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  1. (RP based off super human school. Highschool through college. You can play one or two characters. I'm choosing to play both a main and secondary character; roomates. I do not expect or require that anyone make posts as long as mine. Just have fun and see what happens. Romance, Cussing and Fighting are all allowed, but remember that this is not a Mature thread and we are not all over 18. Godmodding is unacceptable and all Iwaku rules apply! )

    "Wake up lazy face!" The alarm clock on my bed side table vibrated and jumped about on the shiny silver tray. The annoying high pitched, cheerful voice of my roommate, Quinn animated my alarm; making it ten times more aggravating. My open palm flailed over the table and when it came in contact with the cold jumping plastic, sent it flying to the ground. When I didn't hear the thump of a collision with the hard wood flooring, I reluctantly uncovered my eyes from the warmth of my sheets. The clock was hovering inches above the ground, facing me.

    "Becca, you have to stop throwing your alarm clock, we can't afford to keep buying new ones!" Quinn's cheerful tone was too much to take in my first moments of being conscious, let alone throughout the rest of the day. Her voice had upward inflection, despite the fact she was scolding me. Everything about her made my head hurt, the bright clothes, determined persona and especially the cheerful demeanor. I grumbled and covered my face again, retreating back into the comfort of my single sized, red checkered comforter. I heard the alarm being set back in place on the nightstand and Quinn sigh as she paced around the room. I hadn't been here long, but Quinn had already established that she and I were supposed to be best friends. I didn't think about the possibility, simply because I didn't want to.

    "Class will start soon silly! You don't want to be late again, do you?"

    Turning my body away from her, I gripped the blankets tightly against my head. Quinn always managed to be uppity and cheerful. It completely blew my mind.

    "Becca…seriously! Come on, you know how mad Mrs. Masterson will be if we are late for Control class!"
    As her black painted fingernails gripped at my sheets, I could also feel the additional tug of her telekinesis. Quinn was like me, special in a certain way that normal people hated. I'm sure though, that her personality was enough to stir up enough annoyance in any person to make them dislike her.

    "Masterson..." I said under my breath. The name was too fitting for what she lectured. Control class was one of the most repulsive classes that I was forced to attend. After being in this school for a month, I knew that Masterson and I would not be getting along. The way she tosses back her long blonde hair and encourages all of her students to believe in themselves and use their powers for the "greater good" What kind of bullshit is that? Just because you are different doesn't mean you should use what your given for the good of all people; especially not the people that snicker and spit at your differences. After gritting my teeth at my own wild contemplation I stretched my leg outward, feeling the cool air of the conditioned dorm room engulf my bare skin. The tingling sensation of goose bumps shot up my body. When I uncovered my face, Quinn was hovering above me.

    Moaning distastefully at her brightly painted neon purple eye shadow, I rolled my thin figure to the edge of the slender bed.
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  2. Zack's phone rang, under his pillow. The vibration woke him up, and also put him a bad mood. He slid his smartphone out from under his pillow, just to find it was his alarm. He scratched his head then ran his hand through it before burying his head in his pillow. "Why am I hear?" he asked himself. He pushed himself off of the bed onto the ceiling. He crawled into his closet, and quickly through something on. He emerged out of his closet wearing a tanktop with faded letters on it, but you could still somewhat make out "Dragon" on the top and "Born" at the bottom. and it surrounded a crest that was being held by a small dragon. He wore black skinny jeans that were ripped and holy. He picked up his bags, and walked out of his dorm room closing his door quietly behind him. Zack then pulled out a cigarette. He blew on the tip which lit it on fire and he stuck it in his mouth. He inhaled and exhaled through his nose letting out billows of smoke. He made his Control class, just to hear that bitch of a teacher Masterson. The teacher he would like to, one day, bury alive. On my way Ms. Masterson he thought to himself. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and blew the smoke out. The smoke then turned into fire for a split second then disappeared.
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  3. "You couldn't wait a few more seconds could you?" I mumbled, stepping towards our small bathroom. After flicking the strange bright fluorescent light, I looked my own reflection over in the wide mirror. Like most things in this boring dorm, I was broken. I, unlike everything else in the room was not broken by Quinn's constant magic bursts, but, I was still broken.

    The pointed 'v' that descended from the middle of my hairline to the middle of my forehead had become darker black and my quiddity scrolling that had once decorated my neck and shoulders was now all the way down my back and wrapped around my side.
    Unlike everyone in this so-called school for gifted teens, I didn't have any special power; at least not yet.

