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  1. Inspired by this:

    So, what weird, inappropriate, but not unlawful things can you get away with? What's not illegal?

    Milking your cat is not illegal...
  2. HAcking your rivals company and destroying all their files if not illigal
  3. Really? It should be.
  4. Buying childpornography in germany is not illegal :^)
    (No, really, some dumb politician got away without any punishment because of it =_=)
  5. naming your dog "Dog" and cat "Cat" in anywhere but singapore
  6. Wait, you can't do that in Singapore? Why?

    Also, I think you're all missing the point. The objective of the game is to make up silly things you can do that aren't against the law. Like in the song I linked to.

    Jumping rope in a church is not illegal.
  7. Having sex with a horse in some states.

    Naming your Dog Hitler so you can go "Heil Hitler!".
  8. Buying rulers to make pants out of is not illegal!
  9. Feeding beer to kangaroos is not illegal - to a point - in Australia.
  10. Really? Wouldn't the kangaroos kill you by being drunk?

    I'm pretty sure that throwing your underwear at prisoners is not illegal.
  11. Using duct tape as clothing in public is legal, as long as it covers your genitals and ass crack (and nipples if you're a woman)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.