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  1. Since the attempt to make an RP never garnered much interest, I'll join one instead. Any suggestions/recommendations?
  2. Well depending on what u are looking for i could whip somethin up ?
  3. I can be kinda picky, but I'm willing to work with you and brainstorm.
  4. I am a leaniant person lol so yeah im great with that
  5. Alright. What genre would you like to do?
  6. Im good with whatever honestly lol im used to comedic playful romance with some serious action moments
  7. Those can be fun. Any plot you favor?
  8. Not really. I dont ming gender roles . I dont mind same sex
  9. So no objections to Yuri?
  10. Nope not at all lol
  11. Awesome. Setting?
  12. Hmmm idk they live together i guess
  13. Sounds good. Romantic or Platonic?
  14. Romantic lol
  15. Explain your definition of time frame
  16. What time of year.
  17. Oh summer lol bathing suits
  18. I'm more of a winter person, myself. Ice skating, and such.
  19. Im ok withat lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.