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  1. Setting: Fallen Academy, a school for everyone no matter what your race, is about to begin a new semester. Humans, demons, witches, and all beings alike have begun to gather on the campus to attend this interesting school. As predictable, a school designed to house so many different races and allow them to co-exist peacefully may prove to be a challenge. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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    [​IMG]Approaching the front gates to Fallen Academy, Sekran allows a heavy sigh to escape his pursed lips. Glancing over his shoulder, he peers down at the two puppets that have been following him around for years. To those who have never met these puppets, they merely appear to be two small boys; one a blind blonde boy and the other his dark-haired twin. But their creator, Sekran, knows these two seemingly harmless boys are much more than they seem. For only his clan of puppet masters are aware of how they were created.

    With Sekran leading the way, the three venture onto the campus.The young puppet master remains vigilant, studying the many faces and beings surrounding him. His hands tighten into tightly curled fists. As if instinctively, the man leads his puppets over to the base of a tree. Letting out yet another sigh, Sekran leans casually against the tree's trunk. "
    Such a dreadfully boring place. What an epic waste of my time." He remarks coldly to himself while continuing to scan the premises; no familiar faces in sight.
  2. Ami walked into the front gates of the Fallen Academy. SHe had decided to go here because of the vast races allowed in. She being a witch, and all, was happilly walking in.
    A sparkled dust swirled aroun her body. She was excited. She wanted to tease alot of people, play pranks, and have alot of fun.
    She delightfully skipped on the concrete leading the way in.
    She looked left and right seeing many other students.
    Though, her eyes fell on one particular guy.
    He had black hair and two small boys beside him.
    She pondered on whether she should go and say hi, but wasn't sure.
    Quickly she opened her pouch of potions and sipped a purple one by the name of "Careful and Courageous."
    With her new bound confidence, she seemed to float over to teh boy.
    "Hiya!" She smiled.
  3. [​IMG]
    Sekran's crimson eyes stare straight into the girl's own curiously. "Hello" He murmurs hesitantly, unsure whether or not it was in his best interest to speak with her or not. Shrugging off his many thoughts, he looks the girl over briefly and smirks. "Now, what does a cute like yourself hope to gain by conversing with someone like myself?" Sekran asks. Beside him, the puppets fidget slightly; obviously uncomfortable in their present situation. Paying no mind to the boys, he discreetly places a hand on the hilt of his blade, preparing himself for anything that may or may not happen next. Unable to ignore the thoughts swirling around in his mind, Sekran silently wonders what this girl may want with him; knowing full well that no one has ever bothered to approach him before. What a curious person.
  4. The boy spoke back! she thought!
    She suddenly wanted to crawl inside a hole and hide. THis was no the time to be shy again, she thought.
    "Now, what does a cute like yourself hope to gain by conversing with someone like myself," he had said.
    SHe thought for a minute and a reply that made her smile flew off her lips, "A friend!!!"
    SHe grinned. He was handsome, and mysterious, and gentemaly. SHe would love a new friend, too!
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    Sekran raises a single thin eyebrow and his loosens its grasp on the blade. "Such an odd girl indeed. But if a friend is what your looking for, shouldn't the customary thing be to offer your own name before I give mine?" He asks slyly. As if to reinforce their master's words, the two puppets nod furiously. 'No harm in being friendly I guess' The puppet master remarks to himself silently. 'How interesting itwould be to have a friend.'

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  6. Ami gasped. How stupid could she be? She didn't even introduce herself.
    She bowed quickly, then looking up flustered she said, "I'm Ami! I'm a witch!"
    She proudly displayed her powers by creating a sparkly pink mist around her body.
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    Sekran snickers softly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Ami. My name Sekran. I'm a puppet master. I won't be offended if you've never heard of my people. We're a relatively small clan that keeps to themselves." He says, placing a fisted hand over is heart and giving a slight bow. The two puppets give a slight wave as if to be animated proof of the man's abilities. At this point, Sekran's hand falls from the hilt of his sword and hangs beside his lean body. A cock smirk lays faint upon his soft lips while he gazes curiously at the young witch before him.
  8. As Chronus arrives at the gates he smiles. "Perfect!" he said to himself. "I hope this place benefits me," He walks through the gates immediately looking for friends. He twists a gear in his right fore arm then notices a cool, lean looking guy talking to a girl. "ooo blades" Chronus said to himself. "Upgrade time. Hope this guy has more of those." Walks straight up to to him and the girl and sort of interrupts. "Uh, hi there. My name's Chronus. Uh Steampunk cyborg." He smiles at the pair. "Nice to meet you."
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    Dev, or Devvy (to closer friends), may not look like much. Honestly though, she's quite intelligent as well as being a vampire. She likes the darker styles, but is really quite a nice person.

