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  1. Jaylynn pulled up in front of Bailey's house in her red Volkswagen Beatle, shifting the car into park and turning off her engine. She was thrilled to be spending time with Bailey, Jaylynn just got back from a business trip in Montana and couldn't wait to catch up with her best friend. The plan was to go down to one of the new bars that just opened that everybody had been talking about. She pulled down her sun visor and adjusted her dress a bit. It was a deep blue that cut off mid-thigh, the plunging neckline and skintight fit complimenting her figure perfectly. People were generally astounded by her wardrobe because she didn't have one set style. One day she could look like she just stepped off the red carpet and the next she could look like a typical "Gothic Chick". She stepped out of her car and brushed some of her long, brown hair out of her face as she approached the door. She opened the door, the two girls being close enough friends that they can let themselves in, smiling as she looked around. "Knock knock, anybody home?" She called out as she closed the door behind her.

  2. Once she heard the voice Baliey smiled her dark colored lips finally finished. "In here!" She shouted and fixed her wild short blonde hair pushing her bangs out of her face. Baliey looked at herself in the mirror and fixed her outfit, she didn't normally wear dresses do instead she put on some high waisted black shorts with an off the shoulder black lace shirt, but under she had a cropped black tank top that still exposed most of her stomach with her belly button piercing and her new tattoo. "Is my baby finally home" she said as she walked out of her bathroom and looked at Jaylynn with a small smile. "You look nice Jay..." She walked up to the brunette who happened to be just a bit taller than her and gave her a huge hug wrapping her arms around her neck. She had always been a short girl so it never bothered her when she hugged people taller than her. "So let's get drunk! I'm ready to see this new bar, on the way you can tell me about your amazing trip to Montana."
  3. "In the flesh!" Jaylynn beamed, hugging Bailey tightly around her waist. It was always interesting to her how perfectly their bodies fit together, like two puzzles pieces that were made to fit together. "Thanks Bailey, you look stunning as always." She laughed at her friend's eagerness to drink. Before Bailey, Jaylynn had never been a big drinker. Now, on the other hand, she was the complete opposite. "Yes, yes, of course. Although, I wouldn't exactly describe Montana as 'amazing,' it was pretty dull. It was almost as boring as Wyoming, which is saying something." Jaylynn had always been more of a big city person, though she grew up in Wyoming before moving out of the state for good. She walked Bailey to her car, looking at her tattoo. "Oh wow, so you finally got it huh?" She asked, gesturing to it.
  4. "Hell I know took me forever to get but my dad, while you were gone he passed...cancer got him" Baliey sighed and lifted up her shirt and tank top so that she could see the whole thing. It had been a dream catcher her father's favorite thing, him and his husband went on about it constantly telling about how they always brought good fortune. "Richard and always been bent on these things and so was Harry...I wanted to make sure that I could get something to remember him by." As a young girl Baliey had been thrown into the foster care had never really bothered her until she turned ten and realized that she was the only one not getting adopted. Lowering her shirt she smiled at Jaylynn and looked at the car, "Now let's get these drinks...I have a lot of shit to tell you, you missed a helluva lot when you were gone"
  5. Jaylynn stopped immediately at Bailey's news and looked at her, her face full of concern. "Oh, my God..." She mumbled, bringing her friend into a close embrace. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here.... I'm going to do everything I can to make that up to you, I promise.... I had a bad feeling, I knew I shouldn't have gone on that business trip, promotion or not..." Jaylynn had been up for a promotion, the cause of the trip being to go to get training for a higher position in her company. She had an eerie feeling but decided to go anyways, ignoring the gut feeling. Now she was regretting it. She pulled away from the hug and tried not to give Bailey that "injured puppy look." "Of course, of course, let's get going." Jaylynn opened Bailey's door for her, giving her a soft smile. "Ready whenever you are."
  6. "Fuck Jaylynn...don't do that, my dad was already dead when he found out he had cancer...he lived his life to the fullest and he died with no regrets so don't feel pity for me or for me" Baliey climbed into the car and closed it behind her still smiling up at the brunette. Of course she was lying, when she found out her dad had passed everything in her and broken down. She needed help and refused to ask anyone for if, she wanted to call Jaylynn as soon as she found out, but Baliey hadn't wanted to be a bother so she keep it to herself and did the worse thing that she could have done. Got drunk and fell into bed with two people, a man and a woman...what made it so horrible was that she had them both at the same time. It was her coping and it still hadnt worked because she hadn't been over to Harry's house since she found out.
  7. Jaylynn got into the driver's seat, smiling and shaking her head at Bailey. "I know you, Bailes, regardless of how he lived I know you are affected by it more than you show. I was here when you found out about the cancer, remember? I saw how devastated you were. I can see it in your eyes..." Jaylynn softly brushed some hair out of Bailey's face, looking at her deeply. Something in her in that moment wanted to lean forward and... Then she shook her head, shaking away the thought, and pulled her hand away, smiling at her. "But we don't have to talk about it anymore if you don't want to. Let's have fun tonight, okay?" She didn't know what had gotten over her, but she needed to control herself. Now wasn't the time to cause more drama in Bailey's life than there already was. "Let's get going, shall we?"
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