Not Alone

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  1. Erik gathered his gear, all ready for his camping trip to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. It would be good for the creative processes and get some of those riffs flowing. He checked over his items. Phone, guitar, strings, clothes, bedding... What else? Camera! He packed his digital camcorder into his bag neatly on top of everything else. He didn't necessarily like being out in the bush, cut off from civilisation but it had been two months and not even any ideas for a single song yet. They had to knuckle down or else the studio would be on the band's back like an abusive gorilla. Sure, his band mates were awesome and all, but the real writing process came down to Erik and Alexis, his bass player.

    He reached for the phone and dialled.
  2. Alexis groaned and her face turned red as she lugged her heavy ass bass to the front door. Everything else was ready to go for the camping trip except the stupid instrument, "Why the hell did I have to be a freaken bassist." Leaving it against the wall she headed for the bathroom to make one last check for what she missed and to do the last minute pee she always had to.

    Still frustrated, she stomped through her small apartment but she was interrupted by the piercing ring of her phone. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" she snapped.
  3. "Nice to hear you too, Alexis." said Erik in a joyous tone. "By your tone of voice, I'll be around in ten minutes to help with the gear." he said before hanging the phone up. He got a hold of his keys, stashed them in his pocket. He loaded his gear into the van and headed out to Alexis' house. He pulled up in the driveway. He Got out of his car and walked up to the front door. He knocked and waited for the raging torrent that was Alexis to answer.
  4. Alexis flushed the toilet and hitched up her pants before unhappily trudging to the front door. "Piss off" she cried, half joking as the door got closer. The screech of the dead-lock made Alexis cringe as usual, she slowly opened the door and peeked through the small gap grinning cheekily at Erik standing outside. She proceeded to then swing the door wide open nearly knocking Erik off his feat. "Do I have to go?" she winged before picking up one of the many bags she had stacked beside the door. "Come on let's get my shit in the car."
  5. "Do you really excpect Ed and Turtle to do the writing? Come on!" he said, still with a smile. He helped Alexis her bags and they got in the car. "Lets rock!" he said, slamming the iPod jack into his phone and 'The Four Horsemen' began it's signiature into. This was sure to get Alexis out of her bad mood, he thought. He knew it would. He checked his phone calendar out of habit. Oh... That's why she's so grumpy... He had forgotten not to contact her during, well... It made sure he avoided immediate castration. and removal of his extremities.
  6. Alexis' head began to slowly rock back and forth to the music, she could never help herself when Erik played 'The Four Horsemen'. Within seconds she was singing along and not worrying about leaving the house for anything other than food at this time. She put her feet up on the dash and tried to relax before having to lose contact with the world she loved and despised at the same time. She hugged her chest because of the cold and looked over at the long haired guitarist, "Can you close you fucking window please, this jacket's not very thick unlike yours." Alexis was still pissed at him for being so cheery when she was miserable even if it did help to cheer her up a little.
  7. "Rightyo!" he said jabbing the button until the window rolled all the way up. "Oh, daymn!" he said as the guitar solo started as he let go of the wheel to do an air guitar solo, and started driving with his knees. He laughed as the solo finished and he started driving properly again. "Hot damn, I love that shit!" he said, a huge smile beaming across his face. He looked across at a grumpy Alexis. "Oh, come on, give us a smile!" he said.
  8. "God damn it" she shouted after staring at his rediculous grin for a few seconds and her face cracking a smile, "Why do you always have to be so optimistic?" Alexis looked away from Erik and stared out the window trying not give him the pleasure of smiling again. "There better be a toilet where we're going or you're never having kids" Once again breaking into a smile no matter how hard she tried not to.
  9. "Yes, Alexis there will be a 'damn toilet'." he said. He saw her smile. "There's our girl!" he said beaming as she smiled. "How about something to sing along to?" he said flicking through his playlist until he reached Alice Cooper's 'Be my Lover'. The into came on and he started tapping his hands on the stearig wheel. He sang the first few lines of the song, urging Alexis to join in.
  10. "If it wasn't for your girlfriend I'd say you were flirting with me again" She glared at him trying desperately not to smile again. Alexis didn't want to be cheered up any more, she'd much rather sit there and try not to think about how easily it would be for them to kill people out here. "Put on some Cannibal Corpse, I feel like something heavier than your lovey dovey, cheer me up crap." She looked away from him again and sighed, she just wanted to go back to the studio and write instead of going out in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. "Do we really have to do this?" she pleaded.
  11. "It's not girlfriend anymore! It is 'Fiance', now, baby!" he said cheerfully. "I popped the question last week." he said. He flicked it over to 'Fucked with a Knife by the big CC. "And, yes, we do have to do this. You know how lazy we tend to get when we have the distractions of civilisation around us." he said with a chuckle. The trees flew by as they travelled down the highway towards the more rural areas further south. Cars overtook them slowly. The overall feel of the atmosphere was a generally relaxed and calm one, al be it the thrash and roar of Cannibal Corpse in the background.
  12. "Congratulations" Alexis cheered as she began headbanging to the brutal roars of Cannibal Corpse. At least with this kind of music she could pretend to be excited about wrtting her own. She pulled her legs off the dash and stretched them out on the floor of that van, "How far is it from the edge of the suburbs?" she asked feeling the need to pee again. Alexis then proceeded to stare at Erik for a few seconds awaiting his answer.

