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  1. Growling in blatant frustration, the earth-bound gijinka glared fearlessly up at the Cresselia flying over head. "Just because I'm the guy responsible for nightmares, is it?!" He asked as he drew up another blast of darkness to launch at that good for nothing, oh so perfect excuse for a legendary pokemon. Blaming him for causing the nightmares of the local pokemon, how dare she?! He'd been out like a light back in his own den when those pokemon had their nightmares.
    Cresselia started to use psycho cut, and he just wasn't fast enough to get out of the way. It left a decent enough cut across his stomach, and he was knocked back on his butt by the force of it. He braced himself for a second round of attack, but before Cresselia could make her move, a flash of light sparked to life in the air between them. Before he even had a chance to scramble away, however, a portal sparked to life and sucked up the gijinka.
    A blinding white light washed over him, and he quickly lost consciousness. The feeling of something cold and wet everywhere around him quickly woke him up. He gasped in pain, the cut he'd gotten earlier was certainly no petty scratch. His sharp blue gaze took in his surroundings warily. Did Cresselia knock his sorry ass all the way to the top of Mount Coronet? Or did he get knocked to Snowppoint City instead? His gaze took in everything closely, the thick snow that chilled him to the bone, the tall trees bare with branches covered in the cold white substance that the gijinka came around to hate every year.
    He struggled to sit up, seeing small droplets of crimson staining the snow. His jaws were clenched in pain. His gaze fell upon the house merely a few yards away. He was in someone's backyard?
    Grimacing at the new development, he made a move to run away, but instead he gasped in pain and fell face first into the snow. He shivered fiercely as a cold wind blew.

  2. Maya's face scrunched in concentration as she tapped the 3DS screen. Today was devoted to making her new Eevee evolution team love her, and Head It was the only game she was really good at. Once the score hit 800, Maya let the rest of the virtual yarn balls fall. Closing her system, Maya walked to the kitchen as she rubbed her green eyes. "Ugh, that game makes me go cross-eyed sometimes." Grabbing a soda from the fridge, Maya sat at the table and let her mind wander. It had already been three days since her parents went on their vacation, leaving her there to house sit. "Hawaii would have been so nice...far better than this frigid wasteland." Shivering just thinking about the cold snow piled outside, Maya grabbed her red scarf from the nearby coat rack and wrapped it around her neck. "They won't even let me bump up the thermostat..."

    Suddenly, Maya heard a strange noise. She froze and continued to listen, every horrible scenario she could think of flashed through her mind. She lived in the middle of nowhere, so there really would be no one able to hear her scream. Faintly, she heard the sound of crunching snow, though for it to reach her ears, it couldn't have just been footsteps. Realizing she was sitting right in front of the window, Maya shifted her lower body to the right and sat up. Taking a step to the right, she quickly spun, pressing her chest into the wall. Mustering her courage, Maya's head inched towards the window until her eyes barely peeked out. They widened in shock at the scene before her. An odd looking guy with white hair was laying face-first in the snow. His black and red coat was unique, unlike any she'd seen in a store. Before fully surveying the sight, Maya jumped to conclusions. A drunkard? At this time of day? In my yard?! A burst of anger rushed over Maya as she slammed her window open. Shoving her upper body through the window into the frosty outdoors, Maya's eyes sparked with rage. "Hey you stupid drunk! Sober up and get off my property! I'll call the cops!"

    As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Maya's fury passed, and she began to regret her outburst. Okay...maybe that wasn't so smart. With the error of her ways quite apparent to her now, Maya pulled her body back into the kitchen and slammed the window shut. She watched the young man for signs of motion, only to now notice the red splotches on the snow. "Oh crap! Is that blood?! I thought it was part of his jacket!" Now filled with panic, mingled with a sense of compassion, Maya slipped on her father's snow boots and rushed out the back door. Almost slipping a few times, she reached the youth and skidded to a stop. Her brown ponytail swayed as she looked the male over multiple times. "Hey! Are you okay?! Do you need an ambulance?! What happened?!" Utterly unprepared for such a situation, Maya fretted in place, too afraid to touch or move him.

  3. At the sound of movement coming from the human house, and the shout of a young, probably teenage girl, the gijinka couldn't think of a worse situation to find himself in. Surely the human would try to capture him. It was what all humans attempted to do at some point. He managed to push himself up from the snow, though a small droplet of blood occasionally dripped from the torn fabric. He glanced back to the house when he heard a door slam, and the crunching, slipping steps no doubt belonging to the young woman approached. He stared up at her warily, his sharp blue eyes making his distrust of humans very clear. "I-I'll be just fine..." His voice was quiet, made gruff by the pain pulsing through him. Why wasn't this human attacking him? He was a gijinka, a legendary one at that. "N-No, no ambulance." He spoke around his chattering teeth. He hated the cold, he really did. Almost as much as he hated Cresselia at the moment.
  4. As the man spoke, Maya's eyes fell to the large gash across his stomach. A faint wave of nauseous passed over her as the smell of blood enhanced the horror of the scene. Only barely keeping her breakfast down, Maya's mind raced with all the things that were wrong with this scenario. Either this guy is a complete psycho and is willing to hurt himself just to get in the house...or there's a different psycho running loose and this guy seriously needs help. Maya finally met his eyes, and his intense glare caused her to stagger back slightly. If he really wanted to rob or murder me, he'd want me to bring him into the house...unless he knows he's psychotic and doesn't want to hurt me accidentally. A few seconds of silence, and Maya finally spoke. "If you'll...excuse me for a moment..." Maya turned on her heels and quickly trudged back into the house.

