Not Alone .[Huntress & Redblood].

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  1. Name: Ariana DeChant
    Age: looks 18, is actually 146

    A car pulled into the driveway of the seemingly empty house. It was a semi-detached home of decent size in a rural, quiet area. The car door swung open and a young woman stepped out, she looked no older than 18. Her hair was blonde and reached just passed her shoulders, naturally wavy. Her face was soft and attractive, her eyes an intriguing mix of blue and green, almost matching a pale turquoise colour. The girl was tall, easily reaching 5’ 8”, her physique wasn’t necessarily thin or frail; her body matched that of an athlete, defined and strong. The sound of the snow crunching under her feet was easily heard, a sigh escaped her, a small cloud of condensation escaping her mouth. The young woman’s name was Ariana, Ariana DeChant.

    She made her way to the trunk of her car. Opening the boot she pulled out her suitcases. “Here’s to hoping this place will last longer...” She muttered as she slammed the trunk of her car shut. The snow continued to crunch under her feet as she walked to the main entrance of her recently bought home. Unlocking the door she was about to step in when she noticed a face peeking at her from the partially attached home next door. Smiling she met the eyes of the person and then entered the house.

    Flicking the switch to her right a yellow light flooded the house. Thankfully the home was pre-furnished which made things easier for Ariana. Talking off her snow-covered boots she grabbed the suitcases and made her way upstairs, there were three bedrooms in the house but she had decided that she wanted the medium sized room; which was also the room closest to the neighbours house, just a cement wall separating her and them.

    Music could be hears in Ariana’s ears. Although to a human it would be barely audible to her it was quite clear. A smile spread across her lips, whoever was in that room had a good taste in music. Putting one suitcase to the side she grabbed the other and plopped it onto the bed. Once she had opened it she begun putting all her clothes away.

    Finishing with that suitcase she checked the time, 7:30 and it was pitch black outside. Sighing Ariana left her new bedroom and made her way downstairs. Flicking on the TV she flipped through the channels hoping to find something of interest. She wanted time to pass a bit faster since she had to go out soon, it was too early at the moment.
  2. Name: Yuki Caroline Bennett (half Asian half American)
    Age: 17
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    Yuki Caroline Bennett, half Asian from her mothers side of the family and half American from her fathers side. She had lived in America almost all her life since her mother died and her father had to take care of her. The 5,5 feet young woman had never been able to stand her father since he always got drunk and often became violent. But she didn't have much choice but to stay with him, it wasn't like she had anyone else that could take care of her. It wasn't like there was anyone that wanted to.

    She were often very quiet and had a hard time communicating with people, the most people around her tried to avoid her. Some kids from school used to lock her up somewhere in the school where she could be stuck a whole night if no one found her. But so far the bullying hadn't become too violent so she had decided to not try and do anything about it. If she didn't care then it would probably slowly die out. At least she hoped it would.

    Yuki put a piece of her hair behind her ear, it was so irritating when it always got in the way. Her dad wasn't home yet even though he should have stopped working early that day. Maybe he was out drinking, hopefully not though. He was horrible when he was drunk. She looked out of the window just to see a car coming towards the house. She held her eyes on the car until it stopped and out came a woman. She couldn't see so good how the woman looked like from the window, the only thing she saw was that the woman was blonde.

    She decided to take a closer look at the person that had arrived so she looked out just a tiny bit. She didn't think that the woman would see her but it didn't take long before she noticed Yuki. Yuki felt how her face became red when the woman smiled at her and she fast went back into her home again. Now she would be famous for spying on the new neighbors.

    "I'm such an idiot" She whispered to herself. At least the woman had been gentle and not said anything about her looking at her. She decided to start with the food, her father wouldn't be happy if he came home drunk and didn't have food on the table. She also put on some music on a very low volume so she wouldn't disturb the neighbor, she didn't want to give that woman something to complain about on her first day there after all.

    Some hours passed by and the sun went down. She thought about if she should go and welcome the new neighbor, if she didn't then maybe that woman would think she were some hostile person. Probably not but it was still good to at least say hello to the new neighbor so they got to know each other. Yuki wasn't really used to meet new people and she had a hard time talking to people even if she knew them so it was hard just thinking the thought. But in the end she decided to go and say hello. It was better doing so before her dad got home.

    She went to the neighbors door and knocked on it. Her heart pounded rapidly because of nervousness and she almost thought it would jump out of her chest at any moment.
  3. Ariana’s head perked up as she heard a knock on the door. Looking in it’s direction she raised an eyebrow. “That’s...interesting.” She wasn’t used to people coming over to her place, she wasn’t used to people talking to her period. She didn’t know why but she was rarely approached. Unless it was by a lust driven male. Placing the converter down on the coffee table she got off the couch and walked to the front door. Opening the door she saw a young Asian woman. Shorter than herself and smaller, frailer. The girl seemed nervous, Ashley couldn’t help but smile; hoping that it might help the lady relax some. “Hello.” She spoke simply. Pulling the door open a bit more she spoke again, “Please, come in.” She smirked and waited for the young lady to enter.

