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  1. Well, Ridley was anything but 'not so bad'.

    Sure, the young woman hadn't always been the bad guy; in fact, before her Claiming, she'd been just as innocent as her bratty little cousin, Lena. You know.. That dark-haired Caster girl that could never stop bitching and moaning despite the fact she was a 'perfect little angel' and 'savior of the family'. Mind you, by 'savior', I mean she killed over half of her family. Was supposed to have killed me.

    But not all things work in the favor of even a Siren, huh?

    Anyways.. Back to the point. Ridley hadn't always been a bad person.. And honestly, she wouldn't likely be one, now, if it hadn't been for the sheer stupidity of a girl named Genevieve Duchannes. You see, the Duchannes family wasn't exactly your average family of Casters. A long time ago, Genevieve Duchannes made a choice. A choice that would forever hang over the heads of her family. A choice that took away the ability for any of her descendants to make a choice that was vital to every Caster in existence.

    The choice of Light or Dark.

    Most Casters got to claim themselves. On their sixteenth birthdays, they went through something known as their Claiming; where their powers were revealed, and they got to choose whether to be a Light Caster, or a Dark one. But, because of Genevieve, this was a pleasantry the Duchannes family didn't have.

    Not until Lena came along, anyways. Because apparently, Ridley wasn't good enough to be the one chosen to break the curse.. Not that it really mattered. After all, as Rid always said; she was meant to be Dark.

    Oh. Did I mention that that curse Genevieve got put on her family caused Ridley to be Claimed for Dark? That that curse ultimately led to Ridley being disowned, feared, and hated by her family? Because that happened.. And Ridley was still bitter about it.

    Of course, though, she was trained to be bitter about it. To hate her family. To become just the monster that they made her out to be.. And, if you were to ask her, she'd done pretty damn well at it.

    Or.. Well... She had, up until that damn Wesley 'Link' Lincoln had gone and screwed with her heart. Had made her feel things. Things that Dark Sirens weren't supposed to feel.. Then again, Dark Casters won't supposed to feel things, period. Or, at least, not anything but anger. Rage. Sadism. And..

    Well, you get the point.

    Either way, she didn't have to worry about putting up with damn Link and his terrible songs anymore, anyways. They'd broken up when Link had cheated on her with Savannah Snow right in front of her; just the way it should be. The dumb drummer had only served to drag her down, anyways.

    She didn't need him.. No, she didn't need anybody. Which was exactly why she was here, now.

    ...Wait, where was 'here', anyways? This city very clearly wasn't Gatlin, but it didn't look exactly like New York, either. This made the blonde in the miniskirt frown deeply and sigh through her nose, clearly annoyed. The ride she'd hitched here must not have understood where she'd wanted to go.

    Looked like she'd just have to figure out where she was, mortal-style.

    Reluctantly, she moved along the sidewalk, heels clicking against the ground as she did so. It drew quite a bit of eyes to her.. But she certainly didn't mind. In fact, the scantily-clad Siren found the attention to be more than welcome. She loved being checked out.. And there was plenty to check out; black miniskirt leaving her perfect ten-mile legs visible, her small white crop-top that her black bra could be seen faintly through- also leaving an odd tribal-looking black tattoo around her navel visible, also exposing her abs -, and her stylishly wavy blonde hair with hot pink stripes.

    Not to mention her golden cat-resembling eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

    It wasn't difficult to tell, even by the way she walked alone, that she was a bad girl. And that she wasn't someone to fuck with. However, it seemed like a group of about four shady-looking men didn't seem to catch onto this.. Considering they decided to try to surround her.

    Sadly for them, Rid wasn't one who took kindly to people trying to jump her. As the four closed in around her, Ridley couldn't help the sly grin that slowly spread across her features. Even as she was suddenly rather roughly slammed against a wall, the grin remained. Before the ruffian responsible could get a word in, Rid was already running her pretty, perfectly-glossed mouth.

    "Ease up on the rough play, boys. If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask," she quipped, more than obviously catching the thug holding her off guard. He quickly brushed it off, though. "I'm not big on asking for what I want, sweetheart."

    Unnoticably, Ridley's eyes flashed behind her sunglasses.. A sign of her working her magic. "Look, buddy; in case you haven't noticed.. I've got places to be. So be a sweetheart and let go."

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  2. Who was he?

    Where was he?

    What had he done?

    Shortly after helping Batman defeat Scarecrow, Jason Todd had simply melted away. Turning an army loose on the city warranted it. Almost getting Barbara killed warranted it. Trying to kill the man he'd thought of as a father warranted it. Where did he go from there, though?

    Who was Jason Todd now?

    The boy didn't really know. He was lost in a world he barely understood, covered in scars he'd never heal from. Underneath the Knight's helmet, the J scar still left him burning with rage. That rage defined him. Not at Joker, though. At Batman. For not trusting him. For not saving him. For replacing him. That anger defined the young man. Made him who he was. That hatred had all but disappeared, though... leaving a frightened child that never had the chance to grow up.

    Where was Jason Todd?

