Not leaving entirely but...

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  1. So it seems since the rules and age differential thing took hold this site has gotten slow as molasses in December, so I've been getting on A LOT less. I just haven't had the heart to continue on with the daily posts and being on almost all day. I'm not leaving entirely, but I just thought I should warn some people that I have deleted A LOT of my RPs, so if you respond and I don't respond within two days, shoot me a message. It's not that I didn't like the RPs, I just lost the heart to continue them. So, yeah... I'll be on maybe every few days...
  2. *looks at status*

    Y'know... there's some other sections ABOVE the Mature Roleplays.

    You might want to take a glance.
  3. We have whole forums dedicated to things without sex!
    It's true, I promise!
    Sci-fi, modern, fantasy (not even the sexual kind!), and jump-ins!
    Plus, one on ones, which don't have smut!
    It's awesome and if you want, I can give you links!
  4. Agreeing with Kitti! If you need help getting into the thrill of more rps, let us know! We're here to help you have awesome role playing awesomeness!