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  1. I had an account on here before, just deleted it at one point♥ Anywho.. It's nice to be back. So, hello! c: It's nice to meet/see people here XD

    I really don't know what to say so.. Yeah, I guess. :oo
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  2. Hello! <3 Welcome Back!

    It's nice to meet you, uh... Di... Din... Dinser? Din&er? T_T We might ask you to use your profile settings and dabble with that name a bit. Nnnnnnot sure to the policy, so I'll get back to you hun, alright? XD

    In the mean time, once again: Welcome Back. I hope you find some awesome roleplays to dive into, and I hope you're able to swiftly reconnect to all the people you were connecting with before! If you have any questions, comments, general complaints; if you just want to hang; if you need help with any roleplays... Feel free to drop a message on my wall or PM me. I'm always available. <3
  3. Oh gosh xD The name is kind of heard to read, sorry about that~ I can change it. It's supposed to be Wander, kind of like from the Host I guess c: (That movie was adorable >n<)

    Alright, will do! Thank you, Seiji. ^U^
  4. The Host was good!

    And oh dear god, I would never have gotten that if you hadn't pointed it out... >>;; Whoopsie. I do see it now though! XD
  5. If it's that bad I'm just going to change it x33

    If I hadn't created the name, probably wouldn't have gotten it either ;oo

    ***EDIT**** Done<3
  6. You're a rockstar, Wander. <3 Thank you!
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  7. Mhm c:

    ~Pulls out a guitar~ Totally am a rockstar xDD
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