    "We've only got five more minutes Becca!" I ignored her easily, running my index finger down the side of my forehead mark

    The short blue black and gray plaid skirt fit like a dream, though I was never very satisfied with how I looked in it. I had skinny legs, and they seemed to go on forever even though I was only five foot six. The gray shirt and gray socks both had blue school crests on them.

    When I finally walked out Quinn squeeled adoringly over my look.

    "You clean up so well! You're really pretty you know!" The compliments made me sick. No one had ever called me pretty before besides my mother.

    "Not like it matters" I said, grumbling and taking a step past Quinn to grab my text books off of the desk and place them inside my black bag that hung on a hook next to my bed.
    Quinn did was she normally had to do whenever I said something negative, raised her blonde eyebrow and smiled really annoyingly wide. I could practically hear the pep talk coming.

    I avoided her eyes as I zippered up my tightly fitting hoody, feeling comfort from the soft fabric squeeze against my ribs. I pulled the hood over my head and waved to her, stepping out the door of our room and into the plainly decorated hallway. Quinn gathered her books with a frustrated groan and caught up to me, bouncing as she walked beside me. We didn't make much eye contact as we walked to class; I never made much contact with anyone.

    So far- escaping conversation seemed to be my only power.
  4. Zack put out the cigarette before he entered the classroom. No smoking in class Zach! her annoying voice echoed in his head. He growled silently. He walked into the classroom avoiding eye contact with Ms. Masterson. He a seat towards the back of the classroom as always. He then rested his boots on his desk, he then leaned back on his chair. His two wings grew out of his back slowly. He then pushed himself back and caught himself once more with his wings. He then began to do a short push up like exercise with his wings. The reason he did this was to exercise them. It allowed him to have more control, speed, and precision when he flew. He kept doing this exercise impatiently waiting for class to start.
  5. Every step I took, more and more heads turned toward me; gawking at the girl with the strange markings. Unlike my old school of simple minded human students, people here stared with admiration. There was no need to judge in this place when the guy sitting next to you could very well be capable of liquidating himself and slipping under the classroom door.

    Keeping my eyes forward I concentrated on making my way to class. Quinn hummed a soft song as she skipped along next to me. She hardly seemed to notice the people around us. If there was anything that could redeem Quinn's overly positive attitude, it was her ability to not care what anyone had to say about her.
    When I first met Quinn a month ago, she was all alone in the dorm. It seemed apparent that her last roommate ditched her. She told me that it was because she couldn't control her powers completely and the girl who had been rooming with her simply couldn't handle it. I personally believe it might have been Quinn herself that drove her roommate out of there. Compared to the other girls I knew from my old school, Quinn was a dream come true, an annoying dream; but not a nightmare.

    As we drew closer to the large hardwood door leading to control class, Ms. Masterson smiled and nodded her head from her place aside the entrance. Her long blonde hair was held in a tight bun, sitting perfectly at the top of her head.

    She wore a form fitting skirt and jacket combo in our school colors that made her bright eyes shine through her think rimmed Liberian like glasses, her eyes locked with mine, sharp icy eyes made me uncomfortable; shooting a shiver up my spine.

    "Don't worry Becca; she has that effect on everyone…" Quinn stated, noticing my stiff body. She pat my shoulder and I shot back to life, giving her the normal nasty look I always gave.

    "Sorry!" She hung her head low, walking over to what I assumed was our seats. We didn't have assigned seats, but after weeks of classes already being in session there were only few left. I chose the seat next to Quinn, not choosing to accidentally make new friends. I folded my arms over one another, feeling the gazes of the other students on my hoody. I rolled my eyes and sighed knowing there was nothing I could do to avoid their stares.

    "Welcome students! Control class will begin in a few moments. If you would please get your writing supplies out and prepare that would be appreciated." Ms. Masterson's heels clicked against the floor as she walked in the thin isle between the desks. Her voice was stern and like always, she spoke with too much authority.

    A quick glance at Quinn was all I needed to know what was going on. Everyone was tearing through their bags, getting out notebooks and pens. They were so frantic; it was almost as if they were afraid of Masterson. She took her place at the slender podium at the front of the class and cleared her throat. With a snap of her fingers the entire class was looking forwards, including myself.

    I was finally starting to realize why Ms. Masterson taught the class, her power seemed to be influential on the people around her. I looked over at Quinn, who was practically mesmerized by the tall blonde woman at the head of the class.

