Notacat Village

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Who shall be executed this auspicious day?

  • Isabella (He does seem to have a lot to gain with Diana dying...)

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • Zypher (Is he trying to halt Ocha's import/export business?)

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Ocha (She has access to poison, even a time to do it... was the mayor holding back her business?)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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The sleepy town had never before experienced much of a crime rate, the only real happenings usually involved some unruly little boy trying to steal a piece of candy from the General Store. Nestled in the Loess Hills, the village has grown considerably in the recent years to accommodate the influx of people moving to the village.

At the far north of the town in the mansion of the mayor and founder, Diana Notacat. Other houses and shops are sprawled beneath it and normally there is a large amount of amiable chattering between the townspeople. This is not, however, a normal day for the citizens of Notacat Village. It has just been announced that a murderer is on the loose. With only two votes for the entire village, alliances must be made and suspicions are running rampant.
Well this isn't good for my import/export business. Find the louse. I bet it was that darn Zypher, jealous he's always been of our fine mayor!
The rumors were running rampant through the streets of the village in no time. Everyone had their theory about who it might have been that poisoned the mayor. What's more, and what wasn't said, is that many feared her death might not be the end.

One darkly dressed gentleman who was standing in the midst of the crowd at a streetcorner leaned over to the villager standing next to him and muttered. "Seems to me like it might have been Isabella. After all he/she/it/they has the most to gain from Diana being out of the way."
"You could have done it as well Ocha... after all, she was poisoned and you run a shipping company. Maybe she stood in the way of your ambitions? It would have been easy enough to smuggle some sort of posion and with you two being on such terms... you could have up and poisoned her during dinner." A young man with glasses and cropped hair said rising to his feet with his hands on his hips.
How do we know that Diana was indeed killed?! It could be Diana pulling off an elaborate prank all along. Show us her corpse and let us examine it.
Whoever killed her must've had a great knowledge of how to deal with poisons. We should track down anyone who knows about poison!
"It literally could be anyone....buuut....I guess Isa would be closest to Diana"
The younger man looked up from his paper, after having read the news -- he wasn't much one for tv, after all, though he did make a habit of listening to the radio -- and chimed in his two cents, brushing his hair from his eyes.

"I must agree with Sly on this one. it seems to me, Ocha, that you would have the most to gain from her death. You also appear to be the one with easiest access to poisonous chemicals, after all. Besides, were you not planning on running for the mayoral seat this very next election? It would be a fine place for a ... trader ... of your repute to be in."
Maaaa, another death! Surely this murderer was trying to make sure no one comes after him/her... But why in such an obvious manner? Maybe the murderer is familiar with the Sheriff?
(Just for confirmation, this IS supposed to be a role play, right? Or are we just supposed to accuse here? O.o I'm not really sure how Iwaku's events are supposed to go and everything has been very to the point so far. X.x)

Just having heard the horrible news from the town bulletin, he leaned toward Omni, clearly quite fearful. "It appears to me 'they' might be going after anyone posing a threat. First the mayor, now the sheriff." He looked around, to ensure that no one else was within hearing distance and lowered his voice. "I fear for the doctor's safety, though it seems to me our medicine man/woman might have a knowledge of poisons as well. Looking at it, I still think Ocha is the strongest candidate, though Zetsumei was the only one trying to mislead our investigation ... There are just too many variables," he said with remorse clear in his voice.
Dr. Itoshiki looked around the town and started observing its citizens. However, the more he went around, the more he was confused with the situation. The mayor was killed via poison, which should mean there has to be someone who has access to deadly poisons around here. However, he wasn't able to locate the poison.

It was said, however, that Ocha had access to the poisons. Ordinarily, this would make her the prime suspect in this case. However, Dr. Itoshiki felt uneasy as to it all. Everything has been blown out of proportion. It is as if someone wanted to make it even more of a fuss than it is. Besides, it would be bad for Ocha to kill Diana in such a manner, because naturally, she'd be a suspect. That made Itoshiki think that Ocha isn't the one who did it.

For Zypher and Isabella, on the other hand, there has something to be gained with Diana's death. But, as of this moment, not one of them even did anything to consolidate whatever they gained from Diana's death! Or was it because all of this was spilled to the public that none of them had made their move? Itoshiki wasn't so sure. What he was kinda sure though, is that someone out there gained a lot from this ruckus.