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  1. Having a therapist was amazingly dull. And especially Mr Greene. Waffling on about my 'problems', and this voice didn't exist. I mean really! Of course it's real! What else made me...hurt those people? With a shove to his glasses, the therapist leaned back in his chair as he looked at me- his face a reflection of his frustration.
    "Please...Wysteria, if you would spend one moment talking to me and not building a card tower on my desk- I would be extremely grateful." Leaning backwards so I could look at him- I frowned. What good would that do me?
    With a wave of my hand, I continued to stack the cards- while reading the files he had on his desk. He really wasn't that perceptive, was he? Several files of the patients here at the Institution. Lyra Amoro...Allen Krieger...Travis Walker...and Mio Coarizake...why did those names stand out more then the rest?
    Found something interesting partner?
    Ignoring the psychotic voice, I placed another pair upon the tower. I wonder...who are they?
  2. I fidgeted in my seat and looked upon the bookshelfs and certificates on the wall, trying to divert my attention away from Mr.Harkinson. He shuffled through a pile of papers and scrawled accross some of them occasionally. "Okay Travis, so heres the thing..." He looked back up folded his hands on his desk, clearing his throat to get my attention. I looked up, trying to keep the wetness out of my eyes. I was embarrassed, scared, and incredibly nervous. If it was Wane here instead, he'd probably be handling this interrogation better, albeit more mischieviously. Wane, the bane of my existence, he's the reason I'm here. As if seeing "monsters" all my life wasn't enough, well, now with Wane around I've come to know these things aren't monsters but something much darker.

    Okay, so I'm overreacting, Mr. Harkinson is not interrogating me since he's real gentle with his voice and careful with his choice of words. "Alright, so I've double checked your files, and I approve of sending you to the mental institution to get some help, alright?" I merely looked down at my feet and nodded, in other words I'll be going to the insane asylum. I blinked quickly to keep myself from crying like a big baby. If anything, Wane belonged there, not me. "Okay Travis, that is all for today, Please be a moment while I talk to someone real quick, then you may go". He got up stiffly and left the office".

    Travis, it was weird being called that. I had been so messed up recently people started calling me the messed up version of my name: Sivart Recklaw. Even my parents began to call me that. At first I nearly cried every time someone called me that, but now the name is cemented as a part of me. I sighed "Well Wane, thanks for everything" I muttered sarcastically. Wane could hear and see everything I did, but he didn't have control of my body right now, luckily. That was another thing that made me labeled insane, I would talk to myself, speaking to the other person inside me. Wane would do the same thing.

    I continued to kick my feet against the desk and fiddle with a pen on the desk waiting to get whatever was supposed to happen over with.
  3. "Allen Krieger?" A voice asks over the intercom.
    "Reno." I reply calmly, "Come on in. I'm not going to bite."
    The door unlocks and my therapist walks in. Mrs. Greene glances me over and writes a few notes on her pad. She flips through to a new page and asks me some typical questions. 'How are you? How well are you sleeping? Any issues you want to talk about?' I give my usually answers. I then hear the voice again. My demon friend is sitting on the windowsill behind Mrs. Greene.
    "Hello Mrs. Greene. How nice of you to drop by." The demon casually laughs.
    "Mrs. Greene, may I have a moment to use my bathroom?" I ask her.
    I stand up and walk into my bathroom and shut the door.
    "Why are you here?" I ask the demon as quietly as possibly.
    "I have been travelling around and there are a few others in the facility who are talking to demons. Maybe you'd like to meet them."
    "That's it? That is the only reason you are here?" I scowl.
    "For now. Mind if I stay for a bit?"
    "You know the price to stay is a sparing session."
    "Allen isn't going to pop up?"
    "He is out for a while. Let me finish up the conversation with Mrs. Greene."
    (Five minutes later)
    "Thank you for stopping by Mrs. Greene. Tell Mr Greene that both Allen and I say hello and look forward to seeing him."
    "Your welcome and I will Reno."
  4. Lyra's metallic-colored eyes fluttered open slowly and lazily. Finally, the sedatives had begun to wear off. She was conscious again. But the straitjacket was still holding her back, she realized. Immediately, tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked around. She was still locked up in solitary.