    Today, she was starting off at a new school. A school where she, and other creatures, would be accepted. Thankfully, she has a ring on which protects her from the sunlight, so she can go to school at the same time as the others.

    Dev stepped up to the new school and stood outside of the main doors for a moment. She took a deep breath and entered, looking around the hallways. There were already a lot of people there.
  10. Aerie.jpg

    A slender figure approached the tall gates of the academy. Her head lowered, and headphones in her ears. This was a school for all races of creatures, and she, being a human, was one of the weaker species. She was completely aware of that fact. Aerie's head tilted forward, her light brown her hiding the sides of her face, and the hood of her drug rug was pulled up over her head. Her thumbs wrapped loosely around the belt loop of her jeans as she walked forward steadily. Her brown, knee-high, leather boots clicked against the cement of the sidewalk as she entered the campus. Glancing up quickly, Aerie spotted a few other students mingling. She bit her lip nervously, she wasn't exactly the best at making friends. She was shy, and if anything, someone else had to make the move in order to befriend her.

    Aerie rolled her shoulders back, trying to relax. Her shoulder bag bumped against her hip as she walked. Her pale blue eyes glanced around the campus again. There was nothing really of interest to her, and since her first period class wasn't for another 30 minutes she resigned herself to sitting on a wooden bench. She pulled her ipod out of her pocket and flicked through the songs. Selecting one that she liked, she leaned back on the bench and closed her eyes. She was not opposed to possibly dozing off a bit before the bell rang for her class.
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    Sekran's eyes flicker over to the new comer. "Chronus? Interesting name. I'm Sekran. A puppet master nonetheless." He says, with a slight nod. Glancing around the surrounding area for a moment, he notices two other note-worthy girls enter the campus; a curious one who rushed inside and another who took a seat on a nearby bench. Sekran cocks his head to the side for a moment before shaking it and returning his attention to the two before him. In normal circumstances, he'd have just walked away but today being rude isn't on his agenda.
  13. Chronus literally couldn't help but stare at Sekron's blade. "Hey man. I have a question for you. Where did you get that blade of yours?" Chronus started to day dream about having such a blade built into his system. He almost forgot about the girl next to him. 'Oh I really need that blade!' He thought to himself. He took his goggles off of his silver skin and blue eyes, then rested on his blue hair. " man," he said to Sekran.
  14. [​IMG]
    The corners of Sekran's mouth turn up ever-so-slightly. "It's one of a kind. I made it in fact... The hilt is just the standard. I bought it at a thrift shop. Just the blade is hand crafted. Its made out of bones from both humans and demons. I fused the bone with steal so it won't brake as easily. My sword's sheath is of human bone." Sekran explains. He, too, had forgotten Ami was there for a brief moment.Clearing his thoughts, Sekran scowls. "In other words, you can't have it.​"
  15. Chronus looks up at Sekran and slowly slides his goggles back on. "That's....nice." Backs up a little then turns to the girl. "Hi there." makes a quick glimpse at Sekran then back to the girl. He nervously let's a sentence out of his mouth. " don't have any creepy devices do you?" He lets out a nervous laugh.
  16. Melody walked through the gates she was wearing her white dress which made her look almost angelic with her white hair and blue eyes "sister come on i dont want us to be late for the first day." her sister megan walked behind her the complete opposite of her sister she was wearing black everything from her black thigh high boots and black miniskirt to a black corset heck she even had black hair, she looked like a dominatrix "oh sure dont want to be late or anything not like we wont be here for awhile." Megan sighed and walked past her sister and bent down to pull her smokes out of her boot, putting one in her mouth she snapped her finger and instantly her finger caught fire "you are the one who has the class lineup why dont you tell us whats first." She lit her cig while melody did a fake overdramatic cough and then looked at the folder she was given "it says we have a little while longer till class." She was about to say more when Megan started on her yelling "we have time to spare then why did you wake me up at this ungodly hour and make me hurry up if we still have time." Melody looked at her sister "because if i wouldnt have done this you would be late like always and then i get yelled at because for some reason they think im your keeper." Megan started to walk away "like you could control me." Walking away from her sister Megan finally decided it would be a good time to rest so she found a bench it had someone on it but that didnt mean she still couldnt sit. Sitting down she instantly leaned her head back and closed her eyes "freaking sun how you give me such a headache." Melody started to walk but then found out she had no idea where to go and since she knew nobody but her sister she just stood still not sure what to do.
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    A small chuckle slides through Sekran's parted lips. He turns to face his puppets and bends down to speak into their tiny ears. "Such an interesting person he is. Sees my sword and thinks it's the only weapon we carry. How humorous." His voice just loud enough to be heard by all of those around him, Sekran makes it a point to speak clearly and enunciate each vowel. Straightening, Sekran turns once more and leans back against the cool bark of the tree. A slight breeze ruffles his jet black hair, blowing it askew. Peering up through the tree's branches, Sekran catches the sun's rays in his eyes. Blinking several times, he sighs. "Interesting how the sun can be so bright at such an early hour.​" Sekran remarks softly to himself.
  18. "Ugh. It smells disgusting in here," Vern muttered as he pushed his way between people. Everyone was so different to what he was used to; abnormals left right and centre. There was hardly a regular person in range, althought he could sense a few wisps of confusion which would probably be coming from the regular humans who had somehow managed to muddle their way into this school.

