Not so much new as returning back after being away for two years

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  1. Hello Iwaku community again!
    My name is Lady Luna Ravenswood but, feel free to call me Luna! I have come back (even though I wasn't terribly active on hear before) after a rollercoaster of two years. To sum it up it went; full time working for a theatre company, a horrible relationship that lasted too long (people please know the warning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship!), dropping out of college, and opening up a Card & Game store with my parent's. The card store is amazing and as a Magic nerd it's fun to run tournaments. Anyways! I'm glad to be back especially after much dumb drama happening on RPNation with the update and such. I cannot wait to get to know you all again!
    And rp of course!

    Maybe I should make an rp based on the lore of Magic the Gathering......
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  2. Hey Chica been a while kinda dropped off the face of the planet
  3. yeah.....was a combination of just working my butt of and an ex who thought I was flirting with anyone I talked to online does that to a person sadly
  4. I got you, shit happens bruh. Glad your back though.
  5. Welcome back! :)
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  6. Welcome back ^_^!
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  7. Hi! I think I actually remember you vaguely from your first time on here; your name rings a bell. I know I saw you around somewhere, though I don't think we actually talked. Good to properly meet you now, at any rate. :] I'm Astaroth; welcome back. Let me know if I can do anything to help you get a fresh start.
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  8. thank you all! I am glad I came here instead of dealing with the other site.......*Que generic i have seen things, war movie cliche* the brought out the worst of people man....I saw people who were once helpful be mean.......I saw the nation be torn apart...over an update....

    anyways i love this site! and have already run into a few old friends :)
  9. Welcome back!
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  10. Hello, @Lady Luna Ravenswood, and welcome back ^.^ You may not know it yet but you just enlisted in the bunny army >:{D If you haven't already go ahead and give the rules a once over, and if something on the site stumps you, we also have a nifty Help section ^.^ This is where you'll find the FAQ, and within the FAQ a list of Roleplay Tags, a list of the site's bbcodes, a link to the staff roster, and other insightful things. But if you can't find an answer to your question, need clarification, or found a bug, the Help Desk might be more your cup of tea.

    As a roleplayer, new or otherwise, you're always looking for ways to improve your craft and one of Iwaku's many goals is to help you with this :D Thus the Content page! Here you'll find forums dedicated to Roleplay Guides and places for users to commission and display their own works ^.^ But if you're more worried about actually roleplaying or need a place to start, we have the Roleplay Search page :) This is where you'll find Interest Checking and Creation where Game Masters posts interests check for their future roleplays and plot future roleplays (this where you're magic gathering Roleplay would go if you want to measure the amount of interest beforehand). Roleplay Advertisement is where Game Masters advertise their running group, dice, or jump-in roleplays. But if you're a Game Master looking for players, there's always the Seeking Group Invites forum. This will allow you to browse users looking for group roleplays to join and snag them up for yourself! Last but not least is the Seeking One x One partners. If group roleplays are too main stream for you, set up shop here and look for someone of similar interests ^.^

    If you're wondering who I am, I am but only one of Iwaku's many staff members :D As the banner says, I'm part of the Community Maintenance branch and my job is to make sure all roleplays have their correct tags and prefixes, archive dead threads, and fix whatever you brake :3 Other branches of Staff include the Security team, the users who make sure you aren't up to anything questionable, and the Content team, the users who make sure you're never bored!

    I hope to see you around the forums and may the muse be with you =^.^=

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  11. Welcome back to the hoard. >:2
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  12. Welcome back ^_^
    My brother's been trying to teach me Magic, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at it.
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