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  1. I can't think up a good introduction for this partner request, so I'll get straight to the plot.

    Our leading lady spent most of her life as timid and quiet. Throughout elementary school and junior high, she only had two friends but they were inseparable. One of her friends was the good girl, always following the rules and being helpful. Her other friend was the rebel, breaking rules and getting in trouble. She usually sided with whoever was talking louder at the time.

    Then, in high school, everything changed. The good girl got a boyfriend and he and his friend joined their group. The good girl's boyfriend became the leader, full of charisma and instinct but not always the best in school. His friend was the smart guy, cool and analytical. The timid girl developed a severe crush on the smart guy but never had the guts to tell him, especially after the rebel decided to make him hers and started hanging all over him all of the time. The timid girl began to feel more and more isolated with the other four paired off but she wasn't brave enough to speak up. She spent the rest of high school feeling lonely in a group.

    Then there was graduation. The leader and the good girl went to the same local university and stayed together as a couple. The rebel got a job. The smart guy got a scholarship for a prestigious school far away. Our leading lady went to the university which her parents had picked out for her. They drifted apart and now all the contact the timid girl has with them is the occasional email from the good girl talking about how they should get together for lunch sometime.

    College had a wonderful effect on the timid girl. Without her insulating group surrounding her, she was forced to interact with other people more and she began to blossom. By the time she graduated with her bachelor's degree, she had changed completely. She still might not be the most social person on the planet but she's no longer the devastatingly shy person she used to be.

    The timid girl is now between the ages of twenty-three and twenty-five (I'll let you decide). She is either pursuing a career or a graduate degree. Every now and then, she thinks back on high school and what it would have been like if she'd only been a little more confident and a little less shy. She thinks back especially on her crush and what it would have been like if they'd actually had a relationship. In her remembering, however, she tends to idealize the smart guy to the point of completely changing the personality he had.

    On her way home one day, she sees a house fire and standing in front of the building, gaping in shock and despair as the firemen try in vain to save the building, is a vaguely familiar face--the smart guy! On a whim, likely because she was feeling particularly nostalgic that day, she talks to him and ends up inviting him to sleep on her sofa until he can find a new place to stay.

    To her horror, she finds that not only is he nothing like she remembers (in a bad way), she now can't get rid of him! Though he frustrates and infuriates her to no end, she begins to see the adorable parts of him as well as time passes. Now she has a second chance at that relationship, if she wants it.


    I will be playing the smart guy, so I am looking for someone to play the timid girl.

    I imagine this plot in a romantic comedy style with lots of over-the-top outrageous situations to bring the couple closer together. For example, perhaps her very conservative parents pay a surprise visit and she has to scramble to hide the fact that she is living with a man--cue him doing something ridiculous to ruin or nearly ruin her plan. I expect a lot of collaboration on this because we both need to agree on when we need more comedy scenes and when we should slow down for a little romance.

    If you are over eighteen and want to move this to the mature section, I'm fine with that but you have to expressly let me know. This plot will work just fine without mature scenes.

    The other three from the group will be shared characters, as their only appearances (at least initially, we can discuss adding them later) will be in the memories of the two leads and their memories of high school will likely differ drastically, even when remembering the same event.

    My requirements for a role-play partner are relatively simple. I want proper use of English spelling and grammar. There are exceptions, such as the occasional typo and cases where English is not the first language of the writer, but those are not excuses for sloppiness. Long posts are appreciated but it is always quality over quantity. Whatever you write and however much you write, you must give me something to reply to. Collaboration is the last requirement. I get little enjoyment from role-plays where I feel like I'm the only one doing any work on pushing the story forward.

    If you're interested, let me know.

  2. Im interested but I'm new here so I'm a little rusty on roleplaying i guess. But otherwise it seems like a cool plot and I'd like to try it out.
  3. I'm interested ^^
  4. Just curious if you found a partner or not. Let me know! If you did I hope you two have a lovely rp but if not I would love to fill the spot.
  5. Just another single bachelorette letting you know I, too, am interested, lol. (:
  6. I think I'd very much enjoy this if you're still doing it.
  7. This sound amazing! I realise you probably have this filled already but if you have room, I'd love to do this! :)
  8. Well a lot seem to like this story. It seems to have a lot of potential, the type to have different kinds of endings. If you still want to find someone to accommodate for it, I would happily partake in it. I like knowing someone agrees with the ideal of "quality over quantity"; multiple paragraphs scare me a bit.
  9. I'd be interested ^^
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