Not So Prince Charming

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    Name: Anna Taine
    Age: 17
    History: Anna is the youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Argon. She was raised to be a well mannered Princess and to do her duty, but of course she is young and loves to have fun. She is sweet of nature and is kind to all she meets.

    Plot:There has been war with Argon and their neighboring state for years, but the country is tired of the war and so peace is started and the King of the enemy state comes to the place and along with him comes his son. The son is one of the best worriers and has a cold nature and some say he has no heart and has never loved anyone and all he cares about it killing and bloodshed and many are scared of him. (Or maybe he is the King...I will let you decide.)

    Anna however catches his eye with her beauty and she is kind and sweet to him and he finds himself starting to fall for her charm. However her father doesn't want to give his beloved daughter to what he sees as a barbarian and Anna listens to her father. This of course angers the prince and he wants Anna at any cost and so he decides he will kidnap her and force her into marrying him, which brakes the peace talks and all hell brakes lose.

    Or maybe the enemy agrees to 'peace' talks but in truth comes to kidnap one of the royal family members to hold hostage to get their way, and the prince/king decide to kidnap Anna and hold her as the hostage. But the prince/king falls for her and decides he will just marry her and go to war instead.

    Now the prince doesn't have to be human, he can be anything and have powers if you so wish. If you are interested message me here or P.M me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.