    Her compassion was wearing thin as her mind proceeded to shove horrible imagery into her head. However, it was still there, and thus she couldn't decide whether to help the unfortunate soul or not. Opening a drawer, she pulled out a six-sided die. It was silly, and her mom hated that Maya did it, but whenever there was a decision she couldn't make up her mind on, Maya would roll a die. The teenager twisted the die in her fingers for a moment before making up her own system. "1 or 2, I leave him. 3 or 4, I call an ambulance against his will. 5 or 6, I bring him in the house and help him myself." Taking in a large breath, Maya flipped the die onto the kitchen table. It clattered over the wooden surface and finally came to a stop...on 6. Maya exhaled the air and furrowed her eyebrows. "...Two out of three?" Deep down, Maya had hoped a 1 through 4 would come up. She was afraid of the consequences of helping him, but guilt from thoughts of abandoning him caused her to at least give it a chance. She grabbed the die and rolled it again...and again it landed on the 6. Crossing her arms, she looked up at nothing in particular. "Fine, fine. I'll help him. But if I die, I'm blaming whatever celestial power is responsible."

    Maya popped into the living room and grabbed a red blanket from the couch. Good thing we like the color will make covering this whole situation easier. Slogging back to the wounded man, Maya crouched down to talk with him eye level. Though she spoke calmly, there was a slight gleam of fear in her eyes. "Sorry for the wait. Apparently the cosmos has decided I must help you, but ultimately it's up to you. You can come with me into the house, or stay out here in the snow." If the white-haired male took her up on the offer, Maya would attempt to drape the blanket over his shoulders and help him to the house, if he allowed. If he declined, Maya would at least offer the blanket to him, since it was quite obvious that the cold was bothering him.
  5. The gijinka was ready for anything, waiting for the human to make a move. He was not ready, however, for her to turn tail and head back into the house.
    He didn't let his confusion show, his gaze remaining focused on the house. What was she doing? Getting some kind of weapon? That sounded like something a human would do. His gaze was filled with distrust as the girl reappeared. His gaze fell to the snow covered ground as he thought over her offer. Going into a human's home went against every survival instinct he had. But, there was some kind of quality about this girl that dulled this instinct. Surely, the human was trouble, right? He grimaced, his gaze resting on her yet again. "I-I'll go inside... I-If that's alright." He spoke about as evenly as one could when laying in the snow in light clothing. What was he getting himself into this time?
  6. Lightly pulling the oddly dressed young man to her house, Maya brought him to the living room. Taking the red blanket from his shoulders, Maya draped it over the couch and helped rest the youth upon it. Feeling the cold breeze from the kitchen, the brunette teen returned to the open door and closed it, flicking her boots off as she did so. Half jogging, Maya made her way to the first-floor bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet over the sink. She scanned the contents, her brows furrowing. She tried to pull up memories from health class in hopes that she'd remember what to do in such a situation, but nothing came. "I don't think we even were taught how to treat something like this..." Remembering that she had technology at her disposal, Maya grabbed her iPhone from her skirt pocket and googled how to dress an abdominal wound. She had to smirk as a military study guide popped up to answer her question. Skimming the contents, she grabbed gauze from the bathroom cabinet and returned to her patient. Maya guided his body into the proper position, making sure he was on his back. She blushed as she lightly touched his upper calves so he'd have his legs up and flexed.

    Looking again at her phone, Maya took a deep breath as she looked his wound over. She couldn't tell if there was clothing it is, so she didn't try to remove his black coat. Returning her gaze to the instructions, she bit her lower lip at the next set of directions. Her household was not known for intense injuries, so there wasn't any proper dressing laying around. She instead needed to find clean cloth to act as dressing. He was already on the red blanket, not to mention that her parents would definitely notice if she tore the blanket. Her eyes fell to the red scarf around her next, and her brows furrowed. The scarf had been a gift for Christmas, and it held many memories. However, the situation was dire, and thus she unwrapped the muffler from her neck. Folding it into a three layer rectangle, Maya lightly placed the fabric over the wound. Reading the last of the instructions, Maya tore off a strand of gauze. A blush again reached her cheeks as she pull one end underneath the white-haired young man. Bringing it over to his left side, Maya wrapped the other end the opposite way and tied them ends off.

    Finally done with her task, she fell onto the nearby recliner, shaking slightly from the ordeal. She closed her eyes and took three deep breaths, attempting to calm herself down. She opened them and looked to her patient, giving a weak smile. "Well...I don't know how much that will help, but it's the best you'll get from someone without a medical degree. Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?" Reaching a calmer mindset, Maya finally took the time to look at the youth's face. Now realizing that it wasn't snow on his head that was making his hair white, the teen assumed what any normal person would. "And would you like me to take your wig off? It's got to be itchy."
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