    "If she thinks she can control me, she's dead wrong"
  6. Zach chuckled as everyone's head snapped forward, and he simply looked to the side. He stopped his wing exercises and they shrunk back into his back. He still kept his feet on his desk, however. He took a glance at Ms. Masterson, then at the girl with the hoody. He took his feet off of his desk and leaned in to look at her. Those markings... he thought to himself. He took out his notebook and pencil, and began to sketch them. Something about those markings caught his attention. He felt like it was something he'd seen before, or maybe something he had a dream about. He wasn't sure, but he knew what he'd be doing for the remainder of this class. He continued to sketch. Every time Ms. Masterson looked at him, he smiply looked back at her, with a semi-sarcastic look. He pretended like he was really interested in the lecture. He snickered at the fact that he was pretending to "interested." He was rarely interested in anything. But those markings drew him, and he was quite interested in those markings.
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  7. "You already lost the fight Becca, look…" Quinn giggled and looked back up, watching as Ms. Masterson began writing on the blackboard no way! When I looked down, my black marble notebook was opened and I was writing the exact thing as Ms. Masterson was writing. Without stopping I turned my head around and found that everyone was doing the same thing. My jaw snapped closed and I turned back involuntarily. Ms. Masterson was inches away from my desk. Her long slender arms crossed over each other with a piece of chalk twitching in between her fingers.
    "Perhaps you would like to pay attention Rebecca it would be quite beneficial…"

    I couldn't help bun narrow my eyes. Who was she to talk to me like that? Quinn watched us carefully and when I stood up, clenching my book to my chest she cringed.
    "What's the point to learning to control the powers I don't have?" I pointed at my forehead mark and narrowed my eyes; making sure to keep my focus on Masterson. She smiled innocently, turning her back to me.

    "Just because you have no petals now, does not mean you will never bloom. Now, sit down and take notes, you'll understand the importance someday." I felt the eyes of the other students hot on my back and forced myself back from making even more of a scene. Grumbling low under my breath I slowly sat down and leaned back in my chair. Quinn bit nervously at her fingernails which were barely there to begin with.

    Through the rest of class I was forced to take notes, repeating in my head how much I disliked Masterson. Before being placed in this wacko school, my life was a living hell. When my markings became darker and spread over my skin my father couldn't handle the fact that I was different. He had refused to enroll me in this school, thinking he would be treated differently by his friends and co-workers. He blamed my mother for the beautiful tattooing that engulfed my body and set me apart from everyone else in the world. After months of long drawn out arguments and countless battles over what seemed to be my future, my father split. Trying to protect me, my mother put on her best smile and pretended everything was all right. Both of us were unhappy but for two completely different reasons.
  8. Zach continued to sketch the markings on her body. The markings were getting more and more familiar, at the point where he didn't even make an effort to at least pretend to pay attention in that class anymore. He felt Ms. Masterson's eyes drawing to him, and at this point he didn't care. He continued sketching, awaiting to hear a bellowing voice that he heard almost everyday from Ms. Masterson. Who are you? he thought to himself.
  9. Class dragged on as if Masterson herself were keeping time at a stand still. Was that even possible? Could she even demand time to bend under her will? I pulled the hood of my sweater up over my head, feeling the eyes of my classmates still on me despite the fact that they were all facing forward. Still, I couldn't shake this feeling of being so closely observed.

    With a slight tilt of my head, I caught the sight of a young man turned completely sideways in his seat. He was looking at me; narrowing his eyes and litterally staring at me. It seemed that Mastersons control was nothing to dragon born and he used it in way of pushing back against the controlling professor. If I had been in the mood for making friends, he and I would probably get along. He didn't look like he wanted to be there at all either.

    After class Quinn convinced me to go with her to the cafeteria for some breakfast. I hadn't realized how starved I was until the smell of waffles floated softly up into my nose. My stomach growled angrily as I followed Quinn into the line. This was my first time actually visiting the cafeteria. For the past month I had been living off of granola bars and 100 calorie packs that my mother had crammed into my suitcase before sending me off.

    "I didn't know they served breakfast so late" I said grabbing two plates of waffles and sliding them on my tray.

    "It's only nine o'clock Becca, you woke up early for once." She placed a fruit bowl on her tray and smiled kindly at the worker behind the plastic barrier.

    "I've never been an early riser. Never really missed anything important."

