Not Quite Snow White (Nydanna & Merlot Beauty)

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  1. OOC Info for roleplay between Nydanna and Merlot Beauty. Please do not post in here if you are not us. o.o

    Nydanna's Characters:

    Name: Cassandra Young (Snow White)
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 125lbs
    History: The youngest daughter of two, Cassandra has always struggled with trying to get attention, especially with an older sister that is ten years her senior. While she was struggling with multiplication tables, her sister was getting acceptance letters to some of the top colleges in the U.S and leaving Cassie in her shadow. Of course this naturally made her the more rebellious sibling, the one who got into trouble for sneaking out with boys her parents didn’t approve of, and doing all the things her older sister Katelyn wouldn’t have been caught dead doing. At the age of 17, shortly after graduating from high school an average student, Cassie moved out with one of her ‘boyfriends’ a man six years older than her with a reputation for being a player. She should have known it’d never work out, but she remained with him over the years, hoping that things in their relationship would improve.

    Now at the age of twenty, she is still with Ronny, although the relationship isn’t in any better shape than it was before. Because she never went to college, she works as a barista at a small café just down the street from her apartment, but due to her lackadaisical mindset, and her less than professional demeanor, she is at risk of losing even that menial job. Barely scrapping by on her wages, she’s behind on nearly all of her bills, but always makes sure that she saves at least $5 out of every paycheck to take her five year old niece out for ice cream every Saturday afternoon. Other than that, her life is spent pretty much living paycheck to paycheck, and trying desperately to survive with a roof over her head.

    Name: Ivetta Van'Buraugh
    Age: 35

    History: Born to peasants, Ivetta struggled to survive all of her childhood. Between hunger, sickness, and the elements, she managed to reach the age of sixteen. This was the age that she blossomed. The young peasant girl, while poor, was stunningly beautiful, which drew men to her like a moth to a flame. It was also at this age that Ivetta was approached by a witch named Molle, who saw an opportunity to not only use the young girl's beauty for her own gain, but a way to pass on her knowledge. Soon the two were running scams on the rich, with Ivetta posing as a fortune teller to attract the crowds, and Molle rendering them unconscious to rob them blind.

    As they moved from town to town, city to city, Ivetta began put her teachings to practice. Her first spell was on a wealthy Lord, whom she enchanted to fall in love with her. He was the first victim of her heartlessness, and her ambitions to become powerful. After a whirlwind romance that lasted all of a week, the two were soon married. Everything seemed to be perfect, at least from the outside, but on the inside a plot had already formed. On their wedding night, the lord suddenly, and unexpectedly died, leaving a bereaved Ivetta to inherit all of his wealth and lands. Of course she played the part of the grieving widow while secretly moving Mille into her new home to continue her education. For years the two used their magic to increase their lands, cursing neighboring lords with plagues upon their lands and buying up those lands when they became worthless. Once they owned the lands, the curse would be lifted and they would prosper once again.

    After ten years together, Mille passed on, leaving Ivetta alone to fend for herself, which she could easily. It was during this time that the queen of Vendaria, the neighboring country, died, leaving the king alone to raise his young daughter alone. Seeing an opportunity to gain more power, Ivetta set her sights on the king and soon had him under her spell. Within a month they were married, and slowly but surely Ivetta began to take control of the kingdom.


    Name: Gregmar Allisandro
    Age: Appears to be in his mid 20's

    (WIP. Found this picture and I wanted to use it for the 'good' guy.)
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  2. Places


    A large nation nestled on a great fell of rolling hills and vibrant grasses. The people of these lands are stout and strong. They are built to weather harsh winters, and work hard during their short, but critical growing seasons. Their ruling family, the Branigans, have taken their people into a Golden era, and the family has ruled for three generations.

    Now, their heir and future ruler has worked hard to bring his nation yet further. With his marriage to the young, beautiful princess Snow their two nations together will control the great road across the Great Divide--the only source of trade in the North.

    Main Characters, Played by Merlot Beauty

    Evan Branigan (Age 27) - Called the little Charmer from the age of three, the heir and future King of Arlmathan showed great promise as a leader. He has a natural talent for negotiation, and economics.

    Hunt (Age unknown; appears to be in early 30's) - His dark seething glare, a stormy night peering out from a harsh face, offers only contempt and hatred. His long unkept hair and beard make him more of a beast than a man. If he has a given name, no one knows it, and most refer to him as Hunt, or the Hunter. It is enough of a title for him.

    Of course, many believe that he is a wolf trapped in the body of a man...

    I will add more to both of these characters as we get into the story :)
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  3. Vendaria

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