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Fantasy, Sci-fi, magical, romance, Yaoi (depending on the situation), Action, mystery.
A MxF roleplay, where I'm looking for someone to play the male role for the plot below.

She hadn't always been a princess, for some of her childhood she had raised herself. That was until the king and his knights stumbled upon her. The king found her to be a gorgeous young girl, a d thought that he would take her in, adopt her as his own daughter. No sooner than he did, did he make her a princess, and since then she's always had to act that way, even though she's more than happy to sit in the mud and make a mess. Even more so if that mess is herself. Upon becoming of age where the king now getting older by the day must find some suitor for his adopted daughter, she becomes curious about the princes that have shown up, but only one has caught her eye, and its not the one that everyone would expect. So what happens when the two of them end up sharing a bed together, and it becomes the biggest piece of gossip in the village, after one of the servants walk in on them by accident.

If you are interested or have any questions either pm me or ask away below in comments!


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Hey, I am interested in this so please drop me a Pm and we can chat :D
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