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  1. If your moods swing as frequently as mine do, this thread could help.

    Write a message to yourself. One that you truly mean. A message that you don't want to forget, no matter what the days ahead bring. And when you read this message again, know that it was the truth.

    My first one:

    Write the book. All else is fleeting. Finish it. If something gets in the way, jump past it. Finish the book.
  2. sound adivce.

    i think i shall take it up.

    My first message:
    Get a job already, no more of this prancing around pretending to get one crap.
    you need the money, work = money, thus get a job.
  3. Melody woke up and stare at him.
  4. i think i'll have to agree with the "do not spread yourself too thin" advice.

    and also, don't get too distracted by... hmm.. *sees another link and clicks it* what the hell am i saying? O_o
  5. Remember the walk to the car with Rob, Miles and Chris. Remember the silence and how nothing more was needed.

    Remember yesterday - the drive to the hardware shops. Your conversation never faultered. Your character was clear.

    Remember how women have pursued you - it's not all in your head. They've seen something and they've wanted it.

    Remember that year, and how you soared so high.
  6. You are a good writer.

    You only suck when you sit in that house and stare at the walls.

    Get out, every day. And write that fucking book.
  7. Go to Home Depot. Pick up trays for outdoor plants presently on newspaper.

    Replace light strand on metal reindeer.

    Masturbate less often.

    Call that Army guy and ask what he wanted.
  8. "In death? His body should be return to Uriel's house. You do know that you all still have a family legacy and with that includes a resting place beside Lady Uriel. He turned his back from heaven but Uriel waits for his return everyday."
  9. Murder Game: Gregory Murder Show

    You wake up in a dark forest, though how you could even tell it was a forest with all the fog around is anyone's guess. At least you're lucky enough to not be alone, as others have woken up in the same place. Where exactly are you? Why are you here? And, most importantly, how do you get back home?

    As these questions are all addressed, they are unfortunately left unanswered for the time being as it begins to rain. You need to get somewhere dry, but where the hell can you go? All around you the only thing to see is heavy rain and trees...

    ...and, as it turns out, a small path.

    With no other options left, you make your way down the path, having no idea where it will lead you. But as the rain picks up, you see in the distance a light up ahead-multiple lights, as if there's a house approaching. And as you arrive at your destination, you see before you...

    Gregory House.

    A door opens, and a voice calls out, "My friends, please, do hurry inside! You'll catch your deaths, out in this weather!" Eager for the warmth of this building, you run in, noticing that you're in the lobby of a rather sinister hotel.

    "After all..." The front door slams shut, and you hear it lock, and you turn, finding yourself standing before the man who had spoken to you. No, not man...mouse.

    "After all, there are more interesting ways to die waiting for you, no fair letting a cold take you before that! Hee hee hee...come now, let me show you to rooms. I advise you to get comfortable, my'll be staying here for a very long time."

    As you're sent to your rooms, you can't help but wonder at that. Will you be staying here? How long? You need to get home!

    But soon a body of one of your group turns up, and you realizethe only way out is to play along with Gregory's game of life and death...with your own life on the line.


    The game is very similar to a traditional Murder Game-murderers kill each round, everyone votes on a culprit, but with some special roles. There will be two murderers and two investigators, but each side has someone new: a Sorcerer and a Guardian. The Sorcerer works with the killers, and each turn gets to use an ability, which are:

    -set up a fake crime scene
    -allow a double murder
    -have the investigator's results for that round be false
    - eliminate the murder weapon
    -set up false evidence to frame someone

    At the start of the game, when roles are announced, the Sorcerer decides which ability goes to which round. Everyone will learn which avility was used after the vote. If the Sorcerer is voted out, the abilities are eliminated for future rounds. For example, if they're voted out Round Three, Rounds Four and Five have no abilities.

    The Guardian has a job that is different, but still very important. Each round, they will be asked if they want to cancel out the Sorcerer's ability for that round. They may do this twice. They won't know the order in which the Sorcerer put every ability, but at the start of the investigation everyone will know the ability was cancelled and which it was in this case. Like the Sorcerer, if the Guardian is voted out or killed, they can no longer use their ability.

