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  1. Okay. I feel like this desperately needs to be said.
    I constantly get called an Otaku or a Weaboo. It seriously needs to stop. Those are derogatory remarks and they are intolerable.
    This is ridiculous now. People got the wrong idea about me saying what I said. I applied for this thread to be deleted because the comments are full of people either downright hazing me because I compared HOW I PERSONALLY FEEL (something that nobody has the right to criticize me about) to some other remarks. Yes. I am just as offended when I'm called a Weaboo, as someone of a specific heritage being called a racial slur. That is not something you, the masses, have any right to criticize me for. Do you have the magical power to go inside my head and see how I feel? No? I didn't think so. So if I pissed you off or offended you by saying how I feel, get over it and leave. Ignore me. That's as simple as it gets.

    Now, for the people who are just trolling by posting stupid things or calling me a weaboo on here just to piss me off. Good for you. You've succeeded in being an internet douchbag.

    All I'm saying is that people shouldn't call people Weaboos. Yes, sometimes people get the wrong idea about being called an Otaku, but that's not as bad.

    I doubt there's an occasion that someone uses the term "Weaboo" without meaning it as an insult. People need to understand something. This is a new age. A new generation. People classify themselves differently than they used to.
    Ten years ago, someone saying they were Asexual or Androgynous, would have been ridiculed and pushed aside. Now, today, it is considered an acceptable term.
    So who're you to pick on people who like anime or Japanese culture. I'm pretty sure a Japanese person would be offended on a personal level if they expressed an interest in anime, and was called a Weaboo. Well, there's really no difference. Anime isn't made just for Japanese people, hence english subs and dubs. Non-Japanese people shouldn't have to be ridiculed just because they watch an anime, read a manga, or talk about the way of the samurai (Generalized example).

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  2. To be fair, loljk kthnxbai.

  3. This should be in the Counseling section.

    Also, equating the terms weeaboo and otaku to something like nigger? Words that refer to your hobby (something you choose to take part in) in a sometimes negative way compared to a word that refers to race (something you do not make a choice about) in an almost always negative way? Good luck with that argument. :|
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  4. Reclaim that word dawg
  5. "Nigger" has significant historical meaning in North America that traces back to centuries of slavery. In Europe, it's less offensive. "Paki" is their version of Nigger. Either way, weeaboo isn't tied to a race, nor is it tied to centuries of slavery. So. No.

    Also, pretty sure black people reading this are mostly comprised of functioning adults that don't need their hand held by saying "the n-word". Pretty sure they realize that if you use the word as part of an example, they'll be totally okay with that.
    Then don't give a shit if it ain't true bro. People call me a cracker and I don't give a shit. Words only have as much power as you give them.
    Get used to it. Everyone in every group gets made fun of. I'm a gamer, and I used to play League of Legends. DoTA 2 & HoN fans would mock LoL players, LoL players would mock other LoL players based on their rank in game or character they played. People will make fun of you for anything you enjoy. Get used to it, and stop giving a shit, and your life will be far less miserable.
    Hahahahaha. Yes. The way to resolve a problem of people making fun of you isn't to mature into an adult who doesn't let other people control his life, it's to indiscriminately ban them all and molest freedom of speech. Brilliant.
    #1: [citation needed]
    #2: So? Who gives a shit. I enjoy anime. If people call me a weeaboo, I don't care. I ignore them and keep watching anime. If anything, it means that you're part of a vast majority, and being offended by the few people who don't enjoy your hobby to the same degree you do making fun of you is even worse. You've got tons of people to enjoy it with. Go talk to them.
    If you've been role playing for at least two years as a functioning adult, you know that people will make fun of you for anything you can possibly enjoy, and that excluding anime from that will not resolve anything but to punish people for having a laugh mate.
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  6. I like Japan for its History and Culture, not necessarily because of anime. Before I even knew what anime was, I was a huge fan of Japan, and the Samurai.

    Now, I find Rome to be the greatest Nation.

    Yet, I still get called a Weaboo when I mention I like anime. And even when I want to see Asian (not necessarily Japanese) Art.