    "Ya but like Ms. Masterson said, you should make the effort to learn even if you don't know what you're capable of yet. It could come in handy one day" Quinn shrugged and held up her student I.D. The heavy set woman smiled and scanned it till the register beeped.

    "All set Quinn dear, have a good day" She handed her a cup and pointed to the drink machines behind us.

    "We've got grape fruit today; I know how much you like it." Quinn spun around quick and chirped with happiness.

    "Gosh! Thanks Ms. Christine!" She was filling up her cup with the sour pink while I got my I.D scanned and walked up to join her at the large metal drink station.

    "Who says gosh anymore? Seriously, that's so innocent."Quinn blushed and stuck her index finger in her drink, mixing it around. After popping her juice covered finger into her mouth and puckering her face like a fish, she clicked her tongue and frowned.

    "Gee Becca, not everyone needs to be a potty mouth like you. Besides, I don't like how it feels to swear." With a flick of her finger, her tray was floating before her. After giving her the very dramatic eye roll I thought she deserved, I followed her and her floating tray into the lunchroom looking over all the other students who were nibbling away at their breakfasts and chatting amongst friends.

    Quinn picked a table within close distance to the wide rectangular windows framing the outer wall. It was raining again like it had almost every day. The slowly falling veil of wetness covered the courtyard and employee parking lot. Wind rattled the trees just gently enough to toss their branches up to dance with the light gray sky.
  10. Zach followed the two girls, however he didn't really pay attention to the other. He'd swore that back in class she noticed him. He was too busy paying attention to her markings, to notice where her eyes were. Once he saw they were going to they're cafeteria, he knew he couldn't follow her. There was another cafeteria to keep the carnivores and cannibals separate. He balled his fist and punched a locker in frustration.

    He jogged towards the meat eater's cafeteria, of course sitting by himself. Zach didn't always like to talk to anyone, but the way girl's surrounded him daily, it was hard to continue that trait. With in seconds of him sitting down, A good few of the meat eating girls came and sat by him, one was uncomfertably close.

    "Samantha...back the hell away! You're too close!" he yelled.

    "It's so sexy when you yell at me Zackykinz!"

    'Zackykinz'...oh how Zach loathed that name. Eventually his one and only friend in this school, Mark, walked up to him. He was a shapeshifter that could only turn into a saber-tooth tiger, but he's been told that his potential can go way farther than that. He has the ability to turn into any prehistoric animal. He sat on the other side of Zach so he wouldn't be fighting those girls for a seat.

    "Hey man...I know you saw that girl in control class you like her or somethin? You were staring right at her! You looked like a creep!" Mark said exclaimed. Zach showed him his notebook. "These markings...Her markings...I've seen them before I swear, I just don't know where, so I thought sketching them down somewhere would jog my memory. I'm going to talk to her when I get the chance, but she's like me. She seems to be anti-social. She has that one friends, that she seems to hate. At least we're not like that man."

    "I hear that brother! But, just...make sure you don't become too creepy about it."

    "Me? A flying lizard human thing? Creepy? Naw!" he joked. Zach and Mark did a certain handshake they made up when they were still in normal school together, then he left. Those were the days...back when no one knew they had powers, and life was just so easy. He thought back to 8th grade when they were discovered. The last day of school, and a few dudes who were kicked out of that school that year for something stupid that they did, busted into the school shooting. Mark kept telling Zach no, but he went on anyway. Mark could't let his best friend go out there alone. Zach will always remember what happened when Mark had to take the fire. Zach couldn't control his powers to well back then. Mark had the whole morphing thing down packed by now. Zach was about to turn to a full dragon form after he was shot a few times. Anger simply overthrew him, and once he was in dragon form he couldn't control himself. Mark had to fight Zach down as he was still morphing, and luckily he did, before it was too late for those two guys. They were never closer as friends before that day. He felt the two bullet wounds. One was on his shoulder, and the other was aimed upwards through his stomach almost hitting his heart. The bullet is still lodged in there, but it won't be hurting him anytime soon. Zach smiled at the thought.
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  11. Class was over and everyone was on the move, except Fudo he was always the last one to leave because he had a problem with people rubbing up against him trying to get out of a door. He felt like a cattle being pushed to the meat factory even though he enjoyed the sensation meat brought to his taste buds he didn't enjoy the feeling it brought to his nerves. But after everyone left the classroom he stood up and collected his things which weren't much except his phone and his headphones which Ms. Masterson had removed from his earlier in the class period. His hand outstretched when she placed them into his palm, sliding them away, She spoke " Pay more attention in class " he smirked and continued to walk out the classroom.

