing a couple who couldn't find their way to their boarding area. When he finally turned back to looking for his brother, he wasn't standing far from him, and Macey felt his heart begin to race and nervously pulled at his sleeves. Of course, Macey was quick to approach Cameron, giving a wave and a call of his name, "Cameron!" The moment he came close he wanted to just hug the daylights out of the male he developed feelings for, but he was a little hesitant, like he couldn't make up his mind. Finally, he just gave in and wrapped his arms around his torso, nuzzling his face against Cameron's chest and inhaling, having missed his scent too. "Welcome back," he mumbled against his shirt, adding in a quieter voice, "I missed you."
  4. Cameron wondered where on earth his twin could be. Macey was always the clingy one of the two, making all kinds of physical contact between them, anything from sleeping together and cuddling to holding hands and stuff everywhere. Cameron didn't mind but sometimes he wondered what was going on with his twin. Why would Macey be so clingy towards him? He was about to mentally answer himself when he heard a voice calling his name. He looked over to find that Macey was the one calling him and walked over. He was about to hug his brother when he saw how hesitant he was, and something in him held him back from moving. He wanted to say something, but remained quiet. But then the other male hugged him, and it was just like usual, a tight and loving hug that seemed too friendly to be brothers. "Thanks..." He blushed hearing the last part, but didn't say anything.
  5. Macey had always been clingy, but as his feelings developed, it got worse, and he got more touchy. He usually took any opportunity to be close with him, yet Cameron still hadn't noticed what any of it meant. Macey just figured that he'd have to try harder. The hug was probably a little longer than most would enjoy and a little awkward, but Macey of course didn't mind. The brunet gave his twin a final squeeze before stepping back, a sheepish smile on his lips as he looked up at him through his bangs. "Alright, um..yeah, let's go find mom and dad. They're probably waiting for us with the car." Not unusual for Macey, he took his brother's hand and began walking with him out to the parking lot, keeping within close enough proximity that their arms kept brushing. Even though he initiated it, and hoped for Cameron to take it that way, it still had a light blush dusting his cheeks.
  6. Cameron had never minded him being clingy, he didn't see a reason to stop his brother from it as he could always excuse it with his brother just being overly affectionate about him. He didn't want it to mean anything else than that, because if it did, he'd be in trouble and Macey too. They'd be in so much trouble and he could never, ever allow himself to let that happen. How could he allow himself to give him and his brother trouble? He kind of liked the hug but it seemed a bit uncomfortable and he was a bit relieved when Macey finally let go of him. "Right... we should. They took my bags, said they'd be waiting in the parking lot..." He said as he looked down at their joined hands. His heart skipped a beat and he utterly and completely ignored it, trying to think about something else, anything else. His thoughts were taken over by something completely different, math problems, so that he wouldn't have to think about what their relationship could mean. He would have to find some guy to have fun with soon or he'd go crazy from all of the thinking.
  7. Macey wasn't considering the consequences - well, he was, he just figured they could plow through them as long as they kept their relationship a secret should it ever bloom into anything, which Macey really hoped it did. He was only mildly aware of his brother's frivolousness and preferred not to think on it too much. Mostly, he ignored it, because the thought made the normally cute, awkward teen insanely jealous. As soon as they stepped out the door and he noticed their parents parked up alongside the curb, Macey quickly let go of his brother's hand, knowing their parents would find that flat out weird even though the smaller twin was clingy as could be. Not wanting their parents to see that should've said something to Cameron, but like usual, it probably wasn't anything he'd really acknowledge. "Oh, there they are." Macey went ahead a little, opening the car door and climbing in the back, their parents shooting into the whole "how was your trip?" type questions the moment Cameron was in as well.
