Not So Peace Treaty

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  1. Sion woke up early that morning. He sat up and stretched before getting up and throwing some clothes on. He put his sword across his waist before leaving his room.

    A knight walked up to him as he closed his door. "Sir. His Highness has summoned you." Sion nods. "Very well. Please let him know I'll be there after I eat." The knight bows and walks off.
  2. The grand palace shined in the morning light and towered over the capital city of Lunes, Aeria, home of the most extravagant luxuries and receptions. The entire city was the color of pearl white, which illuminated blue during the night due to the magic inscriptions to keep the stone durable but yet beautiful. The palace itself was a master of artwork, the towers stood higher than anything in sight to compare and it was certainly looking more lively than ever before.

    Yin watched the knights practice their daily sword techniques with one another in the back courtyard, which was hidden well by the tall evergreen trees. Her brown eyes glimmered as she followed the swinging and clinking of the swords and she couldn't help but feel awed. The way that they moved so fluidly while carrying such a heavy weapon, made her wonder how it was possible such strength could exist. She narrowed her eyes as she watched a knight fall to the ground. Clumsily, he stammered over and bowed his head to her as he stood up. "I.. I'm so sorry..Princess Yin, I will do better to entertain you. Please. Forgive us and our terrible execution."

    She nodded and waved them off, as a sign to continue. "I see." She thought to herself. "In my presence, they're even nervous while engaged in something that is dire for them to master." She frowned, unhappy that she came to that conclusion though unfortunately, it rang truthfully whether she liked it or not. Interrupted in her thoughts, a maid servant came up to her, her eyes down like any other and bowed deeply to Yin. "Princess Yin, your father wishes to see you at once. Please come to the throne room." The servant bowed again and moved to the side to let Yin pass. Yin held back a sigh, unsure of what her father wished from her now, but she had a sickening feeling that it wasn't something pleasant. Without any moment more of hesitation, she bid the knights farewell and thanked them for their company, and began to head to the throne room with questions that bounced around in her mind.
  3. Sion finished eating quickly and hurried to the throne room. As he walks in the king motions for him to come closer. He kneels as he approaches.

    "Your Majesty. What do you wish of me?" The king smiles. "Please rise Sion. I will tell you once my daughter is here."
  4. William, the royal pet and knight sat quietly at the king's side as a large hound. He panted and wagged his tail, before turning into a cat and hopping onto the king's lap. William didn't know what was going on either. He waited for the princess to enter. He nodded at Sion as if he to say hello. Sion was a really good friend of his. They were always training together, hanging together, etc. It was William and Sion against the world sometimes. William hopped out of the king's lap and back to his side. He turned back to his human form and leaned against wall waiting for the princess.
  5. Sion looked over at William and smiled. "Sup man. Did you get summoned here too?" He leans against a wall too.
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    "Yeah I was. Same reason as you bro," William said. He waited patiently for the princess. "Any idea where she is?"
  7. Her head was held high and she straightened her back more as she entered the room. The guards automatically bowed deeply to her as she passed them, her dress flowing and following her every movement. She observed that Sion was present, the knight she had heard many rumors about and William, her father's companion whose presence he's always enjoyed. Though for the reason, she wasn't necessarily sure. She liked the idea of a shape shifter in their midst but being so close to her father, it only made her wary. Other than that, she trusted her fathers' decision and for now, kept her opinions to herself.

    When she reached the king, she gathered the sides of her dress and bowed deeply to her father. He smiled at her, obviously happy by her presence. She did not return the smile but instead spoke, her voice trickling in curiosity but her words formal and cold. "My dearest King, what reason is that you brought us here, to stand in your eminence so early in the day?" She kept her eyes down, making sure not to make any eye contact but she glanced at Sion who was beside her. Her suspicions for the reason they were called for began to wonder inside her mind and she couldn't help but think of all the possibilities.
  8. The king spoke loudly and clearly. "I have called you here to tell you that you're getting married. In order to make peace with our neighbors you are to wed their prince. I am sending Sion and William..." He looks at the two of them before continuing. "...As guards for your journey as there are those who do not want peace."
  9. William stole a priceless glance at the beautiful princess as she bowed. He smiled a little as he bowed himself. He looked back down onto the marble floor and waited for the news.
  10. Yin tried hard to keep her countenance as she heard the announcement. "Marriage? Of course, as I'd expected.. The Kingdom of Thalse would only want marriage if to keep the peace. That way, if I ever had a child with their prince.. " She stopped her thoughts and looked up. "When will we depart?" She asked of the King. Yin didn't like that she was only being escorted by the two but she was sure her father had a reason being so.

