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Hello all, I'm CaptainSassypants you can call me Captin, sas, or Sassy, or whatever wild nickname you can come up with. I already made a thread in the Redstar section but I'm just going to post here too to cover all my basis. So I'm finally free from the prison that is college, for winter break and as usual, I'm looking for a roleplay or two to fill my time. So let's just get into this, shall we?
Disclaimer: I'm not going to pretend I'm not picky because I am. So I'm going to be upfront about the things I'm looking for if you can meet them then great but please don't contact me if you have no intentions of meeting my expectations.

- I'm a Multi-Para writer posts range from 500 to 1000+ words I'm looking for someone able to keep up with that.

-I'm 21 and I personally feel most comfortable roleplaying with partners 18+ seeing as romance/ mature themes are usually involved.

-I mainly prefer playing female main characters in MxF pairing so I'm looking for someone to play a Male main. I have no problem playing any number of side characters of any gender or orientation though and I expect you to be able to do the same

- I like complex well-planned plots that usually involve lots of twists and characters but I don't like being the one to carry it I need someone equally capable of driving the story forward and bringing new ideas to the table

- Since I'm on break for about a month I was hoping for someone who'd be able to post on a fairly regular basis. Once a day at the very least is preferable, more than that would be nice. I do realize that's kind of a lot to ask so I'm flexible on this one.

- A small note on Faceclaims: I'd prefer if we could use anime or illustrations. Realistic face claims sometimes make me uncomfortable.

Contacting me:
If after reading everything you're still interested please contact me through PM. Let me know which prompts caught your eye, any other interests or preferences you might have, and if possible please also provide a writing sample of what a typical post of yours would look like as to make it easier to tell if we'd be compatible. Please don't just say interested and nothing else I need something to work with

I'm trash and always a sucker for a good romance as long as it's well written and the characters have good chemistry. I'm not looking for love-at-first-sight, they lived happily ever after nonsense.
Smut is all fine and good honestly I'm ok either way but it needs a good plot to back it up

Genres + themes I like
-Supernatural( demons, Vampires, ghosts, etc... (except Zombies))
-Dark characters/ themes

I honestly don't have any limits. If you have any please let me know I'd like to be respectful of them.

Finally time for the fun stuff! I don't have any plots in mind at the moment and I'd rather build the plot with my partner so I'm going to change it up and post some Dialogue prompts ( courtesy of See if one or two catches your eye and we can go from there.

Promises, Promises
"There’s a price for everything,” the demon murmured. They traced their finger down the woman’s throat, along racing pulse point, stopping when a sharp nail reached above her heart. It cut through the material of her dress with hopeless ease at even so casual gesture. The demon’s gaze fixed on her with an intent and unmistakable hunger. “You,” the demon continued. “Were mine.”

“No one else is authorized to trade my soul.”

“Oh, it wasn’t your soul that your beloved promised me.”

Servant to the king
“Perhaps your servant can see to my needs?” The visiting noble smiled, eyes fixed on the King as if they were unaware of the cheek of presuming to have the King’s personal servant at use.

The servant looked to the King, because surely they would say no? From the rumors going around, the noble was not known for his kindness.

Their King looked at the noble with an unreadable expression. Cool. Then they gestured a hand, the same hand that had drawn the servant close so tenderly the night before and stroked their hair with such affection.

The servant’s stomach dropped.

Old Gods
“Should you be spending so much time at the shrine of a dead god?” asked the old god. “They can’t help you anymore.”

“I’m not looking for their help,” they replied. They continued to tidy the place up, replacing the withered flowers with fresh ones. “I like it here, it’s peaceful. Why are you here then at the shrine of a dead god if you think it’s so useless?”

A smile twitched the old god’s face. “I like it here,” the old god replied. “There are pretty flowers.”

“Dearest. Darling. Sweetheart,” the protagonist flatly recited the list of endearments the antagonist was most likely to wield in their conversations. “You’re play acting at intimacy again. God, it must be desperately lonely being you.”

“Oh, love. I’m not the one play acting at anything – if I wanted to be intimate with you, baby, I’d bother to learn your name.”

Just Doing Business
“You’re not their obsession or even their enemy, you’re a business transaction.” Their rival stayed lazily where they sat, even as the argument around the room halted, even as their gaze locked intent on the protagonist. “So, let me talk business with them.”

“You think you can outbid the competition and put a better offer on the table?”

“I think you’re a pretty package that I am more than capable of selling.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“It’s business, love. Trust doesn’t come into it.”

The door had barely closed before they were shoved up against it, drawn up onto their toes by hands curled tight in the front of their clothes. Their lips parted as the air knocked out of their lungs and a mouth crushed against their own. God knows why they kissed back, but they did. Fiercely, desperately, fingers twining into the back of their rival’s hair to hold them close.
“God,” their rival growled. “You’re maddening.” They kissed again, moved down to their throat - making their back arch against the door with a bite. “You think you’re so much better than everyone else.” A grind of hips, a rake of nails against their side, drawing a needy sound. “Still moan like everyone else when you’re kissed, don’t you?”

Happily Ever After
“Oh, you’re a fairy-tale of a girl, aren’t you?” the witch murmured, caressing a thumb over her lips. “Full of blood and justice. Let the crows peck out the heart of the world so long as the princess gets her happy ending, hm?”

I See Everything
“It’s funny,” the vampire murmured. “Everyone always thinks about zombies having visions for eating brains, but it never seems to occur to them that blood spills its own stories too. It always has done.”

The human swallowed, backing up a step as the vampire continued to prowl closer. “What did you see?”


Baby, it’s dangerous outside
“It’s dangerous out there.” The villain wrapped their arms around tight around the civilian, a fraction too tight perhaps, and drew them close.

The civilian shook, still stunned by the horrors they had witnessed. “How could someone do something like that? All those people - all that damage -”

“It’s alright, I have you now. God, I could have lost you-”

They babbled over each other. The villain; horrified that the civilian could have been lost to them in the madness when they should never have been close to the carnage at all. The civilian; blind, reeling at the seeming bravery of the villain in saving them. Dizzy with relief that they were both safe.