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Well, hello. My name is Scattered, but my online freinds call me SA. It's kind of short, but whatever. I'm a girl, and 13, but I feel I am fairly mature for my age. I have roleplayed before, but am new to the site. Roleplaying is one of the biggest parts of my life, and it's really helped me improve my writing, and so I am thankful to my friends on the other site that I come from. I much prefer group roleplays, but that might be because I've never wanted to do a 1x1, and so haven't done one. I'm not good at writing anything but fantasy, but I personally think that I'm pretty good at fantasy.
Um.....I think that's about it. So, what about you all?


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Hi, sorry for he late welcome but anyway welcome to Iwaku~! and yeah as for me, I cool with anything except for horror since I've never RP with Horror genre before~!
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