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  1. ~Uτai~​

    Going through
    (You can skip to plot if you don't feel like reading)
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    It felt like something horrible, yet so beautiful was happening to me. I must be dreaming, things like this aren't impossible... Impossible? No that's not what I meant to say, just the opposite actually, but for some reason this became my minds reality and ran away any thoughts of a dream. I could feel my body, but it wasn't my body, it was more like my soul. No I didn't have a body, I was free from everything for those few seconds and it felt frightening amazing.
    What had happened? Sure the mirror was strange, showing my body in a beautiful strange world, but it must have just been some strange illusion the mirror did. My mind was almost hypnotized around the scene, my fingers reaching out without notice, everything almost appeared in slow motion...And then I touched it, but I didn't, sure my hands should have went against the smooth glass but instead I found myself drifting through in a liquid way. I tried to pull back, but then it was sucking me in and I found myself going through this state of nonexistence.
    All of a sudden it was over, everything came back to me and as I tried to gasp for air I found myself swallowing in water instead. I didn't know which way was what as I tried to swim in the direction I thought air might be in. My head rocketed up out of the water and my eyes opened letting water drops flicker from my eyelashes. I looked around and found myself looking a completely different, surreal world.

    PLOT Okay so the main idea is that several people have been sent through a portal to a
    different world full of strange creatures and beings. They have found that they too have changed in strange ways, they have found that they have different powers or things that have happened to them, some of them the oddest changes you can imagine. Now they must help each other survive and maybe even find a way home, but will they be able to even live a day in this strange place? They find themselves being hunted down and in danger as the worlds natural creatures don't want them to be there and don't want them telling others about the world.
    The World is called Urai and it has many strange, odd places and citys that are all very different from eachother.

    Central Palace-
    This palace is the home to the powerful and beautiful queen, it is very well protected and hidden, but it is one of the most beautiful places of the world.
    The Underworld Tunnels-
    This is the entrance to the maze of many dark creepy tunnels of the worlds souls. Most people who enter either come out insane or don't come out at all.

    The Giant Ruins-
    This is the home of the giants that live on the world, they all range from different sizes, some huge and some only ten feet bigger then the average human.
    Illusion Desert-
    People who travel through this huge and bare desert have gone insane from the different strange illusions that they may see, their mind tricking them into believing them. This is the home of the Magical Fairies that protect themselves by putting scary and weird images into people's brains.
    The Hills-
    This is the home to many peaceful, knowledgeable creatures and animals that can speak through voice and through mind. This is a place of finding yourself and the answers to your questions. It is said that if you as the flowers something you want to know it will sing and whisper its knowledge to you.
    Graveyard of Time-
    If you go here you can look into any time of the future or past for a few seconds or minutes.
    Soul City-
    This is one of the main cities on the world, it is a calm and magical place.

    Disformed animals
    Talking animals
    Pretty much whatever species you can think of
    Can really change in any way from powers to ears to anything, except immortality.

    1.Your posts must be at least 4 sentences long
    2.You need to try and post almost everyday, if you can't then please tell me
    3.Be respectful

    4.Make creative posts, remember a lot of weird stuff is possible but please don't be posting a bunch of crazy stuff every single post, make the impossible spectacular when it happens
    6.Try your best with spelling and grammar
    7.This is TV14, any mature posts need to be made in PM.

    (Picture goes here)


    Things that have changed about them:

  2. imagesCANI2LGH.jpg
    James Mason
    Better get a female name for James now.
    Male in female body
    James was a regular single bloke. He was a Supervisor at a factory living in a 1 bedroom flat. He was happy although he did want a girlfriend but the ones he had it never lasted long. He usually got stuck in the friends’ zone. In his spare time he was either drinking down his local or on his games consol. Once a month at least he made sure his mum was alright down at the old people’s home. His dad passed away a while ago (Car accident) but James doesn’t like talking about it. James was 6 foot 1 inches tall medium black hair which he spiked up when he went for a drink. At first glances at James you would guess he was a skater because of his clothes although he loved there type of music he couldn’t skate to save his life.
    That all changed on a rainy day on the way to the pub. He saw a strange reflection in a puddle he knelt down and studied it he thought to himself that can’t be right I’m still sober. So he reached out and touched the puddle. The puddle pulled at him he couldn’t pull his finger out. It didn’t take long for himself to get pulled into the puddle and into Urai.
    Kind, Honest, Friendly. Do almost anything for a mate
    Things that have changed about them:
    He is now female, He’s also now 7 foot 8 inches and grown wings.
    He can fly, super speed and have razor sharp nails
    He needs to find a way home. His mum is counting on him.
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  4. This is a placeholder. Note I probably will not be able to find a picture.

