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  1. Kei looked up at the huge, elegant mansion with his usual, unreadable expression. He stood just outside the gates, hands thrust into the pockets of his black leather jacket, waiting for the mansion's security detail to let him in. The usual nonsense; checking of references, treating their jobs as though they were Knights Templar for some god-king, rather than hirelings for a lot of fat cats who bought their power. He couldn't really fault them for being so self-important. That was how their rich masters tended to act, so it was probably part and parcel of the atmosphere. Not that he wasn't deadly serious himself when on the job, he just didn't treat it like some messianic calling.

    It was the first day of Kei's newest job as a bodyguard, but he had no expectation that things here would be much different here. Hired to watch out for some rich kid, probably a spoiled brat, who would fire him in a few days when Kei refused to kow-tow to his stupidity. He was a professional bodyguard, not a nursemaid. Still, it was better than being on the streets.

    The dark-haired male blinked slowly at that last thought, pushing it and its attendant memories to the back of his mind, just as the prig on the front gate intercom addressed him.

    "Your papers and I.D. are all in order, Mr. Umura. Step through the gate, go around the back of the West wing to the servants' quarters, and touch nothing. You will be directed where to go from there."

    A slight curl of the lip showed what Kei thought of this nonsense. Like he was going to get sticky fingerprints on the million dollar wallpaper. Or steal the Ming vases. If they knew he'd spent time on the streets, they probably wouldn't let him in the gate at all, but he wasn't interested in fancy knick-knacks. Kei preferred to travel light and be mobile, and expensive acoutrements made that a hassle.

    As the massive iron bars parted, he strolled in, not impressed with the large manicured garden and expansive lawn out front, the wide marble pathway, or the huge building, with its cut glass windows and carved double-doors with gold inlay. He'd seen a hundred of them, and they were usually empty of anyone worthwhile inside. So long as he got paid, though, he didn't much care.

    The door to the servants' quarters was almost as ornate as the double set out front, though the divide was clear. And under-butler showed him in, leading him to a sitting-room (one of many, he had no doubt) where he was to wait for his new employer. Kei had been hired by the head of general house security, so he had no idea of the kid's parents or the kid himself would be coming to size up the new recruit. The bodyguard's reputation preceded him, so he wasn't at all nervous in that regard. People with this kind of money could afford the best, and he fully intended to give them just what they paid for.
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  2. Lanie was sitting at her desk, reading over some documents, when an alarm in her room goes off. She quickly leaps to her feet and scrambles to grab everything, and drops it into a false bottom in one of the desk drawers, covering it and slamming it shut. Around that moment Gertrude, the house maid knocks on the door "com'on, Dearie. Don't want to be late" She announced while she cracked the door open. Lanie stands, holding an arbitrary book she had grabbed in the chaos, and meets Gertrude's eyes "Hm? Oh yes.. that is today, isn't it.." she says with a cool tone, closing the book.

    Gertrude shakes her head in disapproval as she was sure Lanie was up to something, but could never get in quick enough to catch her in the act.

    Lanie gives her a reassuring smile as she makes her way out the room, Gertrude following behind. In the background, Gertrude rambles on for a few minutes of how Lanie has been the best child she has ever had the chance of working with, however Lanie's mind is elsewhere "um... Gertrude?" She interrupts "will the misses and sir, be there also?" She says as she stops dead in her tracks. "Oh of course they will. They made room on their schedules for this. And don't call them that! they're your parents" Gertrude chuckles as she takes Lanie's hand. "now go on!" she chastises.

    Lanie smiles back to her and nods, as she makes her way to the servant's quarters, however she was not alone. Guards lined the path leading to where the new hire will be staying. A few steps ahead are 2 familiar figures. Her step moves a bit more quickly as she catches up to them "I see you guys kept your promise..." Lanie says as they both turn around. Her parents turn and cordially smiles to her "Nice to see you're not that late." The lady of the house says in a snide tone.

    Lanie shrugs it off as she pushes open the door, Seeing a stranger sitting in the room. Her father quickly nudges Lanie to the side as he makes a grandiose entrance "Hello, Mr. Umura" He bellows in a thunderous tone "Welcome aboard. You may call me Mr. Emmit Kale" He holds out his hand to the gentleman, while gesturing to the Misses and Lanie "These ladies are Mrs. Tasha Kale, My wife. and Lanie Kale, My daughter" His voice still robust. Mrs. Kale gives him a curtsey, while Lanie bows her head, muttering "pleasure to meet you" Mr. Kale Turns back to Mr Umura, "As you already know, you will be serving Lanie. We can't have her gallivanting across town, can we?" He says letting out a boisterous laugh, as he firmly takes the man's hand. Lanie's eyes roll a bit at the conversation, letting out a sigh, as the misses sharply elbows her to correct her actions. Lanie winces as she steps forward, looking up at Mr. Umura "Once again. Pleasure to meet you." Her voice is a bit dead pan, however still conveyed a bit of sincerity in her tone.
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