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    I felt strange...Different. Everything felt unfamiliar, from the feeling of air in my lungs, to the touch of the ground, everything seemed to have changed. I didn't want to open my eyes. I was scared of what I would see, even though I had no idea whether anything had actually changed at all or if this was some new bipolar symptom. My hands felt around whatever it was that lay below me, it felt soft like a bed, but now my own. Finally I opened my eyes. The first thing that happened was that I felt a calmness form over me, but that disappeared as horror and unfamiliarity filled my mind. I was in some kind of...fort? It was a sphere and looked like it was almost a giant bud, except it was made from white wood. I jumped out of the bed and ran to the window. I peeked outside and then hide near the wall so no one would see me. I looked back out again and took a step back as I saw a huge blue serpent looking creature come from the water below. A loud piercing scream overflowed into the room, and it took me a while to notice that the noise was coming from me.
  2. James was lying on his front, passed out in this new world he found himself on. As he woke he felt something not right digging into his chest he rolled onto his back which realised the pressure. Now something was in his back, he was not comfortable and he sat up and his breath was taken on what he saw around. He rubbed his face and he was sure he was dreaming. As he looked around he saw giant colourful what looked like trees without the leaves and underneath these trees were swaying flowers which was humming a tune. He was sure they were humming to his emotion but he might be just paranoid.

    He took a deep breath and scratched his chest and felt something which shouldn't be there. He looked down at his chest "That can't be right". He prodded his chest "Where did I get Boobs from". The flowers changed their tune to something dramatic. James looked over to them"How can I think with you humming". It soon dawned on him to check his other parts which was now missing "Ok why I am a flipping woman". James paused and took a deep breath "my head hurts and I have no idea where I am". A gust of wind came from behind him and pushed his wings in front of his face "Oh and of course I have wings too" he said sarcastically.

    The flowers were doing his head in and decided to get out of this weird forest. He stood up and adjusted himself and thought *If this is real I need new clothes and if it is I need to get out of here and back to my mum*. As he left the forest he he wasn't too far away from a lake. James needed a drink and went up to the lake and took a handful of water, as he pulled his hands out and just about to take a sip the water started to started to become jelly. He wiggled it around and placed it back in the lake and as it did so it formed back into water again.

    James stared at the lake "Screw it" he said aloud and grabbed a handful of water which changed into jelly once again. He looked at the Jelly water and was hoping it wouldn't kill him and took a bite out of it. It tasted weird yet refreshing. "It could be worse" he mumbled. Soon he heard a piercing scream and at the other end of the lake. He covered his ears up and saw there was a large blue serpent.
  3. I quickly put a hand over my mouth and moved away from the window. I have to get out of here... I thought as I turned around and froze to see another person in there with me. "Whats going on?" I asked, but the person only stood there looked back and mouthing the same words as I had. My eyes widened in shock as I realized it wasn't another person, but it was a mirror reflected a changed me.

    I felt like I was going to scream again, but nothing came out and I only walked closer to the mirror and began to study myself. The first thing I noticed was my hair, one half was a bright glowing orange color and the other was a dark blue color, it flowed around my face in graceful soft curls and the ends transformed into some kind of scarf that covered my chest. Then I realized that my ears were now two pointy and long skinny ears rather then my old tiny normal looking ears. I was wearing my old clothes, which happened to be leggings with the universe on them and a plain black shirt that was a little big but still showed off my curves, the black shirt almost lit the orange and blue scarf on fire against its dark and dim color. My eyes had changed now too, instead being big and brown they were now a dazzling bright golden color.

    I closed my eyes and put my hands over them about to cry, but then something changed inside me and instead of being scared and doomed I felt strength and determination grow inside my stomach. I turned back towards the room and looked around, it was small but it still felt very roomy. The walls were naturally decorated with vines that grew up the outside and dangled in through the large whole where a ceiling should have been. There was a large hole that led outside (To who knows where) and I could see different bridges and ladders leading down to the ground and the river. There were people busy outside, but they looked strange too so I thought they probably wouldn't take much notice and think that I belonged there. Do I really want to go outside though? Who knows what other things might be out there along with that giant serpent thing! But I have to know...I have to figure out what is going on and get back home... She thought to herself.

    With my mind made up I found myself almost running to the door to discover what was outside, all fear had left and now only curiosity danced around in my head as I peaked my head outside and then walked out. I tried to stay away from the strange people as I walked along the edge of the river, keeping an eye out for the blue serpent.
  4. *That was a deafening scream* James thought. He closed his eyes and rubbed his ears to hopefully stop the ringing. It didn’t make a difference but it didn’t stop him trying again. As time went by the ringing did stop and when he looked towards where the blue serpent was, he had gone. He looked around the lake but he guessed he was back in the water.