    "I love this song, am I messed up?"
  13. " Thank you. About an hour, and no." he said in one fell swoop, striking down the questions with the mighty thunderbolts of conversation. "It wont be long before we get there, don't worry." he said reassuring her bladder more than her. "You know what? I think writing some of this stuff would be good for us." he said looking smug. "Let out a lot of steam on stage." The highway stretched out before them. The spot was about twenty kilometres down the highway and out west another fifty. The cabin was cheap, it was clean and it was private. Good writing space. Nice and quiet.
  14. Alexis stared out the window, watching the trees and decreasing number of houses fly by her. She hated traveling anywhere, getting her in the van was sometimes as difficult as putting a cat in a carrying cage but she knew that in the end this trip would be worth the stress. "Why'd we have to pick a couple of dumb-asses who can't write for shit to be in the band" she giggled after a long silence... well, except for the death metal blaring in the background.
  15. "We picked them because even though they can't write, they shred like greased up lightning!" he said making an action movie-type motion with his hands. "And Ed does do the drum patterns, but he usually makes them up on the spot." he said giving a shrug. They travelled for a while longer, the trees meli and finally arrived at the cabin. Erik checked his phone. Still got service. He had also got a text from their producer saying that he would be checking up on them in a few days.
  16. Alexis jumped out of the van, being about an inch too short for her feet to touch the ground from the passenger seat, and let out a loud sigh. She hated to admit that it was good to be outside after locking herself in the house for a few days, "At least we have some privacy while we're here" she said looking around. The cabin was in a small clearing and the only section of ground not completely covered in trees was the thin road that lead to the small building. "Chuck us the keys and I'll go take a look inside, make sure there's no cereal killers waiting to fuck you with a knife in your sleep."
  17. "Ow..." said Erik as he tossed the keys to Alexis and began to unload the gear. Alexis was usually the first to get out of havy lifting. They didn't have any roadies here, so she would have to help out sometime soon. He hauled the first set of amps up onto the porch. He went back for his guitars and clothes. He hauled them up onto the porch as well and made sure he still had everything. He was extremely paranoid about loosing things on trips.
  18. Alexis swung open the front door and walked inside. It was nearly all dark except for the light coming through the doorway, all the blinds were down and the lights were out. She felt her way along the wall to the rite, looking for a switch without much success. Her mind began to wander, thinking the worst things as usual, like 'what if there's a trap that I'm about to walk into or....' Her train of though was rudely interrupted. "Fuck" Alexis mumbled, reaching the other wall and walking face first into it. "The light switch is on the left side of the door isn't it?" she yelled
  19. "Yes, it is! It's a bit weird isn't it?" he said grunting as he unloaded the rest of the instruments and carried them to the front door. He reached over and flicked the switch. What he saw shocked him. There were fruit baskets and enough alcohol on the coffee table in the middle of the room to drown a small rhino. "Oh fuck, yes!" he shouted with joy as he put his stuff down in the living area.
  20. Alexis turned around to see what the hell Erik had squealed for, "Wow, I didn't know you got so excited because of fruit" she said with a grin. She headed away from the stupid wall she'd walked into and out to the van to get the last of the heavy things, "If you get pissed you clean up your own vomit" she shouted behind her. Alexis reached into the back of the vehicle and pulled out her last of her bag and her teddy, tossing them as close to the veranda as she could throw. She'd had that teddy since she was 2 and it was the only thing more important to her than her prized bass.
    After that she climbed into the van and dragged her bass amp to the edge. The towering 6x14 cab took up most of the room apart from Eriks amp and 3 guitars which he always had stashed in there. "Get your ass out here and help me get this bastard inside before you start drinking" she ordered.