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  1. Eli the son of Ares (AKA God of War) isnt exactly the easiest guy to get to know. People prefer to say he is 'cold hearted'. Will someone manage to warm his cold heart?

    ~Character Info~
    Name: Eli James Storm
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'12"
    Body Type: Muscular/Athletic
    Parents: Ares the God of War and Jane Storm a single mother.
    Siblings: Darren Lee Storm (Full blooded brother and he actually annoys Eli :P)
    Personality: Tough, Stubborn, Short-Tempered, Caring, Protective, May seem a little hard on the outside but is actually quit nice on the inside. Great Leader, He is also pretty damn smart. He loves fighting of course.
    Looks:(Pic Below except his eyes are grey :P)
    Eli sighed as he finally finished up his intense training. His training was always intense now that he thought about it. He wiped the sweat off his face with a towel and sighed. He closed his eyes for a momentthen opened them and looked around the village in which he lived in, his expression remains hard and tough... practically unreadable of his true emotions... sure he was basically the guardian for this village but sometimes, very rarley he might add, he wished they wouldnt depend on him ALL the time... it was mainly for stupid shit that they worried about that annoyed him. He was a fighter by blood. It ran through his veins. He shrugged it off then through his towel to the side and took off his shirt revealing his muscular body and arms. He decided he was going to go on a walk through the woods. He put his hands into pockets and started walking into the forest.
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  2. The sound of footsteps startle me, but I regain composure, trying my very hardest not to fall out of the tree I am perched on. Reaching up with my hand I grasp a sturdy branch to ensure stability as I scan the forest floor, but not without making a shit ton of noise first.
  3. As Eli walked through the forest he did sense something... aj odd but familiar tug. He followed where the tug lead him. He knew what that meant. A fellow demi god was around here somewhere. He kept his guard up, not sure if the fellow demi gosd was a friend or foe. Finally he reached his distination amd looked up in the tree. He looked her with his dark grey eyes and jumped up into the tree right in front of her. His expression hadnt changed, "Who the hell are you?"
  4. My eyes grow wide and dilated as I loose my balance. This stranger had an energy so strong it nearly knocked me right out of the tree which I had found escape. Before I fell, I grabbed onto this boy's arm, desperate for stability but instead his energy shot right up my arm and throughout my petite body. I regained balance quickly but not before my vision blurred. "I, I'm Lucy." I murmured, my tongue tingling.
  5. As a reflex as she went to grab his arm for balance he quickly held her by her side for extra support... when she did regain her balance she finally introduce herself. Eli's expression remained the same. "Are you a friend or a foe?"he asked looking her dead in the eye.
  6. I look down at where you held me up by my side and then I lock eyes with you. "Friend. Definitely friend." I support the claim with a warm smile. "I mean, you did just prevent me from falling out of a tree...even though you were the one who almost knocked me out of it." I raise an eyebrow teasingly.
  7. He scowled slightly and pulled his hand away, "It was a reflex alright? Not my fault..." he muttered the last part then jumped down and crossed his arms looking up at her, "Are you a demigod or something?"
  8. A rush of satisfaction surged through my body, seeing what I had said bothered you. I follow you out of the tree and land softly in front of you, curtsying, "Daughter of Artemis." I hold the curtsy but I lock eye contact with you, waiting for some indication that my submission was accepted.
  9. He looks at her as if searching for something... perhapes to see if her words are true. A few moments passed then he finally spoke, "Eli Storm... Son of Ares." He said simply then looked at her, "What the hell are you doing here anyways?"
  10. I straighten back up quickly hearing Ares' name. I tense my jaw and I run my fingertips over my crescent moon tattoo on my left wrist. "I'm wandering. And I believe that I have the right to in my mother's name. The woods are my home, shouldn't you be killing something?" I sneer at Ares' virtue.
  11. He rolled his eye, "Tch, how sterotypical," he narrowed his eyes at the woman, "Look woman I have never seen you in THESE woods. And I definetley would have sensed it. So just calm down and stop throwing a damn hissy fit."
  12. I cross my arms over my chest and shut my eyes, composure washing over me. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." I relax my shoulders and smooth my shorts down before I turn on my toe and start walking impossibly silent away from you. "But for future reference, never tell a female to calm down."
  13. "Tch.. like I care" he said again, his arms remained crossed over his chest, " Women ..." he walked past he gently brushing past her. A small smirk spread across his face.
  14. I press my tongue against the inside of my cheek, choosing my words carefully. "What about them?" I ask, irritated that you think so lowly of women and girls.
  15. He stops and looks over at the girl showing the smirk on his face to show he was messing around, "I dont have a problem with women at all... your just taking what I say too seriously."
  16. "Considering how unfamiliar we are with each other you should probably avoid such controversial topics to joke about." I reply harshly, remembering how sexist my father was.
  17. He rolled his eyes, "Whatever I'm leaving. I'm not going to deal with this crap from you alright? So see you." He started walking away.
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  18. A sigh escapes from between my lips as I let go of my pride in exchange for an attractive potential new friend. "I'm sorry I snapped. Do you live in that village behind that barrier of trees over there?" I ask, genuinely interested in my own whereabouts.
  19. He stopped in the middle of his tracks and looked at her. He arched an eyebrow . He figured it wouldnt hurt to just show her the village "Yeah I do. Do you need some food or something? There is a ton of it at the village."
  20. I look down at my sunken stomach and thin legs, remembering that I haven't had a full meal in over a week. "I don't want to take from your village." I catch my bottom lip in between my teeth nervously.
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