PARTNER REQUEST Not what it seems (MxF)

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  1. Got an interesting idea in mind and I'm looking for someone to play a male character for this. The idea I have is below, PM me if you are interested or have any questions!

    Falling for someone is easy, specially if they are a really gorgeous woman, but the line gets frayed when they lie about what they do for a living, and then end up being hired by your boss who owns the nightclub you bartend at. So what happens when the woman he has a relationship with and if falling madly in love with ends up being a bounty hunter and assassin, who lied about being a paper pushes. Sure things get a little akward when while waiting for a target to show up, she manages to take down a wanted criminal in front of her lover.
  2. Welp then, that sounds interesting enough! I actually have a character with his own little secrets! His name is Jonas, and he's a prince.(We could say he's the prince of a more modern country, if you like, and maybe he's out on vacation or something. Denmark, England, up to you..:/) And...well, I promise I didn't know about the Prince and Me movies until AFTER I made this character, because I told my dad about this character and my dad told me about the Prince and Me movies. So, no, it's not inspired by them. It just seems like it. >.>

    He likes to run away from his castle and work as a bartender. Lucky him! He meets you, and you lie about yourself, while he's lying about himself. Added twist.

  3. I Love it!! Pm me!