Not so noble

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  1. Damian woke on his own, the light shining through the cracks of his closed curtains. He sits up and stretches, rubbing his messy hair and looking around. One of the many perks of being a nobleman is being able to wake up at any time of the day. The other, being very very related, is not having to work. He yawns into his hand and turns to his left. He pulls a string suspending from the wall, and throughout the house, a small bell jingles.

    That was the bell for his maid. His maid was part of a family that has served his family, the Cavendish, for generations. The family has produced many well known and famous butlers and maids. The Cavendish and their servants almost go hand in hand in conversation, and had they the desire, the servants could probably become a noble family of their own. However, serving the Cavendish family has become somewhat of a family pride of theirs.

    Damian buries his face back into his pillow. He'll get up when she gets here. There's no reason to sit up and wait.
  2. Sayomi had been sitting in the kitchen, just waiting for a bell to be rung. There wasn't too much to do around this place. She was always bored. She was so different from her family. She disnt like to serve other people. She wanted to just go and explore the world. She just wanted to not have to worry about anybody but herself.

    Sitting there lost in though, the bell rang. She sighed and got up, making her way to her 'masters' room, putting her long black hair in a pony tail.

    When she arrived at the room, she knocked softly and then entered, her bright green eyes looking at him. He was extremely lazy in her eyes. She gave a slight curtsey and then waited for him to say what he wanted.
  3. Damian sits up, having heard Sayomi enter, and rubs his messy blond hair. "You're late," he groans. He looks around groggily and catches his bearings. "What's for breakfast?" he asks mid-yawn. He closes his mouth and shakes the sleep out of his head. "Also, where are my clothes? I need something to change into." He sets his pillow vertically against his headrest and sits up against it.
  4. Sayomi bit her tongue from saying anything. She didn't want to get in trouble, and wanted to keep her family happy. "I'm sorry sir" she said softly. "Today for breakfast is ham, eggs, toast, sausage and whatever else you feel like." She informed him. Even though, if he didn't want it, they would be forced to make something different. "Your clothes are where they always are sir." She told him holding back the bitterness in her voice as she went and pulled him some clothes out of the dresser. She brought them to him, handing the clothes to him.