    Although Ariana tried her hardest to ignore the constant quick paced thudding of the girls heart she found herself looking right at the young woman’s pulsating vein. Clenching her jaw tightly she blinked and looked away, her mouth becoming dry as she felt her fangs momentarily extend. The scent of her blood entered Ariana’s nose and it only began making things more difficult for her.
  4. When the door was opened Yuki got surprised, when she saw her earlier she thought that the woman was maybe just some inches higher than her but it was at least one or two feet. "Thank you." She replied as the woman told her that she could come in. She entered even though she from the beginning just were supposed to say welcome to the woman and then leave. She hadn't really needed to enter to do that.

    "Ehm.. I'm Yuki, your neighbor. I just thought that I should welcome you here, so.. welcome." She said nervously and reached out her hand for the woman to shake. First after she was done talking she noticed how awkward her sentenced sounded.Next time I shall write a speech before I goes to welcome someone. She thought to herself. "It was a surprise that someone moved in here, this place has been empty for several years." She noticed that her nervousness started to take over, because she started to babble about things this woman probably weren't interested in. Yuki tried to calm herself down and decided to say something so that the woman could speak instead. "Ehm.. What's your name?"
  5. “Nice to meet you Yuki.” Ariana smiled and shut the door behind her, proceeding to follow. “Thank’s for welcoming me, it’s nice to know that I have some decent neighbours.” Ariana chuckled. Taking the young woman’s hand she shook it. The warmth coming from it being rather comforting for Ariana. “Really? I don’t see why it would be empty for so’s a nice house. Anything a family could need.” Ariana shrugged, truly surprised. She considered herself lucky for grabbing it before anyone else.

    Her nervousness seemed to only get worst, her pulse throbbing faster, her heart thumping harder. Ariana clenched her jaw, trying to ignore the urge to rip into the girls throat and suck her dry. “I’m Ariana, Ariana DeChant.” She responded to her question with a smirk. “Do you want a drink or something? Some water? Or coffee? I was just getting ready to make some...” She said trying to distract her mind from the blood that was quickly flowing through Yuki’s veins.
  6. It calmed her down a bit when she stopped talking and let Ariana talk instead, she felt her heart slowly go back to its normal pace and if she happened to blush a bit because of the awkward things she had said then it was gone now. "A glass of water would be good thank you." Yuki responded to Ariana's question. "People usually don't want to live here after they hear about the last person that lived here. Apparently the father committed suicide even though he had seemed so happy while he were living. Some people thought this place was cursed while others just didn't like to live in a place where someone had died." She explained.

    It was true that someone had died in that building but no one really knew if it was because of suicide or if it was an accident. The police had been running around for weeks both night and day, Yuki had barely gotten any sleep at that time. When they finally could get the house out on the market again it was a relief, no polices that disturbed in the middle of the night or anything like that. The house would probably been sold much earlier if the previous owner hadn't died like that. It wasn't hard for people to find out what had happened in a house if they cared about it, and most people seemed to check the houses history before deciding to buy it.
  7. Ariana nodded as she grabbed a glass and filled it with water for Yuki. The coffee already being made for herself, it’s scent filling the house and helping Ariana not think of the warm blood pumping through Yuki’s body. Giving the water to Yuki, Ariana leaned against the island separating the kitchen and the dining room. She looked at the young girl with slight surprise. “Well that’s certainly something they left out. I hadn’t the slightest knowledge that someone died in this house. Not that I’m gonna reconsider, but it would have been nice to know that prior.” Ariana shrugged, there wasn’t really nothing she could do about it anyway.

    “So what else can you tell me about the neighbourhood Yuki? Is there a lot of violence and drugs? How far is the high school from here? I need to go register tomorrow...” Arianna spoke as she turned around and made her way to the coffee machine. Pouring herself a cup she put three spoonfuls of sugar in stirred it and took a sip. Enjoying the warm beverage she made her way back to the spot she was at and met Yuki’s eyes with a smile.
  8. It wasn't that surprising that they hadn't told her about the death in the house, since so many didn't want to buy it because of that. They only told people if they asked about it and most people did ask at some point. Yuki got surprise when the woman said that she were going to register to the high school. She had thought that Arianna was older than that and had already finished high school. But she was terrible at judging how old people was, either she thinks they're too old or too young. She thought her thirty five year old English teacher were twenty five and she thought her forty seven year old Math teacher was around sixty even though everyone else came much closer to their real age.

    "I haven't heard anything about drugs but there are a lot of violence outside when it gets dark. The police has a hard time getting it under control so they say that it's best to stay inside after dark if you don't have to go out." She told Arianna. Yuki was pretty certain that there were a lot of drugs involved in all the violence just like the rest of the town were, but so far there had been no findings of drugs, at least the police says there no findings of drugs.

    "The high school isn't that far away, it takes around thirty minutes to walk and ten minutes if you take the bus. I use to walk though, it's only good to use the legs now and then and it doesn't cost money." She said before taking a clunk of water.