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  1. ((Total fail of a thread name. XD))

    The sound of something being dropped onto the ground with a thud could be heard around the two bedroom apartment that was, still, relatively empty for the time being. Boxes littered the small living room, kitchen, as well as the hallway that lead towards the bathroom and the two rooms. It was a quaint little place though, despite how bland it looked at the moment, but still with the lack of decorations the place still held a little bit of character to it. Some furniture had already been placed in the living room, including a white couch that sat in the middle of the room with a matching love seat that sat against one of the side walls. A coffee table with a clear top was also placed in the room, though nothing was stacked upon it just yet. The walls were some type of off white color, nothing too dark but then again nothing too bright. Three windows were spread out across the room, allowing the warmth of the sun, as well as the light from it, to filter into the room.

    All in all it wasn't too bad, to most people it probably wouldn't have been anyway, but to Maya, the girl who currently leaned against a box that she had just brought through the door, would like to think otherwise. "Why do I have so much stuff?" She groaned out, only to hear the soft giggles and chuckles from her parents as they entered into the living room, both of them carrying items in their hands as well.

    "You wanted to take everything, remember?" Her mother questioned, standing next to her daughter with an amused look upon her features.

    "It's not funny..." But nevertheless Maya couldn't help but laugh lightly as she stood herself back up, stretching her arms up above her her head. She looked around the living room, her eyes catching a glimpse of the kitchen that stood on the other side of the living room, part of a wall separating the two rooms. "Hmm... This place needs to be decorated, badly." But this place didn't look nearly as bad as the other apartments that she had seen in the area; actually this was the best one, and it was the best one in her price range for the time being. The fact that it was closer to the college she was attending was an added bonus to the equation, but that really hadn't been that much of a deciding factor in her decision.

    She turned her head when she felt her mother's hand touch her shoulder. "You have more things to worry about then decorating. Why don't we finish getting everything in here and unpacked first? There isn't much else to bring in."

    Agreeing with her mother, Maya nodded her head and watched as her mother and father walked out of the door again to grab more things. She stayed behind, though, taking another look at things. Taking a look at her new home. All before she had been living in a dorm on campus, something that she dreaded, but now she would be on her own, somewhat, with her best friend no less. The thought made her smile; finally she would be reunited with her anthro friend, or brother more like it considering the bond the two had. This was going to be good, hopefully. Something that she would enjoy. Learning how to keep up her own place, pay the bills (though she figured that that would probably be the worst part about having this place), and just overall doing what she wanted to do with the place. Yes, she would make it her own, or as much as she could anyway. It would be great, and with this new freedom she would be presented with, what could go wrong?
  2. Hexus lived a simple life, compared to some other pets. He had a good home, a good family, and plenty of room to run. For as long as he could remember, he had lived in the same place, with the same humans. He certainly loved his humans and would do anything they asked. Today was a bit different than his usual days, however. They had taken him on a long ride, they had even let him stick his head out the window. Now, they were in a strange place, with strange smells and strange people. Everything was unfamiliar and new. He wanted nothing more than to look at all of it, smell all of it, investigate everything. A stiff and uncomfortable collar around his neck, and a leash attached to that kept him tied to a pole by the car, however.

    He didnt let such a thing stop him. He stretched out as far as he could, snifffing everything he could reach. He could smell all sorts of other creatures who had been through in the past, all sorts of different dogs, lots of cats, and even a few rabbits. The smell of the rabbits made his mouth water. He sat back on his haunches and let out a whine. He could hear his humans not far away, and could easily smell them, but he couldnt get to him. One of the scents he smelled was one he hadnt smelled in nearly a year, and he desperately missed it.

    A lopsided grin appeared on his muzzle as he saw two of his humans appear. The sun glinted off his golden fur making it glow and the black on his legs and along the nape of his neck shimmered. He had gotten a thorough bath before the trip, much to his dismay. A simple beaded necklace hung around his neck, and a couple of feathers had been woven into the fur by his ear. He perked his ears, which looked too big for his head, and let out a little bark that sounded more like a mix of a roar and a bark than just a bark. He let out another roar-bark, his tail wagging enthusiastically. he wanted to see his human. He chocked a bit as the leash pulled painfully on his collar, but he ignored it and whined loudly at them.
  3. Maya's parents and entered back into the house, a few more boxes in their hands before they set them down against one of the walls in the living room. They glanced at their daughter, shaking their heads before they all, including Maya, turned their heads towards the direction of the door when the sound of a roaring back echoed about the area. The sound brought a cheeky grin to Maya's lips as she looked to her parents, bouncing a bit in place despite the fact that it probably looked much too immature for someone her age to be doing that, giving them expecting looks. Her parents sighed before her father motioned with his shoulder towards the door. "All right, go ahead and see him. There's nothing else out in the car anyway, unless you've left something in yours."