    The Good Ending is earned by voting out two of the three members of the murderer team. The Bad Ending is earned if two or three of them are left undiscovered by the end.

    And in this RP, all weapons will be gone, and everyone will be street level, or nerfed to street level if needed.
  10. Crying isn't going to do anything but bring you down more. Stop it. Realize that you're nowhere near as bad of a person as she is making you out to be, and just don't let the people she is telling this shit to see that in you.

    It's not true.

    None of it.

    You don't steal. There is nothing you did wrong. You used YOUR money to get yourself food, not hers. It was a lie. Notice how she doesn't say this stuff when you're around? Because she doesn't want to get caught. Sure, you forgot to give the change back from lunch when you first got home, but you didn't plan on keeping it, and she knows it. She just wants to make you look bad for her benefit.

    You know that you would gladly get up and go shopping with her. You know that you weren't sleeping until two in the afternoon, and that is all that matters. You know you were up. The only reason you didn't go anywhere was because SHE didn't want to go. SHE is the lazy one, not you.

    What the hell? You know you're not greedy. You didn't ask to take her blanket so you could be warm, there was already a cover on the bed. Another lie you have to get past. You would never ask for someone else's blanket when you have one that is just as good.

    Actually eating at the table is YOUR habit. And a GOOD habit to have. SHE doesn't do it, so why in the hell would anyone believe that she had to FORCE you to do it? That's bullshit! You and her both know she didn't say anything but 'goodnight' to you when you went downstairs to eat. She didn't care. The only reason she cares now is because she ran out of things to lie about. Forget it. Get over it. Let it go.

    Only until June. That's all you have left. You'll be leaving soon. No one can get you in California. Bite your tongue and deal, or grow a pair and say something. Mom can't do anything from three hours away. Stop. Crying.
  11. Life's always better with a smoke and beer.

    Do more of the two.
  12. Stop waiting for Neng to start thinking about improving yourself. Get on your feet and get shit done already.

    Clean room. Needs to be done.

    Need a job. After new years, you need to start looking again.

    Can't hide behind Kayla and mom's disabilities forever. Need to start living again.
  13. Honestly, stop surrounding yourself with stupid, ignorant people. Your better than that and your NOT the only one who sees it.
  14. Remember that when you stared him down HE flinched.

    Not you.

    He isn't coming back.

    You have a knife in the drawer, guns all over the house if you cared to learn to use one, and a large, loud, and loyal dog who loves you to bits. You don't HAVE to cling to your husband's shirt tails. The boy needs a life.

    You had a spine once. Where did it go? You faced down the man who taught you everything you ever believed in and you held ground. You will not be ruled by a phantom of memory. You're stronger than that, damn you!
  15. Walking around with a hard on isn't so funny, find something funnier, maybe socks in underwear.
  16. Just because its a new school doesn't mean you have to be afraid to ask. There's nothing wrong with being uninformed, but there's something wrong with being ignorant.

    So just ask. No one is going to eat you alive.
  17. Have faith. Things are going to work out in the end.
  18. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    Jon's gonna be ok. Dan's an ass.

    Put both out of your head and study. Clean your room. Sing along to music....

    Take a shower. Try and get hold of Brittnay, try and get that night out tonight.

    Draw. Draw. Draw. Don't "Mew" or "Mur" in threads.

    Try and get along with family. Really. Try.

    Don't cry. Don't cry. Everything's going to be fine. Don't fall apart. Don't give in. Call Mr. P.

    Don't think of drinking. Don't drink. Don't even drink wine with family tonight. You can't handle it tonight.

    Snuggle Murphy. It's a good stress reliever. He's a good dog today. Take him for a walk.

    Don't cry. Don't be depressed. Don't drink. Don't think about the nightmare you had last night. Don't think about her.

    Call Kai, you need to talk to her.

  19. It's not selfish to want to have enough money to pay bills and still have a little left over for something nice. You can't take care of others if you don't first take care of yourself.