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  2. No interest, currently. I'll keep this up until Friday evening. If no interest spawns, I'll remove it.

    This was a bit of a gambit. Next time, I'll try something a bit more straight-and-narrow. I promise, though, there is a plan to this RP. It isn't a vomit of ideas. But I know it reads like a vomit of ideas. Such is life. -leh sigh-
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  3. I seriously like this idea. I'm definitely down for it! The whole magic and modern thing is something I've always wanted to try in an RP, and since I'm too busy to make one myself, why not join one, eh?
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  4. Haha. Thanks! I understand that feeling. I enjoy a good magical urban RP myself that isn't solely werewolves and vampires.

    Hopefully, others find it interesting, as well. I'll probably leave it up until tomorrow. But thanks again for the interest! I was beginning to think I was insane for finding these things interesting. XD
  5. This RP didn't take off but let me show you a similiar-ish RP about urban fantasy and the underworld.

    Click This Link
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