    It wasn't her fault that she'd snapped. Normally she was such a quiet girl, never one to get into fights, much less lash out at others for no reason. But it wasn't her fault. It couldn't have been. It was the demons, they were messing with her head, telling her to do things she didn't want to do, and what could she do but scream at them, tell them to leave her alone? She'd lashed out at the devils with whatever she could get her hands on - books, scalpels, scissors, anything - and that was the final straw for the staff. They'd deemed her dangerous, knocked her out, and locked her up. Now she was stuck in this miserable padded room.

    Why had she done those horrible things? They weren't like her at all, and she knew it. And she fiercely regretted it. Why couldn't she just keep her mouth shut in the first place...if she hadn't started babbling about the demons in the first place, she wouldn't be in this situation at all.

    "My my. What a terrible situation you find yourself in, hmmmm?"

    Her eyes darted over to the source of the voice, pupils immediately shrinking to tiny pinpricks. "Leave me alone," she said quietly, her voice heavily cracked by the tears that were now streaming down her face.

    "But I can't do that just yet," said the little red imp. He gave his tiny wings a few good flaps and settled on Lyra's leg. The sobbing woman immediately jerked her knee in all directions, violently shaking the demon off of her.

    She tried to scramble to her feet, but it proved impossible thanks to the straitjacket and the lasting effects of the sedatives. So instead, she merely cried out for help, trying to get someone, anyone, to open the door so she could prove the demon really existed.

    But naturally, no one paid her any mind. She was just another nutter babbling about things that weren't really there. Right?
  5. I found myself tapping a pen on the desk and immediately stopped. I experimentally lifted a hand to my face to test my dominion over the muscles of it, the hand responded to my control, "Yes! Wane is back baby!". I touched the crescent scars below my eyes, Sivart had them barely, mine were more prominant. People often attributed the missing scars phenomenon to a trick of the light or a psychotic tick of reopening the scars, because stupid mortals apparently can't handle the truth.

    I sighed, this time was a lucky shot, I had returned moments after Siv had spoke to me, and I'd be able to answer the question immediately. We weren't so lucky other times, however. In order to speak to one another we'd have to wait hours to answer each other based on when the shift happens, it wasn't the most exceptional system ever, but what choice was there when we didn't have control over who was out. "Hey Recklaw" I put my hands over my head and rested my feet on the table "Don't blame me on this, you're pretty psychotic as is, you'd be here eventually anyways, I just saved you some time".

    Just then, the shrink walked back in, "Hey Doc, what's up?" I replied. He merely looked at me and said "Travis, get your feet off the desk please, it's not proper". I relented but then said "Yo, the name's Wane, and the other dude prefers Sivart. I don't know how many times I gotta keep telling you that. Siv is just too much of a wuss to tell you what he is". The doc merely grabbed his papers and sighed "Now Travis, we talked about this. You've had a lot of pressure from your peers back and home, you don't have to accept that name given to you. And this 'Wane' thing is just another result of trying to cope, creating an alter ego of yourself instead of coping with who you are".

    Wane sighed, this dude may think he's the smartest thing on the planet, but he's just as hopeless as all the other mortal beings. No matter how hard you try, they never accept the truth and find some other explanation; because apparently a dead spirit dude can't enter a living flesh and BAM! Alter ego. A real one, not a made up one that they feel explains all this going down.

    "Hey whatever, so are we going to ditch this stupid office or what?". The Doc nodded and walked out of the office, he looked down at one of the papers "Oh by the way, happy birthday". Ha! That made me laugh! "So you're hoping a psycho kid going to a loony bin has a happy birthday? Smart move, wiseguy, and you have a diploma? Tell me, do they pay you for this sort of thing?" He merely shook his head, putting a hand on my back and leading me down a hallway. "We'll talk later Travis"

    If anyone had the decency to wish me happy birthday today, it'd sound more like they were mocking me given the whole damn situation.
  6. "Are you ready, Reno?" The demon asks me, as a his scales level with his skin.