  8. Cameron really didn't know what to do or say about his feelings - he just had to do something to hide it, so when they reached the car, he told them to drop him off somewhere, and he went out, telling them to take Macey home. He was set off a bit away from the place that he was going, and he took a shortcut, ducking around a few corners so that no one would find him - especially not Macey. He just needed to get away from these feelings. When he entered the bar, he saw a familiar and walked over to the boy. He had brown hair just like Macey's, and Cameron couldn't even see himself that he searched out boys that looked exactly like his brother. He couldn't admit that to himself. This boy was one of his "friends" that he could have fun with whenever it became a bit too tough to deal with Macey. The boy was soon in his lap as they lazily kissed each other. He just wanted to have fun, and he liked it slow like this, just a little fun and then he'd go home. His hands felt around this boy and he could hear his name leaving the other's lips. And when a name he hadn't expected left his own lips, the boy smirked down at him, kissing his neck. "He's so precious to you, isn't he? So precious that you seek to have your way with strangers like me... so that you won't taint him..." He didn't reply, but he knew that the guy was right.
  9. Macey was surprised when his brother got out of the car so suddenly and took off, the brunet taken aback, their parents a bit caught off guard as well. But they wouldn't argue and simply took their other son home, who was pouting by then, nibbling at his fingernails. It was a bad habit of his when he was upset or uneasy, unfortunately. He wished he could've spent some time with Cameron before he ran off to a friend's or wherever, and Macey sorely hoped it wasn't one of 'those' friends. The thought itself made his mood sour. When they made it home he headed up to his room, sighing heavily and switching out his contacts for his old glasses before flopping onto his bed, a fluffy pillow clutched to his chest. The image of his brother with another male entered his mind once again and he brought the pillow up to his face to muffle his loud groan of sheer frustration. Why couldn't Cameron show him that kind of attention?
  10. "Come on... don't fool with me, don't you want that brother here in your arms...? You want him to hold you and call your name... you want him to say it over and over in such a delicious voice..." The boy said and Cameron looked at him. "... but... Jonathan..." He complained and the boy giggled. "What? Don't say that. I know that you and your brother are all lovey-dovey. I don't want to get between the couple! Now... go talk to him and let me hear absolutely everything about the couple's make up session...!" Cameron pouted as Jonathan got off him, and sighed. Okay, so he would have to talk to Macey. Great, absolutely great. No. It sucked. He wanted to run away. He sighed as he went back home, bursting into the house and leaving for upstairs as he flung open the door to Macey's room. "Get up." He simply said as he closed the door and locked it. He was done with this playing around and he was going to ask Macey straight out about what he felt and exactly what he wanted to have with Cameron.
  11. With almost a squeak of surprise Macey jumped when his door was suddenly flung open and he was urged to get up, and considering it was Cameron who said it, he complied with him by sitting up against his headboard. He kept the pillow held against his chest as he adjusted his glasses, turning his gaze as he heard the click of the lock. Why did he...? Deciding not to question it, his eyes flickered back to Cameron, taking in his demeanor, and grew nervous. Did he figure it out? Was he going to tell him off for everything, tell him to cut it out already and that he'd never want him in a romantic way? "Um..what's up?" Macey asked, gripping the pillow so tightly in worry his knuckles whitened.
  12. Cameron bit his lip. He hadn't really thought it through, and wondered how he should approach it. He knew that words, in his own case, didn't function as enough for him to do anything, so instead he moved closer to Macey. He sat down on the bed, deciding to take the now or never chance. He dragged Macey in for a kiss, a pretty heated one, at that, filled with all of the feelings that he didn't even know he was in possession of himself. When he pulled back, his eyes were dark with desire and his hand moved under Macey's shirt after tossing away the pillow. "Tell me if you hate it." He simply said as he pushed the shirt up, kissing Macey's chest. He had done things with guys before but it had never gotten to something like this, something with love involved.
  13. Macey felt his heart beat quicken as Cameron moved closer, wondering what he was doing, especially because he hadn't said a word. The very last thing he expected was a kiss, but he almost instantly melted into it as a deep blush rushed to his cheeks. Was this some kind of dream? He's imagined this moment countless times, and now that it was finally real he felt a little lightheaded when they finally parted. His breath hitched when his brother's hand moved under his shirt followed by Cameron kissing his pale chest to which he shuddered. He most definitely didn't hate it. "C-Cameron," Macey sputtered, his eyes brimming with hope, "is this for real? Do you me this way?"
