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  1. Ever had an issue deciding what to do and wanted General Chats advice?
    But didn't want to spam the page with individual question threads?
    Look no further! :D

    Use this thread for people to collectively ask others for insight/advice, and answer other's as well.

    Note: Reason this isn't in Counseling is because this is intended for stuff like "What game, what book, what show?" etc. Not for any serious or complicated matters going on in one's life.

    Now to get started.

    Play/Finish Pokemon Alpha Sapphire?
    Or Finish watching Avatar the Last Air Bender?
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  2. Finish watching Avatar of course.

    Awesome creation by the way...

    Do I get drunk tonight or stay sober?
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  3. Depends.
    Does one need to be up early for something tomorrow?
    If so, maybe not. If not? Go nuts. :P
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  4. Avatar. Grew out of Pokemon when I was ten. Aang is better.

    @Siren beat me to it.

    I guess it depends on how your day went. If you want to forget about tomorrow (and have a driver) go for it.

    A friend of mine keeps stressing I watch some classic Doctor Who. Should I?
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  5. [​IMG]
    If you've got nothing else to do? Go for it.
    Though I'm also going to drag in the expert on this one @Kaga-kun.
  6. You should definitely watch Doctor Who. Awesome!
  7. *inhales deeply* I'll reply to this more in-depth later.

    Though for now I'll just say YEEEES.
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  8. I think specifically he wants me to see the third and fourth, since they're his favorites. Guy's frickin' obsessed with Tom Baker.
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  9. ALSO, Gwazi, if you haven't watched Avatar since you were a kid, I recommend you start re-watching from the beginning. You make it sound like you recently got like halfway through it, but, you sure your memory's good enough to just pick up from book 2 or w/e? The continuity's kind of tight, especially when they bring back characters who were previously only in one episode.

    Sometimes it's amazing how little we actually remember about shows from our childhood. If you're gonna start watching episodes you haven't seen before, you'll want a clear memory of everything that came before.
  10. As he should be. Tom Baker's fucking amazing. In fact, he's usually the one I recommend when people say they want to get into Classic Who.

    Cuz like, here's the thing, I've seen so many people try to watch the very first episode of Classic Who, and then give up shortly after that because they just can't get into the early episodes, and don't want to slog through them all in order to get to the obsessed-over legends like Tom Baker. But see, there are some good reasons why the early episodes come off as such. Not only did the show have the budget of a ham sandwich, all while being really experimental and having no idea what it wanted to be (thus leading to some weird episodes), but, probably the most important thing, TV was very different in the 1960's than it is today. The pacing, in particular, was a lot slower back then than today. Which doesn't really make it bad as much as a product of the times, though it would feel really slow to someone more used to today's TV. It's basically a culture shock, and it's too much for most New Who fans to deal with, which is why they can't get past the earliest episodes.

    Therefore, I usually recommend Tom Baker (or, hell, Jon Pertwee, the Third Doc, is another good place to start, too), because, while it is still very different from New Who, it's not as outrageously different as the early Hartnell episodes. By this point, the pacing is easier to adjust to, the show's found more of a rhythm and knows what it's doing, and the budget/effects have improved. I mean, a lot of the effects are still pretty laughable, admittedly, but they've moved past the point of cardboard spaceships held up by visible strings, so, that's an improvement.

    Also, Classic Who is easy to jump around with, so you can just sample some of the mid-Classic-era Doctors like Three and Four and then go back and watch the others later. While New Who places a bit more emphasis on season-long arcs, Classic Who almost never does. Each story is rather self-contained, so you can pick up just about any Classic Who DVD off a library shelf, for example, and not be confused.

    Speaking of which, I should probably explain the arc format. See, while New Who episodes are usually 45 minutes and sometimes two-parters (but usually not), Classic Who has 24 minute episodes that are packaged into tightly-linked arcs that are usually 4 episodes long. So, one Classic Who story is spread out across a number of episodes in the same way that a two-part story in New Who would be. That’s another reason why so many people give up so quickly when they don’t understand the arc format — you get to the end credits and think “What? Hardly anything happened”, but that’s because part 1 of most arcs is mostly exposition. There’s a ton left to watch. I mean, given how long these arcs are when you watch them in one sitting, watching only one episode in an arc and judging it based on that is basically the same as watching the first 24 minutes of a Sherlock episode and doing the same with that. Each story is best viewed as a whole.

    In fact, if you have access to any hard copy DVD’s (I recommend checking a local library), each DVD is just one arc. Hence why you can pick up any Classic Who DVD and start watching just fine, since you don’t need to know a ton about what came before it. Sure, you might not know a ton about how the Doctor met whatever companion he’s currently traveling with and that might add more to the story, but, hey, that’ll just make it even better upon re-watch. You can always go back and watch stuff in-order later, but, when you just want to get a taste for all of it and get used to how different it is, it’s best to just sample a bunch of different stuff and go back and watch chunks of it in-order later.

    Edit: Actually wait, the Third Doctor's era has slightly stricter continuity than the Doctors before and after him, since there's sort of this whole over-arching story about how he's stranded on Earth for his first few seasons cuz the TARDIS is broken and he has to figure out how to repair it, so he winds up working for UNIT and helping them with their alien nonsense in the meantime, so... yeah. Fair warning on that part.
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  11. I actually did pick it up again a few months ago, and had reached episode 17, season 1 there.
    Then I got distracted, and set it aside. So I had seen it since I was a kid. :P

    However, since posting this topic I went a bit more ahead where I finished episode 9 of season 2 now.
  12. Oh, that's cool!

    Then yeah go ahead and keep going with that. ^^
  13. kk. :P

    Though just to point out.
    When in one of our OOC's I mentioned The last airbender having a number of episodes that seemed to be just filler?
    That was having seen them just a few months ago, not memories from half my life time ago. :P
  14. *nod, nod* Well yeah, but even having seen them recently, I can see how they would at first seem like filler. Most of them are, again, establishing characters and concepts for later episodes, though.
  15. Well I am noticing some of them coming back around though, so I'm glad to have been proven wrong. :)
  16. Posting lots of question threads isn't bad o.o it's kinda encouraged; it gives everyone stuff to do when they're not role playing, and separate threads give each question distinct visibility and focus in addition to keeping the General mood light; "what's your favourite comedy movie" isless likely to incite hair pulling than some other topics, so we like that they keep coming! :P

    Carry on, just wanted to point this out.
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  17. Who said that posting lots of question threads was bad?
  18. Should I write some, or finish reading Lord of the Flies.
  19. Nobody did, but the implication I got was 'here's a group thread so you don't have to post multiple ones' and I thought I'd throw in a reminder that posting new threads for casual questions is a good thing, just in case anyone else got that vibe.

    No offence was intended or taken

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  20. That was the implication.
    I took a pre-caution cause lately I've been getting accusations from people claiming I'm "spamming".
    That and how General Chat =/= Spam Section, where multiple similliar threads were a trend.

    So yea, just took a precaution to avoid the "Ermagawd! Gwazi's a spammer!" complaints.
    If Staff are telling me that multiple Question threads are fine though?
    Well, I'm glad to hear that my paranoia was unneeded. :3

    Do you want to do both?

    No? Do the one you want to do.
    Yes? Try to read, but if you get a creative flow going drop the book and pick up the pen.
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