    The smell he was referring to was not the conventional scent: Rather, it was his term for the sensory input he and (as far as he knew) only he received when around people. He could 'smell' their emotions, almost like an animal. Another branch off of the ever growing tree that was his psychic power. His form was sleek, aerodynamic and fairly unobtrusive -- a lean body with average height was what greeted the eyes when one looked at Vern, a few brown bangs hanging across his forehead but none getting to his face. Indeed his hair looked subtly yet carefully sculpted, as if designed to be a tufty mess yet not get in the way of his eyes.

    Too many scents to follow at once, and too much information. It was no wonder that Vern strode headlong into Dev after squeezing between a couple of people with horns.

    "Ah. Sorry about that," he apologised, sorting himself out as he looked at Dev. Certainly an interesting one he had stumbled across, unlike most of the others here. "If I'm not mistaken, you're a... vampire, yes? How exactly are you walking around in the day? I thought vampires were known for being just a tad sensitive to sunlight."
  19. Chronus notices the ring of the bell for his class to start. Oh how he hated class bells. He ran at a fast speed that almost made him a blur completely abandoning the group he was with. He wanted to hurry to class so he didn't have to hear anymore of that horrible noise. He ran into the class room, books flying, desks shuttering. He halted to a dramatic stop bringing up few floor boards. He slides his goggles up onto his long blue hair once again as he looks around the class room, waving at the students who were already there.

    "Oh hi. heh.... sorry about the uh, disturbance. Forgive me." Chronus sits down taking his seat a little embarrassed. He sinks down into his seat with shifty eyes, wanting the teacher to hurry up and walk through the doors so the heavy attention would be lifted off of him.
  20. Keeping to the shadows, a girl with noticeably bright red hair edged her way through the school gates, creeping around the wall to avoid being spotted. Due to her passed incidents in human schools, she found that she became popular quickly, but in a negative way. Her hair stuck out where ever she went and she found it hard to keep to peaceful invisability. She coul always have dyed it, but she stood proud of her luscious hair and its bright colour, despite any name calling that was thrown her way. As she edged into the schools yard, she realised that it was very crowded, full of bustling new students, and they were all very unique. She sighed and smiled at her own daft behavior ~Ofcourse, this isn't an ordinary high school. My hair is probably the least of things to gain an audience.~ The girl had a strange beauty to her, bright red hair but she had silvery cat like eyes and a tanned complexion. The frame of her face and body was like a porcelain dolls, delicate, and she was only a little creature. She slowly crept out from her shadowy path and then stood up straight and walked confidently, only to then hear a bell, as the students began to rush inside, she got caught up in a flock of hurreying students. Having a problem with crowds, she fought her way out, only to land herself in a heap on the floor, her covering her face. She blew the bright red bangs from her eyes and smiled to herself again.