    Once in the hallway he adjusted his Jet black leather jacket that wasn't to tight on him but was loose enough for breathing air, Wearing the usual white plain T-shirt underneath it. He brought his left hand up to glide down through his splash-white hair that reached down to the middle of his neck. He noticed a few people lingering in the hallway's, he ignored them and continued to walk looking on to the cafeteria with his bright green eyes that seemed to shown out. Using his shoulder he pushed through the door and entered the cafeteria he immediately began looking for a seat.

    He walked over towards the table were Zach and Mark were sitting with the infestation of female apprehenders which he took a seat across from. Since they seemed like the only people in here that wouldn't cause a scene out of him sitting down near them, he did such the thing.

    He didn't bother looking at them he just pulled out his phone and began running his finger through it, he stopped and slid it into his pocket when he heard his name from behind him. Looking back there was a couple of kids snickering about him and he new exactly what it was about but it never bothered him. He practices the old Buddhist way's, since that is what his power is based from, of patience and other parts of the Buddhist religion. But his powers were based off of Asura one of the other deities.

    He then looked forward again and looked at the line to get food which was to long for him to want to go up there and stand, But that just show his laziness. He rubbed his eyes and yawned as if it was to early for him to do anything but classes that he does nothing in just bore him to the point of being tired.
  12. The healthy human heart will beat between sixty to eighty times a minute. And those little red blood cells it's firing around your insides? Just one of those can circumnavigate your body in around twenty seconds. The body will produce, on average, about a litre of saliva in just one day, and when you sneeze pretty much all your bodily functions will stop – even that heart of yours.

    Just a few cheeky wee fun facts for you.

    How the hell do I know all this shit, I hear you wonder? Well for one thing, there's this crazy new development you should check out called the internet, you fucking Neanderthal. But if you want a serious answer, I honestly couldn't give you one. This is something I just know. Do you go around asking the telekinetic kid who moves shit with her brain how she does what she does? How about that weird guy who can fly?

    Exactly, you kinda just take that as a given. So why the hell is it always the twenty fucking questions when people find out I can figure out what's wrong with someone just by touching them? And don't even get me started about how they all tend to freak the hell out when I mention the fact that I can actually fix the issues with a person's body if I really put my mind to it. I mean, seriously? The guy who can throw fireballs is totally legit, but being able to heal others is just a step too far?

    Some weird standards you motherfuckers have going.

    My parents (may they die in a fire) named me Percy Lassetar, and to this day I am wishing painful, painful deaths upon them for this grievance and numerous others that we won't go into right now. Meanwhile, my friends (all half a dozen of them) call me Triage; it's a damn sight better than that abortion of a first name I got saddled with, that's for sure. I've been at this school for maybe half a year now. Long enough to know the layout and my way around the various people and groups... but really not enough to properly fit in.

    In case you were wondering whether or not teenagers having a shared connection like being ostracised from mainstream society because of abilities or other differences would result in them being less fucking awful to each other, I can confirm that this is most definitely not the case.

    Turns out people my age will go out their way to fuck with one another, no matter the circumstances.

    Hurray for weird person unity, and it's total non-existence.

    Breakfast is currently being served, and having just survived a lesson with Mister O'Shea, the dourest of dour Irish bastards ever to permeate misery out into the world, I'm welcoming the break from my bizarre education. Of course, surveying the cafeteria from the doors and I start to wish I didn't take the approach of my friends and take my lunch outside. The rain, pouring down like a flash flood though it was, suddenly seems far more welcome than attempting to navigate the myriad of groupings and cliques. Bodily-functions and anatomy, that I can handle. High school politics, I cannot.

    Under-preparedness is basically this school's motto, and so naturally there aren't enough tables for me to find one to hole myself up at. Too late now, though; I'm saddled with a tray of food, so I'm not getting out of this room unless I decide I don't fancy eating. Grimacing, I start to make my way through the throngs of bizarre teens towards the edges of the room, looking for a table that isn't occupied by people I can't fucking stand.

    This cuts my options down. Considerably.

    All options basically exhausted, I find myself looking around desperately next to the table occupied by one of the new girls and her room-mate. Becca or something, if memory serves. The one with the shifting tattoos that even by this school's lofty standards are pretty goddamn bizarre. Sighing, I swing myself round to face the pair of them. I don't bother with some endearing smile or an attempt at small-talk. That's never been my thing, and I suck at it. I just fix the pair with the most world-weary of looks, like I'm a sixty year-old trapped in the body of a be-spectacled sixteen year-old weirdo.

