Not My Agreement

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  1. “I wont give her to you!” A woman's voice shrieked down the hallway and the raised voices had awoke a small girl no older then six. She stood clutching a teddy bear to her chest as she watched the door at the end of the hallway, it was her mothers room and where the voices were coming from.

    “We had a deal…” A mans voice hissed out and she heard foot steps. “You wanted your life spared and you promised me your daughter on the day she turns eighteen, I am keeping you to that and I will come for her on that day.”

    “No! I wont allow you to take her, I love her and I wont give her over to you!” Her mother’s voice rose sharply.

    “I will have her! But ill also have your life!” There was the sound of shuffling feet and then a scream and a crashing sound.

    Then came silence and the girl stood there for a long moment before slowly moving down the hallway and she stopped once she got to the door. Taking a shaking breath the girl reached her hand out and slowly pushed the door; she cracked it at first. “Mommy?” She whispered, the room was dim and there were long shadows cast across the walls. At first the girl didn’t see a thing then she caught sight of her mother hand peeking from the other side of the bed

    “Mommy?” She questioned and got nothing. The small child rushed over to her; thinking she had just fallen asleep. But as she moved to the other side and got a clear look at her mothers body she could see that a blade was thrust deep into her mothers chest, her eyes were wide open and blood seeping from the wound and mouth, even though she was just a child she knew something wasn’t right. Slowly the girl sank down to her knees and placed her hand on her mothers shoulder. “Wake up Mommy…” She gave the shoulder a slight nudge but to no avail.


    A clap of thunder brought Cara back to the present time and she blinked as she once more saw the rain rolling down the glass. It had been twelve long years since she was placed in this horrid place. She pressed her lips together as she heard the women behind her shift in her set.

    “Tell me Cara what do you remember from that night?” With out even looking she could hear and even sense the women lean over a little.

    Slowly Cara turned to face the women and gave her an icy glare. “I have already told you, there was someone else in that room!” How many times did she have to say that? Cara had stuck to her story since the very start for it was the truth and still they didn’t believe her and in truth they thought she had done it. They hadnt found any evidence of anyone else inside the room. That was why she was inside this wicked place.

    “I know, but I don’t think your telling the truth. I think you know what really happened…” The women shot her a sorry look.

    “I want to go back to my room.” She whispered, tired of trying to make people believe her.

    The women was about to open her mouth but decided against pushing Cara to stay, she nodded her head. “Ok, you may go but I want you back here tomorrow.” She rose from her set and walked to the door, opening it she called to one of the nurses that always were around. “Walk Cara back to her room.”

    With that she left the room and walked down the long white hallway with doors all the way down it. There came soft pounding on some of the doors but she didn’t even bother looking towards them, knowing very well that she would see the crazy people slamming against the wall and glass.

    Walking into her room she turned slightly and saw the nurse close the door and then sighed and went and fell onto her bed. Tonight was her 18th birthday. She was on pins and needles, the words the man spoke ran though her head. She closed her eyes, hearing the pouring rain hit against the building. You promised me your daughter on the day she turns eighteen, I am keeping you to that and I will come for her on that day.