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Okay, I'm not asking what makes you feel nostalgic, that would probably make a decent thread though.

I'm asking about your opinions on nostalgia in general. Is it good, bad, or just meh?

I'm asking this because I do get tired of people saying things like 'video games never got better than super mario bros.' etc.

So yeah, I don't like overly nostalgic people, what about you?
I have major mixed feelings about Nostalgia. D: I used to be a super nostalgic to the point of being stuck living in a time long gone. t____t Then major stuff happened and all I wanted to do was get awaaaaay from it!

And now it's like, I really enjoy thinking back about awesome moments, but I try to make sure I don't wallow in them. If you're stuck thinking about the way things used to be, you can't really appreciate all the moments you have right now. .__.
The older I get, the more I have to deal with it. All in all its ok. Sometimes it makes me sad, but it's always fun to watch old shows or listen to old music and get that feeling.
I enjoy that feeling from time to time when it comes to positive things. But it seems more often than not, my nostalgic feelings take me back to place that I -don't- want to be. It's nice and all to be playing a video game or listening to an old song and get taken back to the a simpler day.
I enjoy it..... It makes me feel like I'm never going to forget these things that led to who I am.
Something that, if turned into a tangible substance, would make me into Tyrone Biggums.
I like it, I think. Nostalgic moments tend to make me giggle, or shed tears of joys. No matter what, they're happy reactions, and sometimes I'll go out of my way to relive the moments.