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  1. Okay, so I have this idea floating around in my head that's been there for entirely too long, and that I want to get out and make a roleplay out of.
    The problem is I'm not sure exactly where to go with the plot. I can make it basic for a small group or more elaborate for a larger group...It just depends on how much interest the idea generates.

    So I'm going to post the back story and a little bit of information about the basis of the plot-line to see if anyone's even interested in this idea.

    Back Story -

    Azielia was said to be one of God's most beautiful and devoted angels. Any man who saw her was said to fall in love with her at first sight. Even other gods lusted after her, but no one expected she would ever fall from grace.

    Everyone knows of the rivalry between Zeus and Hades. It's literally the stuff of legends. Neither can stand to see the other one happy, especially if it means the other got something that they wanted.

    Zeus fell in love with the angel Azielia and decided to attempt to woo, and possibly seduce, her. Hades heard of his brother's intentions and, being against anything that might make his brother happy, decided that he, too, would attempt to woo and seduce the lovely little angel.

    The two fought over her and used their best tricks to seduce the poor girl, but in the end it was Hades who won. He used his dark charm to woo and seduce Azielia, and it wasn't long after that the angel became pregnant with his off-spring.

    Of course this started a chain of events that would turn the poor angel's life up-side-down in a matter of days. Angels were forbidden to have sex, and for one to cross that line and end up pregnant was even worse. Not to mention that she was pregnant with a Greek god's offspring and that particular god was the ruler of the underworld.

    Azielia fell from grace and was sent to live in the human world, her wings clipped. Hades, having only seduced the poor angel to circumvent his brother's happiness, did nothing to help make her feel better about what had happened. Instead he made things worse by calling her a whore and claiming that there was no way the baby was his. From that day, until she died many years later, Azielia prayed and begged for forgiveness from God.

    The day came when she went into labor. It was long, excruciating, shocking, and almost a death sentence for poor Azielia. She gave birth to five children; three boys and two girls. Then, as if she hadn't gone through enough, she found herself facing most of the Olympian gods. They had come to bind her children's' powers and take them from her, they said. A prophecy had been made by their fates that the children would bring about the apocalypse; four of them being destined to become the horsemen, and one being the key to their transformations.

    With their powers sealed, the gods took them to different city-states in Greece and fitted them with families wanting children of their own, but thus far having no luck. Each babe was named for one of five rivers of the Greek underworld.

    Styx was the first born, and a baby girl. She was given to a young Spartan general and his new wife. Acheron was second, and a boy. He was given to a peasant family in Corinth. Cocytus was the third born, and another boy. He was given to a royal Athenian family. Phlegethon was the fourth child and last boy. He was given to a potter's family in Argos. Lethe was the last born child and the only other girl. She was given to a royal family in Megara. Though they were raised apart, and their powers were bound as babes, the siblings always knew that the other's exited. Whether it was because some part of who they were shone around their bound powers, or because they had shared a womb for nine months remains uncertain.

    Basic information on the plot-line :

    The children were born in ancient Greece, but the roleplay is going to take place in modern times. (Sorry if that throws some of you off.)

    At some point in the roleplay a major event will happen that will unlock their powers. (I won't say if their powers being unlocked will start the transformation to what they really are just yet.)

    There is *one* thing that can prevent them from turning into the horsemen, but only one character will have that knowledge on an I.C. level, and only myself and the person playing that character will know on an O.O.C. level.

    Depending on the level of interest this idea generates, the siblings may or may not already know one another at the beginning of the roleplay.

    I need a minimum of, say 6, roleplayers (other than myself) who only want to play single characters or 4 players who are willing to play two or more characters to start the roleplay with the smaller plot-line.. And say 10 roleplayers who only want single characters or 6 players who are willing/wanting to play two or more characters to go for the larger plot-line.

    I know it seems like I'm asking a lot, but I need to make sure at least the main characters are all covered without having to play 6 or more characters by myself.

    One another note, as far as the horsmen go; the siblings are the horsemen as follows:
    Styx is War
    Acheron is Death
    Cocytus is Pestilence
    Lethe is Famine
    And Phlegethon is known as the "key".
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