    “Hate to intrude, guys, but basically every table in this place is occupied by some incredible and unique variation of asshole. Mind if I be a bit rude and steal that corner seat so I can actually eat this food?”

    I sound like a depressing fuck.

    This is because I am.

    But Jesus, you try being able to tell with a worrying accuracy when everybody in this room is going to die and not be a little morbid as a result.
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  13. "You don't like Ms. Masterson; do you?" Quinn broke our temporary silence, taking a long sip from her cup.

    "Wow, you actually picked up on that?" I smiled lacing my sentence with thick sarcasm and cut another triangle of waffle. She clicked her tongue and snorted.

    "That's not nice Becca…She's our teacher. She's just trying to help you". I didn't let her finish her sentence before I jumped in.

    "She pretty much told me I was useless Quinn! How's that suppose to make me feel better? Hell, she called me I looked like a road map the first time I met her! That's not exactly good for first impressions…" Quinn's eyes led mine down to my hands which had been violently stabbing into the food that laid helpless on my plate.

    "Maybe she didn't mean it like that...She convince the board of directors to take you in even though your mom didn't have all the money and-" Quinn suddenly stopped, her jaw tightening. She swallowed hard and turned away from me to face the window.

    "The incident…" I whispered. I couldn't believe that Quinn knew this stuff but I had no idea. Mom hadn't said anything about money. Besides that, why the hell did Quinn know something personal like what had happened to me? I mean, seriously!

    "You know about that? What the hell! Isn't any of my business private anymore?! Why did she tell you about that! She had no right!" I was growling deep in my throat, feeling sick knowing that Quinn knew that I had tried to kill myself. She had known the whole time, and didn't say anything. She was watching me nervously, biting her nails again.

    "It's not like that Becca; Honest! I'm the only student who knows, really!" I tried to calm down, seeing that my outburst was attracting attention. "I'm pretty sure they told me only cause I was chosen to be your roommate, that's all! Don't be mad please…"

    "Whatever I don't care…" I cradled my head in my palms and exhaled deeply.

    "I'm so sorry! Gosh, if I knew it was such a big deal to you I would have kept it to myself I just figured you would want me to tell you if I knew or not, so you didn't have to keep it a secret forever…" She looked like a wounded animal, one of the sickly adorable ones.

    "I hung myself over it Quinn, yes, it's a big deal to me…" My knuckles turned white as I gripped my utensils tighter. She held her head low and for the first time I was seeing her in a mood other than annoyingly cheerful. Honestly, seeing her like that made me feel worse about everything. When I opened my mouth to apologize, she spoke over me.

    "They wanted me to know so if you seemed depressed, I could tell them and they could watch over you. They didn't want you to do it again…I didn't want you too either…"
    She was quiet but the eyes of two other students at a far away table called out for my attention. I sneered at them, giving them my best 'what are you staring at?!' face.

    "Ugh. Don't worry Quinn, you would have found out sooner or later. I…" I had to pause for a moment and think over exactly how I wanted to word it. "I don't want everyone else to know".

    She looked up and nodded, of course, smiling wide. After throwing down the rest of her nasty pink grapefruit juice she tilted her head and positioned a finger near her mouth just in case she had to chew on it for comfort.

    "So you're not mad?" She tucked a small piece of her hair behind her ear and ate the last of her food. Her look was sincere and it was obvious that she just wanted to help me out. I thought about it for a moment, taking in everything I knew and everything I felt until there was a sudden, but well spoken interruption. I managed to shake my head in response to Quinn's worried inquiry, taking a breath and refocusing back on the happenings of right then.

    A boy my age with the same spiteful grimace on his face that I had; how quaint. The best I could do with my mind running rampant was turn my chin slightly towards him, letting my dark brown eyes linger over his features enough to remember seeing him once before. Quiet, reserved, angsty; my kind of guy.

