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  1. School was finally done for today and Finn pulled his backpack up a bit higher, walking away, almost looking like he was hasty. That was because he was hasty, he wanted to be gone from that damned place. "Oh smiiile" Some senior said as Finn walked passed them, ignoring the further comments they made about the way he looked. He was dressed in black, his hair was black, everything about him was pretty much black. Everything beside his eyes, whom looked like they were shaped out of ice. He kept walking, putting his music a bit harder, till he reached destination.

    He walked trough the gates of the graveyard, walking like he knew were he was going. It was the right corner where they had buried them, very close to a beautiful willow. Finn was looking at his feet while he walked, not noticing it before he almost walked into it. He looked up to the grave and then he finally saw. "Why did they place it here with them?" He wondered aloud when he looked at the big statue of an angel. He tilted his head to the side and studied it a bit more. His parents hadn't said anything about it... He then saw a tiny note in the hands of the angel, pulling it out while trying not to stand on Isa's stone. He read it.
  2. Dear Finn

    Finn do not fear your sister is safe in the wings of god and in heaven she lives. I am here to watch over you


    the stone statue crouched to the ground it's wings on either side of it . His head bowed and massive wings stone cold. The wind seemed to shift slightly as it blew sharply suddenly. The leaves tussled sharply and the trees shifted and swayed slightly. The leaves seemed to sway all around.

    Fin a windy voice echoed through the cemetery
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  3. This was all so creepy, Finn covered in goosebumps "What the fuck" he whispered. Wasn't Gabriel like an angel or something? He quickly walked away terrified, straight home

    (sorry it's short)
  4. The stone angel the next day had moved now it was sitting down behind her tombstone, its wings curled out . His eyes seemed to stare straight forward hands holding onto a stone trumpet. The stone angel stared at nothing but on the girls tombstone was a glistening golden feather that was stunningly beautiful. the feather was massive no bird could ever have it but on the feather was attached a different golden slip of paper.


  5. Finn visited Isa every day and he would think the stone statue would still be the same, but it wasn't... It freaked him out. He picked up the heavy feather and stared at it with great fascination mixed in fear. He looked at the statue and swallowed. What was this? His parents forced him to go to church but he didn't believe any of it, was it true? Was God real, was Gabriel real? It scared him to think about all that. He looked up at the statue and nodded towards it. What if it was like in that scifi show? Would it move whenever he looked away? He took the piece of paper and read it
  6. In Golden letters the note read

    Dear Finn

    Dear finn why did you run off yesterday ? I am truly not that scary am I ? I do not come to harm or scare you merely to tell you that your sister is safe in heaven. I know you are scared and you have every right to be scared, but no angel harms humans.


    The Angel statue stared at nothing but its wings stayed soild but he would see a small crack in the wings that seemed to give off a small golden thread of light, just like the feather. The wind ruffled up once more and he would hear a whispering voice speaking to him

    Do not be afraid, the lord has found love and kindness for you to see. Young one of the human race, Brother of Lisa, Fin. The lord is with you and with an angel you shall walk

    The voice was gone and he would see what looked like a distant figure of a white robbed male with deep green eyes. his wings golden and massive. The shimmering vision smiles as he would see Lisa standing beside the man contently and waves and giggled before the two vanished as the wind shifted and leaves fell.
  7. Finn read it and looked up, seeing Lisa and the angel stand in the distance. He reached his hand out, wanting to go towards her, but she had vanished already. He looked at the statue and then sat down on the ground, starting to cry. Why couldn't he be with her, the only person that ever tried to understand him, that cared for him? Why did that man needed to be drunk and step into that car? He looked at the angel... "Bring her back" He begged with wet cheeks
  8. The angel statue started to crack slightly its wing started breaking slightly, the crack that appeared gave off stream of golden light from the crack. Inside the crack as it got larger it seemed to be what looked like feathers. Wings? The statue started breaking apart and when it was half way a brust of golden light flash and rasping slightly. When the light faded a male stood there eyes huge and tired, rasping he fell over from the statue his wings flapped slightly as they turned invisble to the eyes of the human. the male coughed in pain grumbling in latin the languge of the christain faith, "Quare necesse est, quod a patre laeserint. Sed quid ego a me post PRO gelatum, et in terra, id est puer?" ( Translate to = Why father must that hurt so much . Ugh why am i unfrozen from my post on earth, was it the boy ?)
  9. Finn had jumped up and taken a few steps back, but not enough in his opinion. "What the fuck!" He said loudly and then realized he was swearing in front of an angel... "Please don't harm me!" He said making a cross of his arms. It was no demon but he gave it a try. "I know I do bad things but I try not to!" He took another step back.
  10. The angel looked at him puzzled and confuzled. He blinked gently and remebered he couldn't speak latin and clears his voice "um, Hi? Your not in trouble and i am well aware of your sin's Finn your no surpise to me either you know. Um....well I guess I should introduce myself, I am Archangel Gabriel" he kneeled before the boy humble.
  11. Finn looked utterly terrified and swallowed thickly. "Uhm" Was all he could bring out. "I am Finn.." He mumbled while it was obvious that the angel knew his name. "Are you real? Is all this real? Is God really real?" He asked very fast and fumbled with the piece of paper that he had in his hands
  12. Gabriel chuckled and stood up looking at him slowly "Do i seem fake to you ?" he asked slowly blinking his eyes at the human boy. He blinked gently "sent to make sure you are alright and help you get over your sisters death" said slowly looking at him gently looking at the paper and smiles.
  13. "I will never get over her death!" he yelled, not liking that he talked like that. "You are just a stranger to me, how can you say something as big as that" he was upset clearly, blue eyes filling with tears. He pushed some black hair back "go away"
  14. "because its the only way i can help you heal" he mutters and watching as the man told him to leave he nodded slowly and walked away into the cemetry and started to hum a song she used to sing to him.
  15. Finn's blood ran cold when Gabriel started to sing that song. Lisa's song.. "Stop!! Stop interfering you don't know anything!" Finn was still angry and sad. "Is this some joke? Are you here to hurt me further then I already am?" He turned away from the angel and looked at her grave. "You can't bring her back to me so just leave me alone" He whispered and started walking away
  16. The angel suddenly appeared and grabbed him and pulled him up "No i can't bring back your sister but I know LISA would NEVER want you to mope around , if you do then your better off dead. I mean who likes a moper anyway huh ? why not start to heal why not remember what she wanted you to be happy and live your life and right now your making her sad and despressed in heaven so think you moron" he snapped and dropped him and flew off swiftly.

    (pretty much a big slap in the face)
  17. Finn stared at the other man and he had to give him a point. He swallowed and looked at him go. He then went on his knees. "Lisa? You there? I just wanted to tell you that i just miss you, I love you." He sighed and took a deep breath. "You are the most important person to me, I know you look after me, but I can't stop feeling this huge hole in my chest, I don't know if I will ever get over you dying." He closed his eyes. "But, I will cherish my memories more"
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