    I nod as I push the last piece of furniture out of the way.

    I push off the furniture towards the demon, my fist flying towards his face. He blocks it with ease as he counters with a punch of his own. I deflect it with ease.

    It seems natural to anyone watching who works at the facility, to see me sparing alone even when I am sparring the demon.

    I send a quick kick at his side, he blocks. He sends a kick at me I block. We spend the better part of an hour non-stop like this, trading blows, altering fighting styles, and increasing our rate of movement and reaction as we go. To anyone watching who didn't know me and appreciated the beauty of martial arts, what they would have seen would have been one of the most beautiful displays of physical prowess they have seen in a long time. I eventually tear off a decent sized scale as I pulled back, accidentally of course, and it digs into my skin, leaving a decent sized gash on my hand. The demon recoils in pain as well, and I take advantage as I naturally would and land a punch on his jaw.

    "Enough. As always, you are a great fighter. Now we both must rest. You may keep the scale." He replies.

    "Thanks, as are you. Are you leaving for now?" I ask under my breath.

    "Yes. I must leave for now. I will be back to talk some more. Good bye."

    "See Ya." I whisper as I lick my cut, slipping my prize into a pocket.

    I wrap my hand up and sense Allen waking up inside of my head. I resign control to Allen and can immediately sense him complaining.

    "Oh Reno, is it not possible for you to take better care of our body?"
  7. Mumbling, I trudged out the office with a rather annoyed look on my face. I have to go meet people I don't know? Sure, they may have similar 'Symptoms' to myself. (Symptoms? Really? I'm perfectly sane thank you very much...despite what others may think)
    So- noon was it? I still have time to kill. Walking into the lobby, I saw the guy that normally sparred there- stood, seemingly having a conversation...with himself. No, he wasn't speaking out loud, but the way he just...stood, gave it away. Looking him up and down, I gave him the okay. He doesn't look...insane. The look in his eye wasn't there, that mad, feral look.
    not that I think about it...had I ever spoken to the guy? My mind was cast back as I flicked though memories of my time here. All I could gather was that time he sparred in the lobby- and my 'voice' thought it a good time to give me hallucinations. Dismissing the guy, and deeming it better to just go to the room and wait- I walked down a nearby corridor, and found the room we were supposed to be at. Meeting Room 2- Wysteria, Travis, Lyra, And Lyra.
    With a dramatic drop of my jaw, I stared at the notice on the door that so nicely informed me of something rather coincidental. All of those guys? I stood back, and clapped my hands together.
    Forget what I said earlier, this, was going to be fun!
  8. Suddenly, the door to Lyra's private little cell opened up. She looked up, her expression drawn and her eyes tired, and the doctor standing in the doorway gestured towards the world outside. "Come on, Miss Amoro. You've got a meeting to go to." For a moment, she simply stared. No one had told her about this until now. But she didn't want to make too much of a fuss, so she managed to haul herself to her feet and followed the man in silence. He didn't bother to remove her straitjacket. She knew they still thought she was dangerous. Maybe this was her chance to prove them wrong.

    The doctor led the disheveled-looking woman to the meeting room. He nodded in greeting at Wysteria, plastering on a fake-looking smile, and opened the door, allowing them to walk inside. Lyra shuffled in and sat down on the nearest chair, staring intently at the floor to keep herself from meeting that other girl's eyes. She didn't like meeting new people, especially not now when they were all liable to call her crazy. This can't possibly end well, she thought.
  9. I walk cautiously from my room past Wysteria and stand in the lobby as I normally do while catching my breath. I know of nothing having been planned for me for today other than my meeting with Mrs. Green. I decide to head down to the cafeteria, just past meeting room 2, to grab something to eat. As I pass it, I see Wysteria entering the room, and Lyra, in a straight jacket, being escorted into the room. I had only seen Lyra once, but didn't think that she was that troubled. On the door is a list of people who were going to be at the meeting. Wysteria, Travis, Lyra, And Lyra? Were there two people named Lyra in the facility or was it a misprint. I decided to walk to the front desk and ask.
    "Hello. It's Allen. I was on my way down to the Cafeteria and I saw on the door for meeting room two that the list has Lyra listed twice. Is there two people named Lyra here or was that a misprint?"
    I subconsciously reach down to my pocket and feel the scale that came off of my friend.
  10. Dr. Happy-Birthday-is-a-great-thing-to-say-to-a-kid-who's-birthday-is-being-spent-in-an-insane-asylum led me to Meeting room 2. "Okay, that is all Travis, I'll return to my work and someone will be here to watch you" With that he left, there were two girls who had arrived, one of them was Wysteria and one Lyra. I grinned slyly "Hello Ladies, what brings you here? The only thing that looks crazy about you is how crazy hot you are" I delivered my pick up smoothly, knowing that they'd be putty in my hands. Why not? I'm pretty sexy, okay, it may be Sivart's body, but I made it work.