    "No problem"

    Despite not wanting to be there, (like most of the students smart enough to know we were being cattled) If I was forced to stay here, I wouldn't be able to do it alone. Even at home I would have had mom. Here at school I was all alone. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I needed Quinn. That meant that for once in my life I would need to trust someone other than my own mother.
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  14. Charlotte Love thought that anybody wallowing in their puddle of angst and self-pity seriously needed to get over themselves. They were all young, they were all powerful, and the future held unlimited potential. Yes, Miss Love is one of *those*. Captain of the cheering squad, editor-in-chief of the yearbook committee, founder of A Deeper Look (independent school newspaper), valedictorian hopeful, homecoming queen, and trust fund baby, the perky blonde's daily dose of enthusiasm and motivated worldview were enough to earn her a spot on the spectrum of extremes. Everyone knew who she was and they either loved her or they hated her. Whichever it was, they did it passionately.

    She'd been one of the first ones out of the classroom, thumb skimming over the touchscreen of her iPhone with an alarming familiarity while the female members of her court flanked either side of the diva. Now, don't me wrong here, this isn't a fucking snapshot of Mean Girls. For one thing, Charlie breaks the mold in that she goes out of her way to try and include everyone on the festivities of Life. She's known for being uncharacteristically benevolent even towards the Outcasts. Social boundaries are merely obstacles to be smashed through if not obliterated completely. The girls in her little flock natter away about silly things like nail polish, Winston Abernathy's party last weekend, and how dope the much-anticipated album that Jay-Z just dropped was.

    Blue-green eyes flit over the digital schedule she's just drawn up just as a refresher in order that Charlotte could more efficiently fall into the rhythm of her day. Vaguely, she heard the cadence of a question directed her way and her brows rose in inquiry before she even looked up from the screen to the one that'd just asked what she thought about.....something...

    "Mmm? Oh! You know, she's really only just doing her job. I finished that assignment last week when she first told us about it. If you want, I can suggest a couple of helpful sources I chanced upon in the library?"

    Chanced upon, ha!! More like the boy volunteering in said library was head-over-heels and had pointed her in the right direction, going so far as to have reserved these choice selections exclusively for Charlotte's use for this precise assignment. The power of suggestion is a dangerous, dangerous thing indeed and our naive Miss Love is quite self-conscious about the whole thing if one were to truly ask how she felt about it. Ah, well!

    Breezing into the cafeteria with her entourage, the polished fashionista darted an assessing look over the students swarming the tables in their various cliques.
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  15. “Appreciate it.”

    I slide past Becca's chair towards the other corner seat, where I can acquire a charming view of the rain chucking itself down from the heavens with a ferocious rate one might commonly associate with flash-floods.

    Hey, maybe the school will flood.

    That'd be sweet. I really don't much fancy Gym class later.

    Slapping the tray of food down idly, I snatch up the soda bottle and take a long drink from it before looking to the two girls. Common courtesy dictates that I should introduce myself, maybe make some small talk. And whilst common courtesy and I have a relationship on par with a couple in the middle of a pretty vicious divorce, even I have to concede to it grudgingly sometimes.
    “I'm Triage, by the by,” I say, keeping my tone casual and what could pass in some circles for friendly, “cheers for the seat. You'd think with the budget they throw at this place they could afford some more seating for the cafeteria, right?”

    Yeah, I know. I'm not exactly Captain Charisma over here. But at least I'm not going full cliché and talking about the fucking weather.
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  16. Lifting his head from the table he rubbed the back of his neck wondering if this lunch had ended yet but so far it had not, felt like it did but it didnt. He looked around as he rubbed his eyes feeling like he slept for an eternity, he stood up rubbing his neck again and twisting it to the side causing the bone to make the usual crackling noise it does. He turned around slowly as he heard the Diva's come through the door his eyes squinting a bit to examine what they where wearing today, Sometimes distracting your mind is the only way to get by during lunch. But he lost intrest and began walking towards the windows, As he made it to the windows he puts his hands on them and pushed them open letting the cool breeze hit his face. Which he then just began staring blankly out into space like usual, being grouped with the typical Rejects but he was silent all the time and barely spoke to people which most people took as him being shy but it's just that you learn more about people when your quiet.

