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  1. I'm really, really looking for something to get me back into writing. I prefer very much to run a submissive character, usually a reluctant sub, but am willing to work on my doms. Just know that they will be rough around the edges. I also prefer the female characters in any MxF posts, but am willing to try FxF.

    I have had a couple of recent ideas, most of which are pretty vague:

    - Master/Slave obviously comes to mind. With one of two sub-plots:
    The first being the traditional reluctant sub, a fighter, a warrior. Someone that it will take a long time to break, so if you go for this, I'm gonna need patience.
    The second part of that I was considering, however, is that the 'master' purchases the slave, but she's been through this game before. She's very much so broken, and he attempts to build her back up a little bit, because he wants her to be able to have a little spirit in her.

    - Demons from two different circles of Hell.

    - Dragon Riders competing in a sort of competition, like an Olympic challenge with their dragons. Possibly from opposite ends of the world and selected for the games, that way after the competition, they have to each return to their home.

    -Dragon Rider/Dragon Slayer: Well, she starts out a slayer. When she's captured by the riders trying to make her first kill, will seeing them and how they live change her mind?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.