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  1. I've got this idea that I'm dying to do, but I'm looking for a really good partner.
    I have some requirements.

    1- Please be able to spell correctly- there's spell check, so there's really no reason for you to not spell things right.

    2- Please be able to use proper grammar and punctuation.

    3- Use third person correctly. If you switch from third to first multiple times during your posts, I will not reply.
    It's a huge pet peeve of mine.

    4- Match my length. If I write four paragraphs, don't you dare reply with two. I will throw rocks at you, seriously.

    5- Be active. I need a partner who can reply multiple times a day- every day. If not multiple, then at least once a day every day.

    6- Be honest. If you want to quit the role play or you need a break, or if you become busy, please PM me or comment on the role play. I won't be angry, but if you drop without a word, I will most likely bug you with at least six messages. So save us all the trouble and just PM me.

    So, my idea, as the title states, may not be everyone's cup of tea. And that's cool. If it isn't, move on. If it is, lemme know!

    The basic plot is simple, a brother and sister are in love with each other, and have been since they were thirteen.
    They're royalty, but typically their family does not stay within the family as far as relationships go.
    So, they keep their relationship a secret.
    Now, at ages 20 and 22, they've been engaged to people from other counties to unite their own.
    As they get to know their fiances, the brother finds he actually likes his, and begins to pull away from the sister.
    The sister's fiance is a douche who sleeps with any woman willing, and who beats her.
    As the brother pulls away, the sister feels betrayed, and begins to plot revenge, or, depending on how it goes, she and the brother run away together.
    In the beginning, I'd like them to be close, and very much in love, and despise the idea of marrying someone else.
    As the rp goes on, I,d like the brother to begin showing more interest in his fiance, and pull away, bit by bit.

    We can decide on the ending together, once we've gotten that far.
    Set during medieval times.

    If it makes my partner more comfortable, the pair can be half siblings or adopted, so that they're not really related at all.
  2. Would you be playing the sister role?
  3. Makoto, I PMed you. :)

    Nica- Yes, I would like to play the sister, but I'm not against doubling/ doing two threads.
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