    Name: Klave Matertryno

    Age: 20 exactly

    Gender: Male

    History: Not much is special about him. He's just a guy who went through school, got a job, and went to college. Though of course, he had a story.


    Things that have changed about them:

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  6. [​IMG]

    Name:Leah Rain Marshall

    History:She has had kind of a rough life, but its only made her stronger. When she was 6 her mother died and her abusive, alcoholic father had to take care of her. She learned how to pretty much stay by herself and when she turned 16 she got emancipated. She has lived alone for one year now, but she just got fired from her job for arguing with a customer so she is worried about paying her bills. Before she actually had to do anything about it she found herself in a strange place completely alone.
    Personality:Leah is bipolar, so much that she almost has two different personalities. One part of her is graceful and caring, but another part of her is dark and insane. She is neither bad nor good, but undecided, she likes to do what she wants which might sometimes be good, but sometimes be horrible. Her moods are uncontrollable, things set off both sides of her randomly and she can never stop it or do anything about it.
    Things that have changed about them:A lot changed, her whole race changed actually. She is now a half demon half fairy that can summon the dead, which here she has no idea what exactly might be dead.
    Sorry it took so long, here is the actual roleplay:
  7. I hope I can join... if I need to change anything, let me know!
    Name: Kao Tatterson

    Nickname: Kay, Kao
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Kay came from a fairly normal life of an environmentalist. She studied hard, worked hard, and was just hired on for an internship at a world renowned environmental conservationist company. On her first day on the job she walked through the door and her world was turned upside down.

    Personality: Quiet and intelligent, but now that her Oak was killed, her sanity is slipping... She hates the indoors.
    Things that have changed about them:
    When Kao passed through the portal into Urai, she found that she had become a new species entirely: a dryad of a dying oak tree. She was drawn to it's life and as she stood there in a whirl of confusion, the last leaf on the oak fell, and the tree was dead. Something crunched in her head as the tree died, and she knew her life had somehow been tied to it. In a new world, in a new body, her mind seems to be slipping.
    She now needs some form of sunlight daily or she becomes uncontrollably irrational.

    She always seems to be thirsty.
    She hates technology and the indoors.

    She can manipulate nature to fight and survive if needed, but is only just discovering how.
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  11. Unfortunately I don't have an exact picture but this is close, no sword unfortunately. :P If I find a better picture I'll tell you guys :)

    Name: Fane Jumal

    Nickname: None, but open to any.

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    History: Fane had traumatic teenage years when his father died in a car accident and his mother had gone into a coma. He was 15 when his father died and his older brother Lyle had to take him under custody. Unfortunately for Fane, Lyle didn't have much time for him because of his two jobs. Two years passed and Fane was finally adjusting to not having a father and having to check on his mother at the hospital. One night when Fane went to see his mother she flat lined as he left the room. The next day the hospital called and Fane fell into a deep depression.

    Eight years later Fane had recovered from his depression and started living a "normal" life. He still lived with Lyle but paid bills to help his brother. One night Fane disappeared without a trace and Lyle called the police to search for him. However, they will not find Fane until he somehow makes his way back.

    Personality: Kind and protective but a pushover. He will do most anything he is told, however, he does rarely say no.

    Things that have changed about them: He has become a dragon-human hybrid, a Dragonoid. He has developed a power that produces a shield of energy that blocks most attacks. The strength depends on his energy and willpower. As his story moves on he will be able to use it better.

    Other: His personality will definitely change as he learns he can stick up for himself more than ever with his new body and power.
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