    Which was true for him he knew about alot of the stuff that went on in and somethings that went on outside of school. Which also made him sound like the typical stalker, but he turned around after his long stare out the window to pick out a new group to just go and sit down in. See how hard he could get rejected by a group and maybe learn about different students powers and how they use them...knowledge is power.
  17. Her shoulders lifting with a much put-upon sigh, Charlotte tucked the phone in the back pocket of form-fitting Silver's artfully shredded along one thigh and tucked into heeled, brown leather boots that zipped up the back of the calves. If there was anything that our girl here is incomplete without, it would be accessories. Every movement was accompanied by the musical jangle of the bracelets that littered both wrists. Everything from glittering offerings from Tiffany's to hemp and beads woven by friends and thin, monotone Walmart specials decorated the Darling. She reached up to brush a strategically-rolled curl from her forehead, tucking it behind one ear so that it could join its companions in tumbled layers splayed just so about the collar of her bolero jacket, an Armani creation of chocolate suede. One dismissive flick of the wrist waved off Meghan who would have collected the stack of books in Charlotte's arms, the gesture performed in a distracted, yet not altogether impolite, manner. A certain furrow creased her brow to mar an otherwise flawless face. The expression alone was a cue for the covey of other young ladies about her to scatter to the four winds save for Meghan and Ashley, the two Loyalists that remained on other side of Char as she approached a table of lacrosse jocks.

    The gents took some time in their Whose Dick Is Bigger? (or some variation thereof) shenanigans to take note of Miss Love as she stood at the head of their table, an arch of a manicured brow and the mantle of proper indignance worn about her shoulders. Once the chit was certain she and her flunkies had their undivided attention?

    "Um....hel-OHHHH, you're all obviously finished here and even meatheads like yourselves can use your eyes to see that there aren't enough tables for everyone."

    Cherubic lips stretched into a sweet smile as she commanded their attention even further by slamming her stack of books down in the only open space available at this table, causing those closest to her to jump which in turn drew snickers from the audience this might've drawn. Her eyes narrowed on the captain of the team.

    "Clear out your boys, Matt, others need to sit and these dumbasses could use the time to do their fucking homework for once in the time remaining for breakfast."

    The hard glitter in her focused stare added emphasis to the subtle application of her particular power and Matt had the good sense to gulp. A nod from him and every single player vacated the table, one of them leaving their crushed box of apple juice behind.

    "And make sure they pick up after themselves. We're an evolved species, aren't we? Let's try and act like it."

    This had the carton whisked away in a hurry and Matt finally withdrew once his team was clear to leave the table empty. Charlotte's countenance instantly brightened and she waggled her fingers in a cute wave at Mr. Jenkins, the janitor surveying the breakfast scene with something of a resigned surliness. He offered an appreciative chin bob Miss Love's way and then she beckoned a group of students that had made it through the line before her, tray laden, to the newly-emptied table. Business concluded, Char took off herself to find her place in line. She'd apparently started a trend with that example and students who were loitering at the breakfast tables suddenly found reasons to be elsewhere in order to provide space for their compatriots.
  18. "Well, I don't think they were really assuming so many of us would want to be left the hell alone" I rolled my eyes, glaring at the many tables that occupied either one dominant person and spaced out seating of many withdrawn kids; all too reserved to actually have a conversation. Of course, there were tables of cliques and older students, those, who weren't so socially awkward and accustomed to living on campus. Still, to be forced her by either society or your own parents; that was a tough pill to swallow.

    "I'm Quinn! Are you a first year too?" Quinn had leaned over the table, not taking in account the fact that Triage probably had a respect for his personal space. Funny one, that girl, always just acting without thinking of anything but the first thing to cowagulate in her ditsy blonde brain.

    Across the room, maybe three or four tables over, there was a bossy chick who seemed to rule the roost. Hell, she was probably smart for taking advantage of all the quiet ones, but I couldn't help but feel a little peeved over her high horse. Who was this queen bee? She couldn't have been a first year like me to demand all that attention and cooperation. I had to remember that this was my first day out from the room and that there was probably a lot of questions that I would need answered by someone else; not like it really mattered.

    Something about her didn't sit right with me. Like Masterson, she demanded things of people and for some odd reason they actually obliged.

    "Hey, Triage. You know anything about Queen bitch?"
  19. ((Sorry about the absence))

    Zach eventually got up and moved from his place in the cafeteria. He knew that none of the meat-eaters were allowed in the other cafeteria across the hall, but who would notice him sneaking in right? Zach speed walked out of his cafeteria and slowly made his way to the other, blending in with the rest of the crowd. He took a seat a good ways from the girl he'd encountered earlier. Becca was her name if he could recall. He examined her as he did in class. Why can't I remember what those symbols are... he thought to himself.

    Zach felt his desire to learn about her and those symbols heighten, therefore he yearned to get closer. Zach migrated a few tables forward towards her still hoping he wouldn't be noticed by not just Becca, but everyone else who knew he was a meat eater. It was at this time he wished he'd had his hoody, but alas he was simply left with a logo tank-top.
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