    The Kingdom of Thalse and the Kingdom of Lunes were always on edge, but their fighting must be dire especially now that an arranged marriage was necessary. That must mean, the brink of war was on the line. Yin should have known this was inevitable, considering her father's actions throughout the years of instigating the other side, trying to take back the land that their ancestors have left for them. He was greedy and some would even call him a crook king, who used the taxes often for his own personal expenses. Yin found it unfortunate that she will have to be wed over to a different kingdom rather than taking the throne. She disliked the fact the kingdom would still be left in her fathers' hands.
  11. Sion bows as the princess enters. Although he never said it, he'd had feelings for her for a while. He listens carefully as he hears the news.
  12. The king looked at her. "As soon as you've gathered what you need. You may go." Sion looked down a bit before bowing. "I'll meet you at the gate Milady." He heads to his room and starts getting some stuff together. He looks over at his father's sword. He sighs, putting his sword in his bag and putting his father's across his waist.
  13. Married to who!?!?! William thought. His mood dropped quickly. William and Sion had both had feelings for her...hell they used to compete and make bets to see who could get her first. It seems like all that is over now. He growled silently and glance at Sion. He gave him a look saying he was just as upset that he was. He sighed silently then clenched his jaw. William didn't need anything, but himself, so he simply waited for Sion. The disappointment he felt was unbearable. He was almost positive he was going to tear that prince to shreds. Hopefully Sion would hold him back if he didn't have the same idea.
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  14. Silently, she nodded and bowed once again. As much as she'd like to refuse, it wasn't in her right to do so. After all, her father was still a king despite how she saw him. Like Sion, she left the throne room immediately and headed up the spiral stairs to her room. The maid bowed to her upon her entrance and her belongings were already packed. Yin frowned a bit and waved the maid away, a sign for her to take her bags down and to put them into the carriage. She sighed to herself and went over to her dresser and grabbed a small locket. It was rusting away on the edges and you can see clearly it was poorly made. This was a gift from a very kind gardener, the only person in the world who treated her as she had wanted him to when she was young, like a child. It was an odd sentiment but this was the only thing that reminded her that she was just like everyone else.

    Yin frowned and put the locket around her neck. The journey was going to be long and she had no time to continue pondering on such trivial things. She turned back towards the door and opened it. She paused a bit and glanced back, her eyes narrowed and then she turned away. This was the last time she will be seeing her room and the feeling of emptiness seemed to slowly grow inside her. She began heading towards the stairs and down them, where she was greeted by a few guards who escorted her out of the castle. Her eyes squinted from the bright light and she looked at the carriage before her, a feeling of anxiety rushing through her as she stepped into it and comfortably sat down on the soft velvet seats. She looked out the window and waited patiently for Sion and William to finish their packing as well.
  15. It didn't take long to Sion to follow suit. He sat across from the princess and sighed. "I'm sorry about all this Milady."
  16. Yin was surprised that Sion was speaking to her but she made no eye contact with him. She only nodded toward him, feeling a bit nervous now. She grew up being alone and separated by others and having someone talk to her about something other than matters concerning politics and the throne, was uncomfortable. Then again, she was always over thinking things and she probably was taking this all out of proportion. "I need to respond. What use am I if I can't even carry on a conversation?" She scolded to herself in her head.

    She leaned against the board and plainly placed her pale hands on her thighs, her fingers interlaced between one another. She eyed Sion before she spoke and thought about how he looked like his father. Which reminded her how fortunate she didn't look like her own, it sure would have been a strange sight. "There is no need to apologize Sir Sion. You are doing what the King has requested which is to be my guardian on this long journey. I do expect your skills must be the best in the guard, considering that my father only chose you and Sir William to accompany me. " She looked away and stared back out towards the window. "We shall only hope that should be enough." There were many enemies of the Pavli family and it didn't help her father was a brute with his power. If any of them caught wind that the only heir to the throne was leaving the kingdom, Yin will be the first hunted and possibly killed in the process. She dreaded the possibility, but she knew it was inevitable. With such great power with a flick of her wrist, of course she would be considered a high threat.
  17. Sion nods. "I learned from the best. Although... please, just Sion. It feels awkward being called sir."
  18. William watched the two converse. "Are we ready to get a move on guys?" he asked the two. "I'm ready to meet this 'Prince' for...reasons I can't exactly say."
  19. Yin fought off a scowl, the way they nonchalantly spoke to her was unnerving. Sadly to say, she wasn't sure if she should be angry at them for their audacity or content that she was being treated normally. She rose her hand up into a fist and knocked on the carriage door lightly, letting the horseman know it was time to go. So he responded, with a whip and a neigh from the horse, the carriage began to sway back and forth as it slowly neared out of the palace gates. Before her curious civilians could peep through the window, she lowered the curtains down. "Now isn't the best time for anyone to know their princess is leaving."

    She glanced over to her two companions and observed them for the small amount of time she could let her eyes linger on them. She hardly knew them personally, only heard rumors of the both of them. Oddly, this was the first time she had been in their presence longer than by a mere greeting. She looked away from them and glanced at her hands. "Marriage?" She thought to herself as her brows furrowed. She wondered if this would help anything, their feud with the Thalse had started to become even more dangerous than ever. Would marriage really be the solution?

    The Prince of Thalse, Lance, was a revered man known for his kindness and vigilance. He was quite attractive, Yin remembered when she had saw him at the ball two summers ago. He had a strong facial structure, which made him appear a bit rugged and on the wild side but his green eyes and charming warm smile is what caught most of the women in the kingdom to swoon for him. On the other hand, despite how tastefully handsome he was, Yin couldn't find any source of emotion to feel when she was with him. It felt like nothingness.

    Yin frowned and looked through the crack of the window to see if they were finally out the city. The green landscape appeared and festering trees began to block her view. It seems that her assumption was correct. Taking in a breath she leaned back and closed her eyes, getting as much rest as much as she can. Marrying Lance was certainly something that will take a while to sink in.
  20. Sion puts his hands behind his head and kicks back. 'May as well get some rest too' he thought to himself.