    We could be called Wapanese, which is worse, and the term Weeaboo replaced, so it's somewhat better.
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  7. Equating calling someone a weeaboo to racial slurs is incredibly inappropriate. It's not even the same ballpark, it's like calling somebody a nerd in the 80s-90s or if you really want, some white kid obsessed with rap and hip hop culture a wigger. While the latter is a play on words for the N bomb, the effect is the same as calling somebody a weeaboo.

    Also, ballparking percentages really doesn't do anything, and asking for admins to make saying weeaboo or otaku (not even an offensive term, btw) is laughably silly and won't happen. If you don't want people to call you things like that, overreacting to it isn't going to help you and making a thread like this saying that you're being really thinned skin about it isn't going to endear people to your cause, because it's honestly kind of immature.

    In the brief time I've seen you, your first day was three Japanese or anime oriented threads, including wanting to learn terms for your Japanese character, and without fail I've seen you be in every anime related thread in general chat while sporting an anime avatar and I presume name. This isn't a problem and I don't mind or care, nor have I ever called you weeaboo, but seriously, if I were asked to describe you to somebody, it would pretty much be "that teenage member who's kind of a bit too much into anime." Because I know next to nothing else about you and can't recall you participating in other discussions.

    You probably have, but I'm speaking strictly as a neutral third party without any strong opinions, as I imagine most people are in relation to you. If you don't want people calling you a weeb, diversify a bit and tone down the overwhelming amount of Japanese appearance and anime thread stuff.

    Once again, I don't have any ill feeling towards you or the way you act in general. I'm just once of the voices in a crowd.

    But listen, I've played video games my whole life and grew up in a time where I was bullied for talking about games in school, and having a group of friends who loved DBZ got us mockingly called the Power Rangers. You aren't the first person to be picked on for your interests, you won't be the last. You just need to learn how to ignore negative comments and do what you gotta do.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Don't be such a weeaboo.
  10. Racist pig
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  11. Privileged fat shaming.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Dude. Did you just....

    Equate Weaboo to racial slur.


    I am fucking speechless..
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  14. Use the Jontron!

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  15. 1.) Modern Samurais be like.
    2.) Completely irrelevant to the subject at hand.
  16. Filthy pigu
  17. Figured everyone could use a chuckle moreso. You don't need to get beaten to a bloody pulp with a baseball bat, just a slap on the wrist and a reminder.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Omg, what a racist magazine! Ban it!!

    No but for reals, as others have said, it's pretty fucking ridiculous to equate these terms with racial slurs, especially since they have nothing to do with race.

    Also, while "weeaboo" is usually considered a derogatory term, "otaku" generally is not -- at least outside of Japanese-speaking contexts. I feel like a magazine under the title would be difficult to put on store shelves if it really was equivalent to a magazine intended for a black audience with "Nigger monthly" as its title.

    In fact, ever considered the idea that maybe anyone who ever called you an otaku didn't even mean it as an insult? Weeaboo, sure, that's usually meant as an insult, but otaku? They probably weren't even trying to offend. I know I wouldn't have guessed that you'd get this upset if I ever called you one.

    Also, making it a "bannable offense"? Really? I know that this site isn't exactly protected by "free speech" or anything, but I feel like we're normally allowed to walk around without the admins trying so hard to censor us, here. Especially when most people don't even mean that much harm (if any) with those words.
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  19. Everyone here is wrong. As a black person who has been subjected to racism most of their life I, as a matter of fact, can confirm that being called otaku and weeaboo is as hurtful as a racial slur such as nigger. Being called something relating to a hobby is probably even more negative and hurtful than being called something deprived from slavery and racism. So just shut your mouths and talk what you know.
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  20. Honestly, I think you should be careful about what you say. I've seen you be overly dramatic before, and being so touchy about such a small thing may bring a bad reputation. Racial slurs cannot even come CLOSE to comparing being called otaku or weeaboo. I've been called many names, but otaku is surprisingly fine for me. I don't mind. Otaku just means someone really likes anime, at least, it is for me.
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