not so innocent, murderous, cinderella.

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  1. Cinderella's father died and she was forced to live with her step mom along with her two step sisters. Oh what could she do? Poor cinderella was made into a the house maid. Or at least the step mother and the step sister tried to turn her into one. This is not a story about timid, young, and weak cinderella. The step mother had an accident. She fell down the long flight of stairs. Oh but that did not kill her, no. What killed her was the steel knife, plunged up her neck to her brain. How foolish of her to hold a knife while walking around the house.

    The sisters was placed in an orphanage. Their wealth will be theirs to use once they turn eighteen. Oh how much wealth will one have when devided by three? Unfortunately, another step sister of cinderella died in the orphanage. Apparently, she fell into the big pot of hot sticky stew in her duty of cooking that day. Poor Cinderella saw what happened herself. She saw to it... Now, only two was left. Two sisters. Cinderella, and the other one.

    Cinderella's step sister, the one who was still alive, fell into despair. She missed her dead mother and dead sister. Dark arts she turned to and necromancy was the answer. The two member of her family was resurrected for one day. They could live longer but the life of the one who killed them was the ingredient for the spell.

    It was the day of the grand ball. It was the day of revenge.

    On that day, a sorceress came to visit cinderella. Her breasts was round and large, her body was shaped like an hour glass, and her tight black attire lack cloth. She came to aid cinderella with her trouble that is coming. The trouble of zombies. If her dead step family is to bother her tonight, it would be difficult for her to woo the prince. All three of her step family would have to die, once and for all. She have time until midnight to kill them with her magicked diamond stilettos.

    ... what the dong ke dongdong did I wrote? This isn't an interest check! XD
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  2. If anyone reads this thread, all of it, then great. Does anyone want to roleplay this? The step family trying to murder cinderella on her way to the grand ball, wearing her magicked diamond stiletto heels, prepared for the zombies attack, with the sorceress hiding in the shadows to back her up... ? The prince might show up and join the fight. Who knows... its a roleplay. The rest is still unwritten.
  3. Sounds interesting. Count me in
  4. Are you sure? Who do you want to be?