Not Your Slave

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  1. I stepped lightly. My eyes focused on the ground, picking out the bodies that littered the ground. I avoided looking at faces, most of which I knew.
    The pain in my hand grew more obvious as the skin over my knuckles healed excruciatingly slow.
    Having cleared the field of bodies, a voice boomed in my head, making my knees buckle.
    'Well done, my killer.' I cringed at the name. Pet name if you would believe it. 'You have grown up well.'
    "Well. I'm done. I won't kill for you anymore!" I shouted at the sky, where there was a camera that followed me around. Everyone else called it Mars. I called it evil.
    A deep chuckle resonated all around me, goosebumps ran along my arms and shoulders. 'You were given to me. You're parents gave you up.' He said. I felt a prickle at the back of my mind, a sort of memory that was there but just out of reach.
    "They would never do that." I said, looking at my hands, watching as they healed.
    'Oh.' He replied, amusement in his voice. 'But they did. Otherwise you wouldn't be my little killer, now would you?'
    I had to agree there, but his words just sounded like lies. I bit back a reply, wiping my hands on my pants as I stood up.
    "Well, I'm done. That was my last killing. Eighteen years is enough for me." I took something out of my pocket, something a boy had given to me. Something He didn't know about.
    Another chuckle that turned into a laugh. 'You'll never escape me. I'll always find you. You're mine.' Somewhere in there, he had lost his humor and was mad. He growled that I was his.
    "I'm yours?" I said, feeling my anger rising.
    'Yes you are. I raised you.'
    "Ah." I said, keeping my anger in check by mentally recalling all the experiments done on me. All at his hands. I took a deep breath. "If by raised you really mean was beaten until I was able to defend myself, then 'taught' how to kill people, then yes. But that is not my definition of 'raised'."
    'Oh? Then what is your definition?'
    I shrugged, positioning the small talisman type thing behind my back. "That's what I plan on figuring out, though." I said with a huge smirk and then hit the button.
    Everything went black, then white, then red. My head felt like it was about to explode and my knuckles broke open again. Blood flowed against the white and black, not showing on the red other than a sticky substance.