    James still wanted some more water so as he bent down to get some more but suddenly a hand/tentacle wrapped round his neck and pulled him under. The hand/tentacle is a hand but the fingers are tentacles.

    James instantly held his breath and tried to pull the tentacles of his neck but it wasn’t budging. As he went deeper and deeper he came face to face with the creature with 7 Eyes and his arm wasn’t his arm but his tongue. James panicked and decided to start hitting the arm. As he was punching his fingernails was digging into his palms and making it bleed. He soon realised this and started to use his fingernails on the tentacles. As soon as he chopped one of the tentacles off, a mighty roar came from the beast and flung James out of the lake.

    James flung into the sky and landed on the floor face down next to a lady with orange and blue hair. James didn’t notice the lady; he just needed to get his breath back. He pushed himself up so he was on all fours and started taking big breaths.
  5. I continued walking and keeping an eye on the water when all of a sudden I saw something splashing and struggling in the water. I started to walk towards it curious about what it was, but before I could get there something flew out of the water and came right towards me, landing right in front of me. I leaped back as a girl was flung in front of me. I stared at her worried and unsure of what to do as crouched on her legs and hands and began to take deep breaths. "Are you alright?" I asked staring at her worried, this was the first person she had talked to in this strange world and she had no idea what to expect. I noticed there was something strange and different about this girl, besides the fact that she was really tall and had wings, but I couldn't really tell what exactly it was.
  6. James heard a voice and wanted to make a reply but had to wait a moment he managed to get one word “Yea”. Small moment later he swirled round and sat on his bum. As he looked at the lady he liked what he saw strange but he liked strange. *Is this what all the locals were like* he wondered. He coughed slightly and answered the Lady better “Yea I’m fine thank you, what the hell of a beast is living in there, I only just managed to get out of there alive”. He stood up and offered his hand for a handshake “Hi name’s James” He noticed how small she is compared to himself “Are all of you this small” he asked.
  7. I looked at his hand, this was such a normal thing for someone to do in this strange place, I thought before I shook it, "I'm Leah..." I said in a friendly voice. I looked at him thoughtfully when he asked if we were all this small...He didn't know how the other were either, maybe he was like me! I thought hopefully. "Um...I don't really know, I'm kind of knew here." I said, "And I'm not that small...You're just like really tall!" I added.
  8. Kao's green eyes slowly opened. This was most definitely not the internship orientation. It was dirt. Rich, black, beautiful dirt. Her lungs filled with the sweet, damp air as she looked up. The oak tree was nearly dead. The realization brought her to her feet in a panic.

    "No. No. NO," she whispered frantically as her hand pressed against the rough bark. She looked up as the last leaf fell slowly to the earth. Kao's breath stopped.

    Something happened. The scream that echoed in her ears seemed to come from every direction and every fiber of her existence. She wailed with it, her vision blackening as her mouth opened to suck in panicked breath.

    Kao turned and ran from the tree, toward the lake. Your tree wasn't supposed to die, she instinctively knew. When your tree dies, you die.
  9. James replied “Nice to meet you Leah and yea I’m new to these parts as well, still getting used to the area myself”. He never realized that he got taller as he stood up straight and looked to the floor he knew she was right. He guessed about a foot taller “You’re right I am freakishly tall”. James rubbed his face and took a deep breath “I’m sorry but since you’re new as well I bet you don’t know the way out of here do you”. James prayed in his head hoping she doesn’t think he’s crazy and locks him up or whatever the equivalent is in these parts.
  10. I looked around, but there didn't seem to be any roads going through the forest anywhere, I couldn't even see any paths leading out of here but then again I didn't have the best eyesight so I could have easily missed something. I let out a hopeless sigh as I gave up on looking and turned my gaze back to James, "I'm sorry, I have no idea how to get out of here, I don't even remember how I got here in the first place!" I was starting to feel more certain that the boy was came from earth like me, and I hoped he might get the hints if he was, or if he wasn't he wouldn't pay any attention to it. Suddenly Leah noticed someone else, a girl that was sprinting towards the lake with a panicked look on her face. The girl was strange looking, but almost in a beautiful way. Is everyone here like this... She thought to herself watching the girl curiously.
  11. Fane was on his way to work when a gust of wind came out of nowhere. It continued to blow and become stronger, until he could no longer stand his ground and was swept into the air. He was blown into the sky and engulfed by a bright light. In Uτai a bright light shone in the sky and anyone who looked would see a figure falling from it. After a few seconds Fane finally came to and realized he was falling to his death. He put his hand to his face in despair, "Is this really how I'm going to die? How is this fair?" Fane then realized his hand was not normal and his face felt odd. He looked at his hand and saw it was scaly, along with the rest of his body.

