Not Even The Gods Above

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  1. Zayn slowly pulled away afterwards, and smiled. "Come on, we better get inside before we get a cold." He laced his fingers back with Henry's and picked up his shoes and socks that he had taken off earlier.

    They made their way back to the hotel and up to the room. Zayn paused outside the door, and peeked in. Niall was there, lying on the bed. He groaned, and leaned against the wall outside the room. "I wish he was with one of the guys so we could be alone."

    "Um, Hen? Could we just pretend we're just friends for a bit longer?" Zayn bit his lip. "It's just that Niall can be a bit of a big mouth sometimes, and this is something I would rather keep to myself, at least just for now. Can we do that?" He glanced up at Henry through his lashes.
  2. "Of course we can do that, Z. Don't worry about it at all," Henry assured with a firm nod, a bright smile on his features. Leaning forward to chastely kiss Zayn's cheek, he wandered carefully into the hotel room; not wanting to wake Niall.

    He perched on the edge of his own bed, hoping he hadn't disturbed the Irish boy. Wow. What a day. He'd waited for this day for years, he could barely contain his happiness.
  3. Zayn quietly walked in, and stripped off his clothes down to his boxers. He headed over to Henry, and sat beside him. "In the next city, you and I'll get a room for ourselves." He murmured, and gently cupped Henry's cheeks, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

    They would have to steal kisses where they could, but Zayn was content as long as he could have Henry.
  4. Henry could sometimes be a hopeless romantic, as long as he gained the chance to be in the same room as Zayn then he was perfectly content. He very gingerly kissed back before parting them, a small smile on his face. "We'll be just fine. Besides, Niall is a heavy sleeper." He joked playfully, winking cheekily.
  5. Zayn smiled and then shyly asked, "Do you want to sleep with me tonight? Like, just cuddling, nothing more. Even if the guys notice in the morning, I'll just say you had a nightmare and came into my bed for comfort. Please, Hen?" He whispered softly.
  6. Misunderstanding at first, the boy's cheeks burned darkly. But when he understood he eagerly nodded his head, shedding his shirt and trousers so he was wearing his boxers. "I'd love to, I always sleep really well knowing your nearby me." He whispered, slowly crawling into bed.
  7. Zayn crawled into bed beside Henry, and wrapped his arms around his waist from behind so they were spooning. "I really like you, Hen - and I'm falling for you." He whispered, placing light kisses to the Bradford boy's back. "Not quite love yet, but getting there, I think." Zayn really wasn't very romantic with his words at times.
  8. Henry always liked Zayn fumbling over his words because he was so used to guys just trying uselessly to be smooth. The large grin was evident in his tone of voice, a shiver running up his spine. "I-I think I'm falling for you too, Z. I think you have me wrapped around your finger." He breathed.
  9. "I'm gonna leave Perrie when we come out." Zayn murmured, his hot breath against his back. "I want to be with you and only you." He blushed a lot at how cheesy that sounded.

    Unknown to the two boys, Niall was lying awake on his bed, eyes closed but hearing everything. His heart cracked bit by bit as he listened to more.
  10. "Well I'm pretty sure she'll manage, but I'm not sure if the fans will be too keen on me. To he honest, I don't care what they think about me." Henry remarked with a melodic laugh. "Good, I was worried only I felt like that." He purred, oblivious to the fact that Niall was listening to them.
  11. "Sweet dreams, love." Zayn smiled, and closed his eyes, his body fitting perfectly against Henry's back. Within minutes he was sleeping, happy dreams of his boyfriend going through his brain.

    The next morning, Niall got up early, despite his headache, and he watched Zayn and Henry sleep, his expression one of longing. He had a serious thing for Zayn, and he also liked Henry, so seeing them together made his heart bleed.
  12. Henry drifted off easily, feeling like they fit perfectly together. The next morning, he stirred; a grin forming when he remembered the events of the previous day. "Z-Zayn? You awake?" He whispered softly, hoping Niall wouldn't question how close the both of them had been sleeping.
  13. Zayn grunted and snuggled more into Henry. "Too early..." He mumbled, burying his face in Henry's back.

    Niall cleared his throat. "Mornin' guys. Why are you two in the same bed?" He questioned, already knowing the answer.
  14. Henry let out a faint little chuckle, though jumped and allowed his eyes to flutter open when Niall spoke. "I had a nightmare," He whispered, a blush forming on his cheeks.
  15. "Oh, alright. Anyway, I'm gonna head down to get some breakfast from the deli down the road - want to come?" Niall asked with a friendly smile. "I actually have somethin' I want to talk to you about."
  16. Henry propped himself up with pillows and slowly sitting up in the bed. He smiled kindly, black hair ruffled. "Alright, sounds good Niallers." He gingerly shook Zayn. "Come on Z,"
  17. Niall shook his head. "No..I meant just you and me. Zayn's a right arse if he is woken up before he's ready, and it's you I want to talk to. Alone." His cheeks reddened a little.
  18. Henry blinked in surprise. "Oh, okay, sure." He turned to Zayn, writing a note to state where he was gone. "Okay," Smiling Henry, he stumbled up, pulling his shoes and coat on. "Lead the way,"
  19. They headed down to the front of the hotel, and Niall glanced alongside him at Henry. "Hey Hen? Would you maybe want to see a movie with me sometime? Dinner afterwards?" He cleared his throat. "I mean to say, do you want to maybe go on a date with me?" His cheeks were slowly reddening.
  20. Henry blinked in surprise. What was going on? Surely this was some sort of joke, both of his crushes were asking him to go on a date. He adored them both, he was terrified he'd upset Niall by declining. "I-I'm sorry Niallers...I'm not sure I can," He could never cheat on Zayn, no matter what.
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