Notice me Senpai!

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  1. Basically we're going to attempt an alteration of this drinking game.

    The game (open)

    Only I'll start off as Senpai and we'll work on an honor system.
    Others need to post crazy shit/reactions to get the Senpai to either laugh at it or fall in love with it.
    If Senpai does laugh at it the person who made the post is declared the new Senpai.

    Whenever you get the Senpai's attention you'll gain a point which will be tracked on the list below...

    -The List-
    Current Senpai: Etānaru Fureimu

    Etānaru Fureimu: 1
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  2. Hehehe, sounds like a breeze :D

    Q: How do you stop an elephant from charging? A:
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    You take away it's credit card!!!

    Person 1: How do you get something that's never came out yet?
    Person 2: How?
    Person 1: You go Back To The Future baby!!!
    Person 2: That was so lame.
    Person 1: Is that how you all laugh where you come from?

    Out of all the celebrities in the world, who would make the best Pokémon trainer? A:
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    Michael Vick because he's basically training some already.
  3. This one's cute cause dark humor. :P

    You're now Senpai.

    Now, I'd make a 911 joke but that's just plane wong.
    Like, wong on so many levels.
    I bet you did Nazi that coming.