    At that, Maya emitted a small, somewhat squeaky noise from her mouth before hurriedly rushing over to the door. It had been a while since she had seen Hexo, and to say the least she was excited to see him again. It had taken a while to convince her parents to let him stay with her at the apartment, their argument being that it would be too much of a change for him and that he might not like living in another place, but Maya had continued to plead, and whine, to her parents about all the reasons as to why he should be with her. In the end, she got what she wanted, making her a very happy girl, though she was a bit nervous about taking him under her wing, so to speak. She hoped that she would be able to care for him like her parents did, and she hoped that he would just overall be happy to be there.

    She bounded out the door of the building and ended up outside a moment later (she was on the first floor) and upon coming outside she headed over to her parents car, her eyes locked on the light pole that stood only about a foot or two away from it. She could hear small whimpers coming from that general direction, making her quicken her step, and a few seconds later she saw the pet that was given to her at a young age tied to a pole. "Hexo!" She didn't much like the sight of him being tied up like that, but pushing that though aside she grinned even more, if that was possible, and ran over to the maned wolf anthro, enveloping him in a hug when she made it over to him. Her knees had fallen to the ground at this point, her face nestled into his furry chest. "Oh, I'm so glad you're here."
  4. As soon as he saw her come around the corner, his ears went back and he let out a soft roar-bark in greeting, his tail wagging like mad. The scent he'd missed so much over the last year was back, and right in front of him. He whined softly at her, his happiness overflowing. He wrapped his paws around her and buried his muzzle in the fur on her head. It was so soft and cool and smelled so strongly of her. He let go of her only to sniff every inch of her, a soft, almost inaudible whine coming from him the whole time. He wanted to make sure she was okay, that nothing bad had happened to take her away. Whatever had taken her away, he wouldnt let it do it again. He would stay right there, by his human's side.

    Once he had determined she was okay, and she was who he thought she was, he wrapped his long arms around her, holding her close to his furred chest, his head once again buried in her single shock of fur. He pulled back and barked at her a few times, pulling tightly against the leash, his paws scratching against the hard ground. He shook himself from head to tail, then looked up at her with a lopsided grin.
  5. Soft laughes escaped from Maya as she felt Hexo's nose roam all around her, the feeling of his nose rubbing against her lightly tickling her in certain spaces. This is what she remembered; this is what she liked and had missed while being away in college! She had been lonely, afraid a lot of the times, but suddenly those feelings were thrown out the window with just being in his presence. She could smell the scent of the shampoo they used to wash him, indicating that her parents had washed him before hand, which she couldn't be more thankful for, though she wondered if they had pack any of his personal things that he liked to have around, or at least things that would remind him of home. She would have to ask them about it before they left. "I'm happy to see you too."

    She pulled back and looked at the collar and leash that was tied around his neck before looking back at him, petting his head before she stood up and walked around him to get to the pole. She untied the leash, debating on whether or not to take the collar off for the time being, but decided against it while they were outside. With her not being properly informed about the rules of owning Anthros around this place, other than the fact that in order to keep one with you in an apartment you had to make sure that they didn't destroy the building or disturb the other residents, she didn't want to push things too far, especially with her having not been here for long. "Come on, let's get you inside. You'll be able to see your new home then!" She grinned and limply held the leash in her hand, motioning for him to follow her back to the apartment. "I just hope you don't mind the mess in there right now," she continued to speak, leading him tot he door. "I've got a lot of unpacking to do, so you'll just have to bare with me for right now."
  6. He bounded along beside her, overjoyed to be released from the pole, even if the leash was still on. He sniffed things as they passed, occasionally pulling to smell something a bit further away. There were so many strange scents around there that he didnt know where to start. When they got to the apartment, a whole new series of scents assaulted him. The sharp tang of cleaning chemicals hit him sharply, causing him to wrinkle his nose at the smells.

    He shook himself and entered the place a bit more cautiously. He could smell the trail his humans had made through the place, strong and soothing, but also the sharp tang, and a few faded scents from where other people went through some time ago. He sniffed each box and piece of furniture in turn, his tail wagging softly at the familiar scents. Slowly, he made his way through the entire apartment, not one spot going unsniffed. When he was done, he returned to his human and sat down beside her, wrapping his tail around his paws. He was still unsure of the place, and why he was here.
  7. When he would pull towards something, Maya would stumble a bit but otherwise she was able to keep her balance, laughing the situation off with ease. She couldn't blame him for being curious about the area; actually she was still curious about the place as well seeing as how she hadn't been able to take a look at everything in the surrounding area yet. It would be a working process though, trying to find things to do here when she wasn't in school that she could do with Hexo, or even some things by herself. Just thinking about it brought a sudden giddiness to the girl, bringing a little of a bounce to her step as she walked through the door, dropping the leash and letting the Anthro roam around the apartment freely.