    I kind of wondered what it would be like to date an insane chick, its not like I could hook up with a normal girl, since they were always too creeped out by Sivart popping in out of nowhere, not to mention I could never get those hellish demons to leave me alone, neither could Sivart. I don't know whats up with Siv, but something about him attracts those things like flies to carrion.

    I leaned against the table and studied them carefully, one of them was in a straitjacket and looked down at the floor so she seemed to be mortally fearful of us, like we bite. Well, its not like that isn't a possibility here in the crazy house so I don't blame her. But she didn't seem like the type who would be in a violent rage so I wondered why she was in a straitjacket, I guess seeing demented satan spawns can do that to otherwise nice people, if she had the same problem as me. The other one seemed to be studying us as well, curious about the whole situation.

    "Disregard the sign, I'm not Travis I'm Wane, and soon enough you'll meet Sivart. But if you ever need a guy I'm the cool one in this body" I gave them a wink and pointed two thumbs at myself.
  11. Studying the guy that came in, I leaned forward, resting my elbows on my knees- letting my long trench coat sit either side of me. Split personalities? At least it was a running theme then! My gaze drifted to the girl sat close to me. She was tormented by the pain of her past, it was clear to see- and the sedatives they rammed down her throat had given a lasting effect. What was noticeable, was that she was refusing to look me in the eyes...not liking new people? I shrugged to myself. Tch, people like yourself Partner? The psychotic, almost hysterical voice echoed in my head.
    here it goes to again...talking to me...again. The laugh that rang off in my head made me wince slightly. all the same. They'll all be dead when I come out! No. I wouldn't let it out again. I would be strong, no one would die anytime soon! My fists clenched as I blocked out the laughs of the 'voice'.
    Coming back to reality, My attention was drawn back to the boy who had come in. Quite...forward, and those peculiar scars under his eyes...they were awesome! I jumped from my seat and smiled happily. "Hello! Wysteria!" I turned around and looked at the girl next to me with a smile. "My guesses is you are Lyra! And that misprint was actually a guy called..." My thoughts returned to the folders on Mr Grass-Greene's desk. "Reno!"
  12. Lyra's eyes flicked up to this Wane person. She could already tell that she wouldn't like him. He was too forward, too confident. She found it obnoxious. Not to mention the fact that she was positive he was lying to get her to feel better. She wasn't attractive, she was just a bookworm that nobody cared about. And she was even less pretty now, with her hair all mussed up and her face flushed red and stained by tears. Her gaze fell back to the floor. "Yes, that's me," she said quietly. "Nice to meet you..."

    She wondered if they were ever going to take the straitjacket off. She wouldn't make the same mistake twice, no matter how much the demons pestered her. Maybe if she just ignored them, they'd go away...
  13. It was far too early for Mio to wake up, she still wanted a few more hours of sleep. But she instinctively woke up, because she was told the day before that she was supposed to go to some meeting. This was the first time they were not hesitant to allow her in a smaller room with people. Stretching her arms and back, she got up and sat in front of the door a few feet away, waiting for her escort. There was only one reason she had need of an escort, so she wouldn't hurt anybody, something common in a building full of annoyances. The people she was supposed to meet with were others who had some similar 'symptoms' as her, kind of interesting already.

