INTEREST CHECK Not Dead Yet Battlefront... Er... Afterlife Battlefront... GAH! WHAT IS THE NAME NOW?!

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  1. If you don't get the joke that the title is, then you obviously havent seen the English dub of Angel Beats.

    If there is some interest in this, well, that would be awesome. I'm just putting this down as an idea.

    Oh, and if you want more info on Angel Beats! just ask me.
  2. MAN! I love Angel Beats! That's the anime that sent me back to the Japanese culture groupings, way back when it was English subbed! I would LOVE to do an rp based on it, but I'd need a better idea of what the plot would be. Would it be Otonashi and Kanade and the Battlefront, or an AU?
  3. No clue. I just wanted to see if people were intersted.
  4. Well, I certainly am~! ^___^
  5. Thats for sure.

    *Gets hit by an Anti-Angel Instant Death trap*

  6. If it's an alternate universe, with alternate characters and everything, I'm up for it. Just come up with something interesting plot-wise, you hear?
  7. I'm still up for the idea if Raiu is~! x3
  8. Same. Anyone care to brain storm?
  9. Im interested
    How about where other members of the barnacle battle front?
    like its the side story of the other teams
  10. *Smashes with Hammer!*

    And alright. That could work.

    No cannon members, ok? We all play our own creations.
  11. Do notify me when the IC is up, hm?
  12. Can we just make our characters here?
  13. We could.

    How about we make it so we play the group AFTER the one shown in Angel Beats.

    We just need someone to play the angry wanabe ruler to start it
  14. well it ended with maybe it can start with us appearing in the new not yet dead battle would seem more fun with a new "angel" and us ploting against him/her with other members that where there before us
  15. It would but... Honestly, I kinda want to toy around with the idea of seasons changing in the "game".

    And, to be completely honest, it would be hard to build on what the anime already gave, so lets just go at it ourselves.


    Appearence: (Anime teenage, ok?)


    Regret: (What is keeping you here?)


    Quick little template. Anyone want to add anything?
  16. IDEA

    How about we expand the area of the roleplay to include a small town nearby the School.

    So we can move the HQ of the... What is our name now- Divinity Distruction Battlefront- to the town.

    Might be fun.
  17. how about -i don't regret death battle front-
    and yeah adding on diffrent areas sound fun
  18. Name: Edo tetsu

    Appearence: T130331398613786c47e0c232d2f57bf6a75b468abc0c.jpg

    Personality: he is happy go lucky with a large hint of being immature. when with comes down to the situation, he will get the job done...even if it means he left a trail of disaster behind him. Hes not too keen with the ladies, so when he thinks some girl is wearing "Revealing clothing"(On his account) he will try to convince her to cover up. but it usually doesn't work. hes also known as one of the dumb members.

    Regret: not able to feel true love

    Weapons: will work with any weapon except rocket lanchers and heavy swords(mace, hailbord, etc.) his personal favs are knives and pistols.

    do you talk about history or cause of death? or should we leave that to the story?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.