    He was getting closer and closer to the ground and started to panic. He looked to his back and saw wings, "I have wings! Wait....I don't know how to use wings...." Fane strained his back to try and move his wings, but with no luck. He visualized muscles and bones spreading out from his back like the wings would. Then he tried to stretch the wings and they responded by opening up and slowing his decent. "Phew....I can't believed that worked. I guess I need to land now." Fane flapped his wings to slow even more and angled his body towards the ground. He was still coming down too fast and obviously didn't know how to land. He crashed into the ground near some people and dirt billowed up ten feet into the air.
  12. Scrubz followed Leah gaze behind him and also noticed another lady running towards them. He was about to say something but got interrupted by someone else who crashed into the dirt near them. James just kept looking at each of their faces. “Leah” James asked “She looks like she needs help do you mind seeing what’s up, I’ll make sure this dude is ok”. He held his hand out to the winged creature that has just crashed landed “You alright dude, need a hand”. As he held his hand out he thought *It’s gonna be one of those days isn’t it*
  13. "Ow ow ow ow.....ugh I need to work on that." Fane looked up and saw the very tall woman extending a hand to him. He takes her hand and gets up only standing at 5ft 10in he felt very small compared to her, "Thank you. Ugh what is this place?" He looks around and doesn't see anything that would help him discern what this place is. He looks back at the woman, "Do you by chance know what this place is? It certainly doesn't look like California." Fane was glad this woman wasn't hostile since she wanted to help, but he stayed on guard just to be safe.
  14. Another high pitched scream tried to force its way out as another person flew down and landed in front of me, but I was so shocked the nothing could manage to come out. I took a step back staring at whatever it was that had just fallen from the sky still a little shocked, my attention snapped back to Jame when he said my name and asked me to go see what was wrong with the girl. I began to half walk half run towards the girl who still looked pretty panicked. "Are you okay?" I asked the girl.
  15. Kao came to an abrupt stop at the sudden crowd. She shook her head no, slowly. She stared at the two women and the... dragon-esque creature. She swallowed and finally managed to whisper, "No. No I don't think I am. I don't... I don't know where I am." She glanced back toward where she came from. "And... My tree... died." The ache was fierce at the verbal acknowledgement of this loss. Kao's breath let out as the upset dust finally finished settling. "That was quite the fall."
  16. "Oh...I'm sorry." I said wanting terribly bad to comfort the girl. "And you I don't think any of us know where we are...I was sitting at home watching tv, when all of a sudden the tv changed into a black hole or something and it sucked me in and brought me to this weird place!" I felt like panicking myself, in fact I felt like crying! This world was so strange and different, it was scary! I didn't know what to do to get back and that was one of the most scariest things about it, but I felt a little bit better knowing that I wasn't the only one. "Hey um...Have either of you seen a way out of here?" I asked hesitating a little bit.
  17. She shook her head slowly as her eyes glanced around. "No. I woke up just a short time ago. I was supposed to be at the orientation meeting."

    A terrible thirst crept into Kao's mouth. She walked over to the lake, stepping into the cool water. She leaned down and blinked in surprise when the water turned to jelly in her hands. That was just... freaky. She hesitantly took a bite of the mass anyway and sighed as it slid down her throat. "This place is weird," she mumbled as she took another bite of the water.
  18. “California?” James was surprised he wasn’t the only one. He had an incline with Leah but at least this confirms it. James just shook his head “Dude I have no idea where we are and no idea why we look like this. I’m guessing you don’t look like that” he closed his eyes after he said that. He was hoping he didn’t because if he did he really put his mouth in it this time. He took a breath and carried on quickly just in case “I’m from the UK and I really need to get back home I’m due my mum’s monthly visit, she’ll worry if I don’t show”
  19. "It is very strange here..." I said agreeing right away. I watched as the water turned into jelly and I decided that I didn't want to drink that. I looked back over at the dragon looking thing again, "Is he alright?" I asked thinking how hurt he could have gotten from that fall. I looked over at James, "I didn't look anything like this before I came!...Well I mean my face was this same but not...This hair or whatever it is!" She said playing with it. "And I'm from Michigan...I don't really have much back home besides bills I have to pay, but I definitely don't want to stay here."
  20. Fane raises his arms and looks at his body, "No I don't look like this at all. So you guys don't look like this either huh?" He sees his tail and moves it like he did with his wings. "So weird....."

    He looks at the colorful girl when she asks if he is alright, "Yes I'm quite alright. Luckily this body seems to be sturdier than my human body. I just wonder what exactly we became and why?" He looks over to the other girl in the lake, #She doesn't look too human but I'm guessing she is just like these guys.#

    He looks at all three when he says this, "By the way my name is Fane. The only thing I have back home is a brother that must be worried sick about me. Since we are all from Earth and not this place, I think it would be best to stick together and find a way home. Sound good?" He knew it was a long shot, but it would be better than nothing.
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