    While she waited a familiar little twin-tailed cat padded up and sat next to her. Staring forward, he was about the same size as her if she were standing, so she had to look up quite a bit to speak to him, "And what is it that you want today my fuzzy friend?"

    "Just wanting to see if there was time to play today," he looked down at her, his eyes glowing red, "But obviously not."

    "Sorry, there are people I have to meet. Just my luck, right?"

    "It could be worse, you could meet up with the demon from your childhood once more."

    A soft laugh came from her, "True, but I wish I could just keep sleeping. The sooner I can go back to sleep, the better."

    When her escort finally arrived, the demon vanished and the door opened, she quickly stood up and immediately headed out the door. The poor man, startled, nearly jumped out of his skin. Last night she had a long talk with Dr. Wren about why she shouldn't scare the staff and why she should try and not get angry, neither topics were interesting. Granted, Mio may have been a little crazy, but only to a 'normal' person's standards, she knew she didn't belong here. Looking back at the man, still at the door a couple feet away now, she grinned and said, "You better hurry, who knows how much damage I can do if I'm all alone in a security guard infested area."

    Dr. Wren had told her multiple times that she should try and be more funny, at least a lot less creepy. The one thing the good doctor didn't understand, obviously, was that she loved creepy and she really loved scary. Walking down the hall with her escort reminded her of how many times Dr. Wren had walked her to his office with a security guard, she felt kind of like royalty. When they reached the door to the meeting room, she read the plaque and gave a sigh of irritation. Meeting Room 2- Wysteria, Travis, Lyra, and Lyra. This was just bad, they had put down the same name twice, and the name they didn't mention was hers. She used this to her advantage, "It doesn't say my name, I don't think this is the right room."

    The man looked at it closely, he nearly said 'okay, let's try and find out where you're supposed to go,' but that darn schedule they handed him said Meeting Room 2. "Sorry Mio, but you're not getting out of this that easily." It was such an inconvenience that the staff at this institute had the brains to have a paper copy with them. Mio opened the door and walked in, then turned and shut the door in the man's face before he could walk in. Turning to see who was in the room, she gave a polite smile and then went and sat down. Well, this is going to be just fun. I get to talk about my problems with people I don't know. It was annoying to meet new people, demons, now that was another story. So long as they didn't kill anyone for her, she was perfectly fine with them.
  14. "Ah. Hello Allen. Yes meeting room two... It is missing a name as well. Yours to be honest." The lady at the front desk informs me. I blink and cock my head to the side.
    "I was never informed." I reply, my left eye twitching for a moment. Reno makes that reaction.
    "We never intended to slight you. It was a mistake. If you could head down their, and check if Mio is in there as well?"
    My eye twitches again. Mio and I never got along. Reno is gripping the inside of my shoulders. "Sure." Some tension obvious in my voice.
    I walk back to the meeting room and lean in to check on the Mio situation. And to my greatest misfortune, there she is. My eyes snap shut as Reno takes over, my eyes shifting immediately to their hazel color unlike how long it normally takes. I crack my knuckles and walk in.
    "Hello everyone, Reno is in the building."
    "Wyst." I nod as I sit down near her.
    I grab the scale in my pocket, and glare at Mio.
    "Siv." I grin, glancing at Wane, not knowing he was a part of Siv.
    "Lyra." I smile at her softly.
    "So Doc, why are we gathered here?"
  15. I looked at the two newcomers "Hey there, you must be completely unlisted" he said to the girl who'd just walked in, "...and you must be Lyra #2 A.K.A Reno" he said to the guy who had just announced himself and some of the others. "Talk about incompetent, these people at the institute are dumb as rocks, where'd they get their diplomas, the school of dumbassery?" He scoffed, crossing his arms in disgust, which made his purple cloak waver like a flag. He smiled, these numbskulls may have taken his sapphire amulet, but at least he got to keep the cloak, he rocked that thing.