  14. Cameron moved closer to Macey and felt how his heart was quickening, he loved his brother too much and it was making him crazy. As he pushed Macey down onto the bed, he heard the other speaking and growled. "I always played around... I thought that I could fuck my desire for you away, I thought that if I made out with enough boys, I wouldn't get aroused whenever I see you, but it's just all the same... you're still the only thing I want and I'm not going to let anyone take you away from me, and I don't care what you think because you're mine now." He whispered the words possessively into Macey's ear while running a hand up his shirt again, kissing and sucking on the skin of his stomach. "I just want to eat you up..."
  15. Macey really thought he was dreaming, hearing his brother say those things to him while hovering overtop him. "I wish you'd told me sooner...I pined after you for a really long time..." He whispered, still afraid that this might not all be real. Even before Cameron went away, he'd saw him as more than a brother, and could barely believe his twin was calling him 'mine'. Mustering up a bit of courage, he swiped his bangs from his reddened face, adverting his gaze as he asked almost sheepishly, "Um, Cam, can I have another kiss?" The attention he was receiving elsewhere was nice, but he kind of wanted to taste his lips again, the lips he'd imagined so many times.
  16. Cameron had just been angry with himself, and for so long. He had wanted things that he couldn't allow himself, and in the end he had ended up hurting Macey to this extend. "I... couldn't tell you. I was ashamed of the desire leaving me sleepless at nights, always having me say your name when I'm with another guy..." Cameron said as he moved his kisses up to Macey's neck, smirking a little as he did so. He loved the taste of Macey's skin and wanted to taste even more of it now that he was allowed to. "But you have to be quiet tonight, or mom and dad will hear you..." He whispered back as he kissed Macey's lips. "Sure... you can have as many kisses as you'd like... anywhere you'd like." He added as he bit down on Macey's ear before moving back to his lips.
  17. "Cameron...I'm so glad. Don't worry, no reason to be ashamed..." Macey responded, turning his head as his brother's lips found his neck, biting back a moan that threatened to spill out. He wrapped his arms around Cameron's neck, returning the gentle kiss to his lips, though his next few words had Macey's deep blush creeping all the way down his neck as his eyes widened some. "Wait..when you say I need to be quiet, you mean.." Macey managed to say finally, hoping he wasn't imagining something he wasn't supposed to and got accused of a dirty mind. The thought itself almost made him more flustered than the nip at his ear or the offer for kisses..anywhere.
  18. "I know... but this is... this is bad.." Cameron whispered as they kissed passionately. "Yes, Macey, that's exactly what I mean... now quiet down..." That was his last words as he resumed kissing Macey passionately. Despite being with his brother, the time passed with much passion, especially since they loved each other so much. It ended up as a loving mess of kisses and touches, and the end had Cameron actually worn out. To their own relief, they had been as quiet as possible, with Cameron often having to shut up Macey with kisses. When they were lying there on the bed, Cameron's hands rubbed Macey's back. "Macey... are... are you really okay with all of this, that we have?"
  19. Macey couldn't have asked for anything better, honestly, than that bout of heated passion shared between him and his brother turned lover. Cameron thankfully managed to keep him hushed up, or hopefully they were, but either way no one came knocking at the door asking questions. After all was said and done, Macey was just as worn out, his face resting against his twin's chest, his breathing a little ragged as he curled against him. "I'm more than okay with it..this is what I've been waiting for for a long time. The consequences were worth having you." He admitted, peeking up at him from beneath his now extremely messy bangs. "Why, are you..having second thoughts?"
  20. Cameron sighed and looked away, holding Macey close. "No. I wouldn't be able to give up your body or your heart to another person, so that's definitely not it. I don't know... I just don't want you to come tomorrow, call me a dirty homo and say you hate me... that's just it. I don't want you to belong to some other man or woman... I would probably try to kill them." Cameron looked down at his brother and kissed him passionately, rolling so that he was back on top of his brother, now lover. "I love you. I want to be yours forever, and I want you to be mine. If you can't accept those conditions then we're over. Got it?" Even if the words were harsh, he was smiling just slightly and he leaned down to kiss Macey's lips again.
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