    She started looking at some of the boxes, most of them labeled, and just about dreaded the time when it came to unpacking. She sighed, running a hand through her hair before looking down as Hexo sat down right beside her. She placed her hand on the top of his head, running her fingers through her hair before she looked up at her parents. "So, did you tell him the news?" She questioned them, frowning a bit when they shook their head. So they were leaving it up to her to tell him that he would be living here? Fine.

    She knelt down so that she was eye level with Hexo, her hand still placed on the top of his head. "So, I know this might be a little bit of a surprise to you, but you'll be living here now, with me! Well, if you want to that is..." She smiled at him. "We kinda discussed it before, but I hope you'll want to stay." Her head was slightly tilted as she spoke. "It's why they brought you out here."
  8. He peered into the boxes with her, his ears perked curiously. In one of the boxes he could smell his things. They had his scent all over them. He was sniffing among the boxes for his things when he heard them speaking. He hurried back to his spot by her side, looking between them as they talked, then finally staring at her as she knelt down in front of him. He listened attentively to her words, processing them as best he could. The words he understood the best were 'surprise, here, with me,' and 'stay.' He cocked his head to the side, trying to piece the words together to mean something. I took a moment, but finally his tail began wagging. He was staying? With his human? Of course he was. He wasnt leaving this time. He nuzzled her hand, his tail wagging enthusiastically behind him.
  9. She waited for him to react to what she had said, waiting for him to understand the words that she had just spoken. As she waited she even wondered if he understood the concept of him leaving his other home to come here and live with her, only to go back to her parents house when she went back, which would more than likely only be on holidays or on certain occasions. But when she saw his tail start to wag and when he nuzzled against her hand, she grinned and looked up at her parents, watching as they both had smiles on their faces. Small ones, but smiles nonetheless. "See. Told ya' he was going to like the idea."

    "Yes, you were right I guess," her mother said with a sigh before walking over to the two, leaning down to pet Hexo on the head before taking a step back. "Why don't you two go for a walk? I know you're not going to want to unpack, much less organize things, and I know he isn't going to want to just sit around. So go, see the place." She shrugged.

    Maya tilted her head. "You sure? I can help you know?" Her mother nodded her head, and with that Maya turned to Hexo. "Want to go have a look around the place? See where things are and everything?"
  10. Walk. He understood that one clear as day. His ears perked upright, and his tail wagged harder. He nosed her hand, urging her to get up and go back out the door. He wanted to run, to explore, to see this new area. All the smells, and sights and people and creatures. All the different things he could see flashed through his mind, making him more excited. He danced between her and the door, finally getting too impatient to stay at her side. He let out an excited roar-bark at her question, urging her to move faster.
  11. Maya's laughter erupted throughout the apartment as she watched Hexos' obvious excitement to be heading outside to explore the place a little better, the action something that she had become accustomed to over the years of having him as a pet. She stood up and walked over to the door before sending her parents one more look, shrugging her shoulders before she sent her attention back to Hexo. "Okay okay, calm down," she spoke, amusement evident in her voice. "Geeze, no need to rush me." She held onto the leash, again loosely since she held a great amount of trust in the creature, and opened the door before walking out, squinting her eyes slightly as the light from the sun hurt her eyes a little. "You can lead the way if you want. I don't really know this place either."
  12. He bound out the door, already sniffing things along the path. Once he remembered that he'd already sniffed those, he hurried off to the next thing. Although he didnt wear one very often, they had still spent a great deal of time teaching him how to walk on a leash. He wasnt perfect, but he was careful enough not to pull too hard on it. He was much stronger than his human after all.

    He went from one scent to another aimlessly. He didnt care where they went, all that mattered to him was he was exploring things with his human. They had gone nearly three blocks away form the apartment complex when they ran into a small tabby cat anthro. Hexus moved closer to get a better sniff of her, only to get a scratch across his nose. He yelped and jumped back, returning to Maya's side as the cat darted away.
  13. Following along as best as she could, it took Maya a minute or so to get used to the feeling of walking Hexus again since she hadn't done it in so long. She did love to see the obvious interest in the place that the anthro held, and it just made her hope that he would continue to think that way about things as he stayed here with her. After all, it would be a shame for him to be bored while being out here or disinterested in the sights and sounds, right?