    He then spoke again, "Anyways, just so we're clear, the names Wane Moonscar, not Travis" his fingers flew to his face and traced the crescent scars, "These babies are where I get my name from. The other guy is Sivart Recklaw, hopefully he won't show anytime soon". He sat in the chair with his hands behind his head, then looked at all the girls in the room, giving another sly wink "You girls can hit me up anytime".

    Then, in response to Reno he looked to the Dr. Dumbass in the room, he said "Yeah, Doc, why is it we're here. Is it because we supposedly see demons that don't exist (which by the way, they do!), so now we're labeled psychopaths? I'll tell you right now, this crap is real, good luck getting us fixed up in your little perfect sane world". He rolled his eyes, knowing full well the shrink will shrug away his response as an insane.

    ((Er...sorry for the bit of cursing, its just a part of his attitude, if its a problem I can edit it out))
  16. Lyra's head shot up at the mention of demons, but before she could say anything, the doctor who'd led her in spoke. "Honestly, I'm not sure," he said with a shrug. "I was just told to take Lyra here. Hopefully someone else will be here with further instructions." And with that, he walked back down the hallway, closing the door to the meeting room behind him. Lyra flinched slightly at the sound of the lock on the door turning. They wouldn't be leaving anytime soon, it seemed.

    As soon as she figured he was out of earshot, Lyra stared wild-eyed at Wane. "You've seen the demons too?" she asked, her voice still small and nervous. "Tell me, what do they say to you? Have they ordered you to do anything?" If she could cross her fingers, she would. It would be the biggest letdown of a lifetime if Wane was lying.
  17. I glare at Wane.
    "All of thirty seconds in this room with you and you guess and announce my biggest secret? One I have kept from these people," I rant pointing at the doctor, "For years. You, my friend, have some nerve, and some skill to have guessed and announced it that quickly." I reach into my pocket and pull out the scale with my injured hand, which had a slight bit of blood seeping through the bandage. I slap it onto the table, and the doctor glares at the spot as if I threw some blackmail pictures onto the table. "You can see it, can't you doc?" I chuckle. "If you can, let the nice girl out of the straight-jacket. I am more than capable of stopping any one of them if they get out of hand."
    I grin, and lean back in my chair. "A prize from my sparring session earlier."
    "What are you doing?" I hear my demon friend saying from behind me.
    I twist in my chair to see him. "What I must. You know me well enough." I fire back. "Must I tear off more of your scales to prove my point."
    "I am starting to regret aiding you. I am beginning to realize why..."
    "Why what, demon? Answer me or so help me I will tear your scales off one by one." I ask it in a dark, almost demonic voice.
  18. "Y-You too?!" That was when she noticed it. The demon behind Reno, just hanging around, talking to him like it was the most natural thing in the world. She could see it. And he could too. "Can all of you see the demons?" she said, hope rising in her tone. This had to be a sign, she just knew it. They were all destined for something...something big. Why else would the Creator send demons to watch over them? Everything that deity did had a purpose. Everything.

    A small part of her wished one of her demonic companions would show up sometime soon. Then she could prove that she hadn't just attacked thin air, and they'd let her go free. Right? That had to be the way things worked. But the one time she wanted them around, her demons didn't show up.
  19. An excited gasp left my throat as I eyed this Reno. A fight! Please, start one so I can at least have something to entertain me! It's so boring sat here and waiting for something to happen! With a slam of the door, my gaze flickered to the intruder.
    What? The guy that entered was tall, muscular- and a tad intimidating, but what struck me the most was the incredible amount of small demons that were parading behind him. As he grinned, the small, black rimmed glasses on his face barely noticeable. Demons following him? That...I had never seen this before! Letting out a squeal of interest, I prodded Lyra and pointed to the trail of demons. I lowered my voice to a whisper. "I know you probably won't find this as intriguing as myself- but look!"
  20. Lyra turned towards the newcomer. Her eyes widened, and she shrank back into her seat somewhat. That was...a lot of demons. She'd never seen that many in one place. That man...she had a sinking feeling that he was bad news. He was probably quite powerful in the worst sense possible, to garner that many hellish followers. She felt like she had to get away from him as soon as possible, but she didn't dare run, not yet. She wasn't going to blow this chance.