Not Your Typical Wedding Crashers

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  1. beautiful-couple-at-christm.png <----Bride and Groom
    Katie and Eric just got engaged a week ago. The day of the engagement party they invite their close friends together and they introduce everyone. The maid of honor and the best man meet for the first time at this party and things don’t go as smoothly as hoped for. The groom makes a rude joke which she takes too seriously. In the days following and the months leading up to the wedding, the maid of honor and best man are forced together multiple times helping the bride and groom; cake tasting, trying on clothing, entertainment auditions, ect. They argue often when together over the slightest things.

    Perhaps their fighting could lead to the break up of the bride and groom or they destroy a key element in the wedding and have to work together to fix it. or perhaps they start growing attached to one another one way or the other.

    This can be FXM FXF and MXM I have slightly altered versions in mind for each :)

    Maybe high school enemies?

    What I need in a partner is someone that won't mind if I get caught up in life a lot and wont hold grudges for random periods of absences.
    I'm pretty flexible in my writing usually can do 1-3 paragraphs and more if I'm feeling particularly into the details.

    So if your interested I would love to hear some ideas of your own to add to this plot :)
  2. intrested
  3. Wonderful :) so what gender pair will we be playing?
    Should I assume FXM?
    and also what do you think of character sheets, yes or no?
    Also do you have anything in mind you would like to add to the plot :)
  4. actually it dosent matter if mxm or mxf we can do which ever one that suits you ( Im trying to be a more flexable writer)
  5. Well lets do MXF :) because I already have a lovely chicky in mind :) I'll go make up a thread for our bio and start if you don't mind :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.