    As they came across a tabby anthro she frowned a bit at the sight up it, but upon seeing Hexus start to make his way over to her, she tried to pull him back, though the attempt was futile. "Oh Hexus, wait." But it was too late, and before she could do anything about the situation the cat had already scratched at his nose and darted back to where it came from. Maya bent down to examine Hexus' nose as he scampered back to her, a sigh escaping from her mouth as a small smile crossed her lips. "It's not bad, thank goodness," she spoke, touching his nose lightly to see if she could get any negative reaction from him. "I think it would be best to stay away from tabby cats while here though. I think they might be intimidated by your size."
  14. He stared at the spot where the tabby had disappeared, looking a bit sad. Why had it scratched him? He looked up at his human, trying to understand. He had just wanted to sniff it. When she touched the scratch, it had already stopped hurting, so his only reaction was to lick her hand. He gave her another one of his lopsided grins, the incident doing little to dampen his mood. He was in a new place. He wanted nothing more than to explore it all. He padded over to where the cat had run off and sniffed it a couple of times before continuing on and forgetting the incident.
  15. Seeing the somewhat saddened look on Hexu's face, Maya laughed lightly before threading her hands through the fur on the top of his head again. "Aww, don't let that tabby get to you. Everyone's just got to get used to you, like they did back at home before." She shrugged and stood up when she saw his mood seem to return back to normal, a sigh escaping from her lips as her pets ability to change moods so suddenly. She shrugged though, and continued to follow him, her eyes wandering around everything that they saw.

    She figured that they were beginning to get more into the 'busy' part of town, anyway, after a little more walking since there seemed to be more cars on the road, as well as more people walking about, some with other anthros, though it seemed like more didn't have them then did. "This place is... Nice, for right now anyway." She tilted her head down. "What do you think, Hexus?"
  16. He looked up at her with a grin, his tail wagging softly. He stood nearly a head taller than all the other pets in the area, sometimes even taller depending on how small the anthro was. He didnt mind the area, and quite enjoyed seeing so many strange, new places an new creatures as well. A few of them he tried to go say hi to didnt appreciate the gesture, and after a few reprimands, he finally settled with just sniffing as they went past.
  17. Maya would glance as other pets and their humans would walk past, watching as Hexus would try and greet them only to be left behind in the dust by their actions. She felt slightly bad for the canine, but she figured that with due time the people around here would grow to understand him a little more, or at least get to know him and now flee from him or try to hurt him. It would just take time, just like it would take time for him, and herself, to adjust to a new place.

    With a small yawn, Maya lifted her arm up to glance at the watch she wore, her eyes trailing over the marks on it before looking down at Hexus. "Wanna go back and see if mom and dad have doe anything with the place? We've been walking for a while, so maybe we should go back?" Personally she didn't care, but she wanted to know what he thought about it.
  18. He looks up at her, his tail wagging softly. A moment later, he yawns widely. It had been a long day for the wolf. From the time the sun had risen to past midday, he had been stuck in the car, only to be let out once in a while to stretch a bit. After that was the excitement of the move and of seeing his human, then the long walk. He could feel the weariness like lead in his bones. He shook himself from nose to tail then nuzzled her. He was more than ready to head home. Sniffing the air, he tried to find his other humans, but there were so many other smells, he had a hard time finding them.
  19. Despite herself, Maya laughed at the wolf's actions. She pet the top of his head before looking back up and moving her legs to start back to where she knew the apartment was located at. She just hoped that her parents, especially her mother, hadn't done anything wrong with the place. She doubted they would though, but still the looming thought of them having been doing a little bit of unpacking for her, hopefully anyway, worried her just a bit. "We'll have to take a little more time for ourselves to get to see everything around here one day." She shrugged then, and continued walking.

    It took them about the same amount of time to get back to the apartment that it did to walk to where ever they had went. She opened the door, sighing when she found that it wasn't locked, and walked in, a bit surprised to see that a lot of the boxes in the living room had either been opened, the contents empty or just about empty, and some boxes just put in a more organized way. When her parents noticed that they were back, the both of them smiled before sighing and going on about she did have too many things, and this was so much more of a hassle than trying to move her into her dorm when she resided in one. The girl couldn't help but laugh until the went on to ask how the walk had went. "It was good; this place is nice anyway." She shrugged. "Right, Hexus?"
  20. He looked up at her happily, his tail wagging softly behind him. He once again wandered through the house, sniffing everything before curling up in a corner of the couch, a large yawn escaping him. The long walk had worn him out pretty well and now he was ready for a nice long nap. He scratched an itch on his neck, then shook himself from head to tail. The collar had begun to bug him, and he desperately wanted it off. He scratched at it and tried to bite it off, but nothing he did worked. He looked over at Maya, his ears folded back softly and a quiet whine coming from him.
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