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Tell us about something that makes you think back to the 'good old days'.
Libraries. Wonderful old dusty libraries stuffed full of old beat up badly sorted books... I close my eyes in a library and its like I'm twelve years old again immediately, its the middle of summer and the sudden air conditioning feels so good, but I only have a few minutes becaue my dog is tied up outside and I can't leave him too long, so I have to hurry and find a few worlds to check out...

Then we'd sneak off to the abandoned feed warehouse and find a place to hide from the heat and the sun and my constantly panicing mom and my schizophrenic step father and I would read to my dog... he didn't care if I stuttered or mispronounced things as long as I'd rub his belly now and then...
Old computer games.

Like, Oregon Trail old.

Number Muncher old.

Old cartoons, especially TMNT.

Old comics, especially Spawn.

Old manga, back when the only people publishing it were Viz and Dark Horse.

And definitely old anime like Vampire Hunter D and Wicked City.
Sailor Moon was on USA before the channel died. And it was on in the same morning block as Street Sharks and Mighty Max. Dayum, Mighty Max. And DAYUM, that skirt on Sailor Mercury!

Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM. Full stop.

I was there when Optimus Prime died for our sins....the first time.

Before Rick Astley rickrolled the Thanksgiving Parade, I was there for the original run of the music video that never gave me up and never let me down.

For that matter, I was there when MTV was about music videos.

The US version of Contra made the JP Contra players look like pussies. And I was there.

I was there when video games were produced in one weekend for less than $10 bucks. Granted, they LOOKED like they were made in one weekend for under $10, but still....

I was there when Legend of Zelda was in a gold cartridge.

I remember when Fabio modelled for the Wizards and Warriors II: Ironsword video game cover.

Hell, I was there for Wizards and Warriors I. And reruns of Wizards and Warriors the TV show, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the video game and predated it by almost a generation. And had Jeff Conaway in it before he went on Babylon 5.

Getting away from video games, I remember when people voted in for killing off Jason Todd. The putz.

A little further along, I remember the Death of Superman and how it hit both TV news and newspapers.

I remember Spawn, Youngblood, Stormwatch, Wild CATS...and then grew up and realized how ridiculous the Dark Age of comics really was. And am glad we're starting to cycle back to Golden Age.

I owned shitloads of Silver and Dark Age comics.

I remember The Amazing Spider-Man #400--the death of Aunt May (only it was ret-conned out...)

I (sadly) remember the Clone Saga. All. Of. It.

I remember Robot Carnival showing all the time on the Sci-Fi channel on Saturdays. "Deprived" was the best of the shorts in that anthology. No voicework or lines, just action. It distilled Every. Single. Shonen series ever made into a 6 minute video, losing no coherence at all. And it was awesome.

I remember Gigantor reruns.

Before there was Nanoha, there were Nanoha's parents: Sailor Moon and DBZ. Before Sailor Moon and DBZ, there was Nanoha's granddad: Fist of the North Star.
I remember a lot of the same things Razilin does.

I still watch Robot Carnival a lot, mostly when I'm alone so that I can let myself burst into tears with no one else to see...and it was "Deprive"'s my favorite one...;_; I always feel like I can fall in love again, everytime I watch it. It makes me want to find someone to protect.

"Cloud" never fails to put me to sleep.

Clarissa Explains it All

Inspector Gadget (the cartoon)

Legends of the Hidden Temple (Me and my friends will still watch it and bet on who we want to win)

Double Dare

Double Dare 2000

Old school All That with Lori Beth Denberg

That other Nickelodeon gameshow where kids did strange, stupid, or nifty things and the panel had to guess what they did with the giant head and they got slimed a lot

Anyone else notice a theme with my nostalgia?

OH! And of course, Ayashi No Ceres
Anytime I hear an old song. Some of my favorites growing up were songs like Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer," Pink Floyd's "A Post War Dream," among others. I think back to the "good old days," as this thread suggests. A simpler time. A time with more comfort.