    Gotham City. As an extension of his hatred for Batman, he'd targeted his city. Ravaged it. Turned tanks and armed men loose in the streets. What was left? Well... people were slowly trickling back into the city. Maybe it would recover.

    What had he done?

    This is the simplest question. Jason Todd had destroyed himself fully, and left a shell to stumble around in the dark.

    For now, that stumbling was quite violent.


    Jason watched the men grab Ridley. To be honest, he couldn't care less about her. What mattered was that these people worked for a certain target of his. Sionis. Black Mask. It was time for the son of a bitch to pay his penance.

    There was a loud thud as he leapt off his perch far above, landing behind the group. The thugs barely realized what was happening before three were lying dead and another on the ground, screaming.

    One had a broken neck. The other two had been stabbed with incredible precision by a large knife. The last was clutching a broken leg. Jason simply continued to ignore Ridley as he placed a boot on the downed criminal's face. "Black Mask. Tell me where he is."

    The Thug just whimpered, before Jason shot him in the leg. He screamed. "Okay! Okay! He's at the Steel Mill! It's a fucking front! Just let me go!"

    The Knight didn't oblige the man's request. Rather, he answered by stomping on his neck with enough force to completely rupture his trachea.

    All in about two minutes.

    Jason started off like nothing happened. ​
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  3. ...Well, this was certainly unexpected, to say the least.

    Ridley just watched as Jason swiftly took down the thugs, air remaining nonchalant. It wasn't like she hadn't seen worse scenes play out, after all. Although, she'd been just about to not-thank Jason for killing the thugs when..

    ...He walked away?

    No, no.. That couldn't be right. People didn't just walk away from Ridley Duchannes. Or from any other Siren.. But especially not Ridley Duchannes. It just wasn't the way things worked. People were supposed to outright obsess over her 'til they reached a point of insanity. So why wasn't this guy? She really couldn't tell, but.. She didn't like it. So, she did what any other logical person would do in her situation..

    Followed after.

    "What the hell was that?" No specification on what she was asking was given.​
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  4. "Justice," Came his distorted, modulated voice. If she expected him to be falling over himself at her, he wasn't. The boy behind the armor had barely noticed the girl. "Go away." The boy was disinterested in conversing at best and outright annoyed at worst.​
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  5. She noticed this rather quickly and easily... And she didn't like it. At all. This guy was totally breaking the order of things.. And it had Ridley frowning. "What if I don't, prince charming?" There was a small pause. "..As for that being justice, well.. I don't think killing people is justice. Not that it isn't a fun practice."​
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  6. The boy still seemed unfazed. Jason answered by pointing a very large gun at her foot. "I shoot you. It's justice when they deserve it. The man those people worked for very much does." The rather unstable vigilante watched her through the glowing visor of his mask.​
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  7. This only made Ridley raise a brow at Jason, before she ended up crossing her arms. "If you wanna shoot me, feel free. I mean, does it look like I could stop you?" If she could, she clearly didn't care enough to try. "Is that the case? Oh, I guess I shouldn't say anything. Isn't like I'd know how justice works."

  8. Jason muttered something unintelligible before holstering his gun and starting off again. Stupid kid. Couldn't even tell when she was out of her depth.

    It seemed he wasn't going to give her the time of day. ​

  9. Jason's reaction to her taunt made her lips turn upward very slightly. "What was that, prince charming?" Looked like she wasn't giving up.​
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  10. "I said fuck off." Jason whirled on her and growled. "Get out of here, kid. You're way out of your depth in this city." His modulator didn't stop his annoyance from getting through.​
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  11. This just made Rid raise a bemused brow.. Before she shrugged and produced a lollipop, absently popping it in her mouth. "I don't think I am, prince charming."

    "And don't call me kid."​
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  12. "You are a kid. A stupid one, not running off." Again she found herself on the end of his gun. ​
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  13. Once again, Ridley simply shrugged. "Shoot me, if I'm so stupid," she replied. She only seemed amused by his obvious annoyance.​

  14. His gun clicked in answer, as he turned the safety off. "You were associating with Black Mask's men. I won't lose any sleep over it."​
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  15. "I dunno who that is, but if by 'associating with' you mean they wanted to fuck me.. Yeah, I was." For someone on the wrong end of a gun, she was surprisingly calm.​

  16. This made him pause. He put the gun away... again. "Don't dress like a whore and you won't get treated like one. Go back to your Pimp. Or point me in his direction... if you're okay with being out of a job."​
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  17. She looked at Jason innocently, tilting her head. "What happened to shooting me?" She really shouldn't have been enjoying this so much. As for his remark.. She just 'tsk'd. "Very funny. I'll have you know I ain't anyone's sex toy, thank you very much."​

  18. "Maybe not, but I'm guessing, the way you dress, you have so many STDs that you have to use plenty. Fuck off."​
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  19. Ridley dramatically put her hand to her chest, feigning that the statement hurt her. "Wow. Ouch. Somebody's got an attitude. Is it your time of the month?"

    "You shouldn't assume people have STDs just because they can rock a miniskirt."​

  20. "I can assume all I want when someone dresses like a prostitute. I'd better run. You know... crime lords to kill." The unstable vigilante started off again. ​
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